Tony Cipolla to KCOY? See for yourself

October 30, 2010

Former KSBY news anchor Tony Cipolla appears to be heading to Santa Maria for a new TV gig with arch rival KCOY Channel 12.

At least, that’s the clear impression from this television spot that has been airing on KCOY. Cipolla is only seen from behind and the spot coyingly ends just as he begins to face the camera. The announcer intones “Coming This November Tony’s Back”

Cipolla left KSBY last spring after 20 years as a reporter-anchor in a contract dispute. Reportedly making $160,000 a year in salary, Cipolla rejected a management request to drop his pay down to $110,000 a year. He is currently teaching journalism classes at Cal Poly. One rumor even has him considering an eventual run for Congress.

How Cipolla does in Santa Maria remains to be seen. Rick Martel made a similar move in 1995 after leaving the anchor chair at KSBY in his own contract dispute, but Martel lasted little more than a year in Santa Maria at KCOY with then co-anchor Mary Babbitt.

“Good luck to Tony,” said one former broadcaster, who asked not to be identified. “He’s a nice guy, but this market has been predictable for years. People in San Luis Obispo are not going to watch a Santa Maria station.”

“Besides,” the former broadcaster added, “I feel sorry for the two news anchors already at KCOY. They can’t be happy about this. That newsroom is about to become very tense.”

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Wow what a poorly reported story. Did you even try to get ahold of KCOY and get the full story? What a unbalanced story. Why not talk to the KCOY anchors to see what they think. And Tony’s not even anchoring the news so I don’t know why there would be any friction.

Bad, bad story

KCOY actually send thier reporters out live on scene…..KSBY is BORING.

Hey Tony, you’re worth what somebody is willing to pay you. Sorry they called your bluff. Enjoy the part time gig. Arturo, you should walk. Where are all of the bleeding hearts now that they know TC was raking in 160K? All of the soccer moms and joe six-packs who couldn’t whine enough when this “newsman” was being martyred after working 4 hours a day tops. Please run for office! I hear teleprompters are all the rage these days.

Too bad Tony did not apply to be SLO fire chief’s job. He could have worked even fewer hours and he would have still received his $160K. The best part is he could have retired in 5 years or went out on disability…

I know you said it faceciously but Tony would have EASILY beaten both Jan Marx and Paul Brown to be the next mayor of SLO — not that he would have necessarily been a good one of course. The problem is the position doesn’t pay $160K/year — at least not yet…

As a five cities resident, I have for years chose KCOY news over KSBY for the simple fact that KCOY consistently provides better in depth and more frequent news coverage of the five cities area. There’s no question about it, KCOY spends more time in the five cities reporting community news, issues and events.


I do watch both KSBY and KCOY. There is a difference: KSBY leads with crime in Santa Maria, while KCOY leads with crime in San Luis Obispo. I wish Tony well. Maybe he, too, will end up singing on Public Access!