Cortez denies having second pension

September 9, 2010

The Cortez for Sheriff campaign issued a statement Thursday night, denying that candidate Joe Cortez has more than one pension.

“Let me set the record straight. Cortez has one pension,” said Cortez campaign manager John Allen of Paso Robles. “That pension is a result of his retirement from Pismo Beach Police Department under the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). Unlike his opponent, Cortez is also a 5-year veteran of our United States military.  He was Honorably Discharged – No Pension.”

Allen went on to point out that Cortez and opponent Ian Parkinson currently each has one pension and that it will take two terms in office as Sheriff for either man to qualify for a second pension.

Cortez and Parkinson are in the runoff  for San Luis Obispo County Sheriff in an election set for Nov. 2.

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Seriously speaking voting for Parkinson is just letting the same thing continue. A lot of people who are voting for him I think feel compelled because he is schmoozing them and because their kids went to school together. I have since changed my mind and am voting for Cortez.

People you have to realize he is second in command at the SLOPD. Remember the officers under him who were recently fired? Working closely with DL (She needs to be replaced) they could have collectively done way better handling that messed up situation. Waste of tax payer money running rampant under their supervision. Do you honestly think the guy is gonna step up and change at the Sheriff’s Department?

He blatantly lied about his taxes. He could have been straight forward and said Hey It’s time I fess up and let people know that I have neglected my taxes, but have since paid them. Instead he lies and dances around the issue and makes up excuses. I would much rather have someone with a few flaws, but honest and upfront than someone who continues to lie. He told a lovely fib about the letter his brother “helped” yeah right, proof read. Another convenient lie. His education is less than stellar.

Rob Bryn is a taxpayer’s waste of money. He needs to go. We don’t need a puppet to say, “I really don’t know we will have to wait and see.’ His salary could be used to pay the people who actually protect us. Most of the time a firefighter, or lawman usually steps over to the camera for news on whatever is happening. Seriously he is a waste of money.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget Amy Chastain, another lie from Parkinson along with DL’s help. Good friend my @$$!

If you don’t like either one don’t vote, but if you do vote think long and. If you want the same crap that is going on at the SO by all means vote for Parkinson, he will keep the crap going. If you want some change and have people be held accountable for their actions regardless if they carry a badge, VOTE FOR CORTEZ!!!!!!!!

Well, all I can say is if you want more of the same, vote for Parkinson. Let’s see, Rob Bryn – retired SLO Police, Sgt Dale Strobridge – retired SLO Police, etc. etc. etc. SLO Police retire at 50 and go over to the Sheriff’s Dept. Don’t know the exact number, but there are several. As I recall, Strobridge who is the president of the Sheriff’s union got that great SLO for SLO Police. He also has a private business as a paid negotiator, obviously not enought to do at the Sheriff’s Dept. Cortez is the man, no ties to the truly corrupt!!!

Omitted a word for the above: “president of the sheriff’s union got the great “pension” for SLO Police”.


I chose to originaly vote for a guy who was not in the top 2. However, I am voting for Cortez in November.

Parkinson is more of the same, another weak link in a broken chain of command, intergerty and professionalism.

The county needs a strong leader to be the next Sheriff. Some one who is not the favored insider. Someone who is not favored by the troubled deputies who have further disgraced themselves with their unprofessional and some times criminal behavior under a disgraceful and tarnished Sheriff.

We need a Sheriff who will take charge. Lead by example. Clean house. Restore discipline ; accountability. Restore ; integrity and public trust! Cortez is the only one of of the two who has the proven skills and experience to take on the challenge of a broken sheriff’s department.

Yes. Who we need is Jerry Lenthall, but we let him slip thru our fingers because we do not like his land use policies.

Of what’s left, I am leaning toward Parkinson for not very many good or strongly-held reasons.

Before this is over, I’d say that Parkinson is going to be completely exposed and trashed. We will see what you have to say about your good ole boy then. Stay Tuned because this gut has more skeleton’s in his closet than my ancestors have in the family graveyard.

What ever happened to “write in”?

If everyone is unhappy with the two candidates that remain…then God bless America…….let’s have a write-in candidate that will do the job!!

Your post is kinda laughable. I hope you are on Cortez’s campaign committee otherwise you are sadly mistaken as to Mr. Cortez’s abilities. Both candidates are not that exceptional. Cortez isn’t all that. Save the hyperbole.

I have to agree that Parkinson hasn’t been fully exposed yet. He will never make it through the campaign process without mud covering him head to toe. Some people save the best for last. There are lot’s of ‘tipsters’ out there and I know some hot tips have been placed in all the right places. No hyperbole, just facts.

Cortez on the other hand doesn’t have to wipe his badge, it’s always squeaky clean.

Who cares, anyway? Would you vote to have a poor sheriff because the other candidate has pensions he is drawing? Dumb. Moreover, why is the denial necessary? Because the Parkinson campaign deals in rumor and inuendo? Shameful.