Atascadero woman hides handcuffs in body cavity

September 1, 2010

A 51-year-old Atascadero woman drove into the garage of her home while allegedly intoxicated, was taken into custody, slipped out of her handcuffs and hid them in a place that baffled police last Thursday night. [KSBY]

The unnamed woman’s 11-year-old son called 911 when her car crashed into the garage where he was located. She was charged with driving under the influence and willful cruelty to a child.

While waiting in an Atascadero police car for transportation to the San Luis Obispo County Jail, the woman managed to slip out of her handcuffs and then reportedly began banging on the police car window. Atascadero Police removed her from the car, a struggle ensued and officers placed a second set of handcuffs on the intoxicated woman.

Officers and guards were baffled at what happened to the first set of handcuffs.

Jail guards performed an extensive pat-down search of the woman and did not find the restraints. The arresting officer returned to Atascadero and performed a thorough search of his car.

He still could not find his cuffs.

The officer called the jail and asked guards to search the woman again. A correctional officer went to the woman’s cell and asked her for the handcuffs.

The guard stood by as the woman removed the still double-locked cuffs from a body cavity.

She now faces a charge of petty theft on top of her DUI and child cruelty charges.

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Tough on the kid. That is truley messed up.

By the way;

If you are in the unfortunate position of being arrested , politely request the officer to break out a fresh pair of cuffs from a tamper proof bubble pack.

The squad cars shold be marked

“sanitized for your protection”

But Taskideyro, I had no idea.

Coyly hidden in the hills.

Now I know what you like

Thanks Cal Coast for a very entertaining story. I would like to propose a new reality show. “ONLY IN ATASCADERO” just thing of the news from Atascadero (especially the police) and you could easily come up with at least one season of stories. Police ignoring 911 calls from K-Jon’s, various police gossip stories, just think…….”Only In Atascadero”

It would certainly change most peoples image of California..

You know when I think of it, there is already a season of stories that could be scripted for a comedy. LOL

Stolen 25K diamond – report from K-Jon’s of suspicious characters trying to sell them 25K diamond, but no response!

Officers recover PR Police Chiefs stolen gun and guess what happened next !!!!!!!

SLO off duty cop attacks disabled man and flees scene after 911 call, What 911 call??

CHP slams 4 cars and rolls his SUV – He wasn’t speeding, shit happens, what traffic report?

Where’s my handcuffs?

APD obviously doesn’t like #2 County Cop, They Got EM!!!

It is rather comical but A-Town is much better than many LE agencies. They do plenty of things right, they really do. A-Town has good guy’s on the force, they beat out SLOPD & SLOSD by a millennium. Keep up the good work and attitudes.

Only in Atascadero !!!

OMG, this story ranks right up there on the dumbest criminal page, you just can’t fix stupid…

I love this last line from the article at KSBY.

“The woman’s lawyer says he can not yet comment on the case”.

Yea he can’t comment on the case yet and I bet it is killing him with all the one liners he is thinking up! ;-)

“Why did she hide them? Officers are stumped.” KSBY

“There’s just behavior that really is not rooted in logic,” Officer Gesell

Haha, No doubt she figured if she hid them well enough, he wouldn’t be able to find them and put them back on her. People that drunk don’t consider that the other cops also have handcuffs.

Here’s your hand cuffs back officer, LMAO

Oh my, how in the world did she ever do that? The question is RHETORICAL. If someone knows the answer, I don’t really want to know but I can guarantee you that most woman can not do that.

Take a look at the photo at KSBY, it took me forever to figure out what it was a picture of. Then I got it and understood what it was and what the person had been thinking at the time.