Six San Luis Obispo businesses sold alcohol to a minor

October 20, 2010

Six San Luis Obispo businesses sold alcohol to a 19-year-old decoy deployed by the police department to 21 stores around the city on Monday.

The decoy was in possession of a valid identification and was told by police to tell her correct age if asked. Decoys are a tool used by law enforcement agencies to deter sales of alcohol to minors.

The businesses were Edna Valley Shell on Broad St., Laurel Lane Liquors on Laurel Lane, 7-Eleven on Marsh St., Scolaris on Johnson Ave., University Gas on Monterey St. and 7-Eleven on California Blvd.

The clerks face a maximum fine of $250 and/or 24 to 32 hours of community service for a first offense. It is up to the ABC and the courts whether to impose fines, suspend or revoke business’s liquor license.

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The shakedown continues… Perhaps the store owners ought to find a way to entrap the police in a similar manner, and if successful demand the police pay a fine. Fraud and deceit are not ok depending on who is perpetrating them.

Really, a shake down? How hard is it to ask to see someone’s ID. That is all you have to do to avoid these situations. If the clerk had asked, then the decoy would have provided an ID showing that they were under age. This is more like laziness on behalf of the clerks and poor training by management at these establishments.