Rape accusation against Whitman’s son kept quiet

October 23, 2010

The son of Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman was accused of sexually assaulting a female classmate while a student at Princeton University–a school that lists Whitman as one of its most generous donors. [Gawker]

Critics contend that the incident has been downplayed by university officials, unwilling to embarrass the former e-Bay CEO who has donated more than $30 million to the Ivy League school.

Griffith Rutherford Harsh V was never arrested or charged with a crime in connection with the 2006 incident. Princeton dealt with it quietly and internally, ultimately allowing Harsh to continue his education. He graduated with the class of 2009, three years after his rape accusation—and two years after the inauguration of Whitman College, the residential living complex his billionaire mother donated $30 million to help build.

A young woman, a classmate of Harsh, told university officials that she awoke one morning with a black eye, bruised and bloodied face, and no memories from the previous night. Harsh admitted to having sex with the woman, but insisted it was consensual, and that her injuries had come from falling down.

The woman consulted her friends, some of whom worried about the “social repercussions” of accusing such a high-profile student of rape. She was “terrified,” according to her friend. “She didn’t want to press charges because it’s Meg Whitman’s son. She didn’t want to go through that. She didn’t go to the police. She didn’t get a rape kit.”

The university disciplinary panel concluded that it did not have enough evidence to discipline Harsh. He took a leave of absence for a year before finally graduating in 2009.

His legal troubles didn’t stop there.  Shortly after the Princeton rape incident, Harsh was back home in California when he was arrested for breaking a woman’s ankle during a brawl at a bar. He was released after his mother posted $25,000 in bail and the charges were eventually dismissed.

Whitman’s other son, Will Harsh, also enjoyed a rather controversial time at Princeton.

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Meg meltdown–AGAIN!

The latest:


If Whitman can’t handle media scrutiny now, how well could she handle it if elected? And notice Whitman is again laying down two-faced, contradictory statements, veering from the truth and toward whatever she thinks particular audiences want to hear.

Brown will be the next governor because that is the statistics coming out. And he did well in the debate, And if meg uses negative advertising, and more money thrown, which is used because it works, will not erase the gap.

Meg did not run on a “Family Values platform” so the actions of her son should not be much of an issue. (I told my daughter to “Just say no” to contraception; look at my cute grandson Palin) Still, it’s enough of an irregularity in the record. So bringing it up is hardly dirty in itself. Or at least is not one of those “bringing it up- will backfire on the opponent” if the actual opponent is not mentioning it.

No more than a comment not intended for broadcast makes Brown “Disrespectful to women”. Like the Ho’s staff (Just kidding folks), refers to Brown as “the distinguished former governor” out of earshot??

Collage daze? Those Lazy hazy dayz of spring break?

Did it happen like Cindy says? That kind of false accusation occurs rarely. Rohiphanol is now readily available in all collage campuses. We all know what probably really happened, but the young lady destroyed the evidence by not going to the police. So what probably happened, didn’t happen.

Thanks to calvertworthington for an earlier comment-

I for one, don’t want my interests in this state to be represented by someone who’s son is named;

Griffith Rutherford Harsh the Fifth

CaddyshackIV! You have a cast member loose!

And speaking of classic movies; Don’t feed the trolls, especially after midnight, Don’t get them wet- They’ve multiplied already!!! and never feed them meat! They may be cuddly at first, but you know what happens in the end.