Deputies discover guns during marijuana bust

October 20, 2010

Michael Heider Samuels

A San Luis Obispo man who resides at a home on the 100 block of Foothill Boulevard was allegedly growing marijuana for sale in his basement while armed with an array of illegal and legal weapons, San Luis Obispo Sheriff deputies said.

Detectives found the pot, a cache of firearms, ammunition, gas masks, military flak vests and marijuana packaging materials after executing a search warrant on Tuesday.

Among the firearms seized was a sawed off shotgun, an AR-15 style assault weapon, and two handguns and a shotgun that were stolen from a residence in Paso Robles.

Michael Heider Samuels, 22, was arrested for sales of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sales, cultivation of marijuana, possession of stolen property and possession of dangerous weapons.

Samuels was booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail and then released on $25,000 bail.

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The Po Lice always get all excited when they find a gun! GUN! GUN! GUN!

Umm, guns aren’t inherently illegal in California.

AR15’s aren’t illegal.

Shotguns aren’t illegal unless they’re too short.

Handguns aren’t illegal.

Stolen property is illegal.

They say he was armed. That brings up an image of him sitting on the couch surrounded with loaded weapons at the ready. They were probably in the closet with the other cops. :)

SWW, you are 100% correct. I can’t tell if that shotgun barrel is under 18″, or if the weapon is under 26″ overall length. They like to talk about ‘assault weapons’, but this is just a made up term. There are ‘assault rifles’, that term refers to fully automatic weapons and was coined by Hitler. A semi-automatic AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle and perfectly legal to own in CA as long as it does not have a detachable magazine or have a magazine with a capacity over 10 rounds in it. This is easily accomplished via a device called a ‘bullet button’ and 10 round or less magazines. I see several pre-WWII soviet collector grade rifles in the pictures. I am wondering why the news coverage isn’t ‘Gun collector arrested on drug charges’?

I wonder what the world if the anti-gun crowd approached drunk driving with the same mentality? Logically, they would be calling for car bans….but wait, that requires logic….

Please look at the entire agenda – By taking the focus OFF the illegal activity (marijuana growing for sale) and placing it somewhere else (so-called ‘illegal’ guns), they minimize the impact to Prop. 19 and its passage.

The goal: Make guns illegal, legalize marijuana. That’s the entire agenda.

Yes lets keep letting criminals grow and sell to anyone they want. We cannot get rid of the drugs but we can get rid of the incentive for criminals to manipulate society with them.

Quite the Entrepreneur!

Close to the same bail that was set for the guy who killed two pedestrians in Pismo the other day. I feel so much safer now.

Bail amounts aren’t just something that some guy working in the jail comes up with off the top of his head.>