Cal Poly Pomona suspends fraternity

October 29, 2010

Cal Poly Pomona has suspended the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity over allegations of hazing. [Chronicle]

Administration officials say that fraternity members were blindfolded and branded last December. The exact number of students involved is not known, though one student reported the incident and a second fraternity member confirmed it.

The university’s 31 other Greek organizations are being placed on temporary probation while a hazing audit is performed.

The Pomona campus banned Sigma Phi Epsilon a year ago after a pledge was seriously burned when a member threw gasoline on a bonfire.

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“fraternity members were blindfolded and branded”. Do they mean “branded” as in burning a permanent symbol onto the pledges skin? I’d kill the SOB’s if they did something like that to me!! Geezz.

Where is the moral compass for our young today? Harmless pranks are long gone. The pledge requirements of the fraternities and sororities today are often dangerous. The distinct line between right and wrong has dulled to barely visible in college life these days. But what do we expect when the investigation into hazing is called an “audit”. Makes me shake my head. These are our best hope for tomorrow.