Morro Bay barber likely $133 million winner

September 1, 2010

The winning ticket in last week’s $133 million California Mega-Millions Jackpot appears to belong to a barber in Morro Bay. [KSBY]

Word around town is that the winning ticket belongs to John Davis who works with his mother at Mike’s Barber Shop on Main Street. Davis has not been into work since the winning ticket was announced last Friday.

No official announcement is expected until Davis hands in the ticket and is confirmed to be the winner.

The $133-million-dollar prize is the fourth largest awarded in state history.

If confirmed as the winner, Davis will have his choice of taking one lump sum of  $92.4 million after taxes or receive annual payments over 26 years.

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It’s so good that you’ve chosen to ‘out’ the lotto winner. The con-artists, distant relatives, and long-lost friends will appreciate the info. Could you also please publish your home address, work schedule and monthly earnings. We have a right to know.

calvert, The winner was very public from day one. Everyone in Morro Bay has known who it is for days. Quit getting all bent out of shape without knowing any facts. And, yes, this is news. It’s the talk of the town.