Dumb criminal of the week

October 22, 2010

This week’s dumbest criminal award goes to a Danville man who mistook a police officer for a cab driver and asked for a ride home, but forgot about the cocaine in his pocket. [SFGate]

After partying hard, Ongley Ocon III, 19, left a party in San Carlos, walked over to a Redwood City patrol car, pressed his face against the driver’s side window and asked for a ride to his home in Danville. The officer rolled down his window and asked Ocon if he was carrying anything illegal.

Ocon said yes, paused for a moment and then said no.

Ocon’s answer was also yes in response to the officer’s request to search him. The search resulted in the officer discovering cocaine in one of his pockets.

Ocon was charged with felony possession of cocaine.

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One of the funniest ones I ever heard was the drunk driver that missed the drive way to McDonalds and drove around the back of a police station drive up window where he ordered a Big Mac, FF and a Coke!

Well he still got a ride somewhere. Just not to his chosen destination.