County women’s shelter needs Thanksgiving help

November 15, 2010

Volunteers at the San Luis Obispo County Women’s Shelter are behind in their efforts to provide Thanksgiving dinners for up to 65 different families currently involved in the program.

Shelter spokesperson Beth Raub said Monday that only enough food for 12 local families had been collected. She hopes to start distributing whatever food comes in on Thursday.

A checklist of possible donation items is posted on the shelter web site. Raub suggested that people donate things they would expect to see on their own Thanksgiving table. Gift cards to local grocery stores are also welcomed.

Food and cash donations for the shelter Thanksgiving drive can be dropped off weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the Business Office, 51 Zaca Lane, Suite 150, in San Luis Obispo.

Thanksgiving will be celebrated on Thursday, Nov. 25.

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Guarantee me the recipients of these donations are citizens of this country and I will donate $250.

Robert1 places qualifications on his generosity that suggest charity can be overridden by political concerns related to xenophobia. Would that we all could demand that any of our tax money used to fund the defense industry was not used for ammo that might kill civilians. But taxes are not charitable levies on our income. How about foreign aid, Robert1, do you think you should have the option of withholding funds that might be spent on the citizens of other countries? Are abused women not worthy of your donation if they are hispanic, yet abused?

Samaritans excepted.

The Governor? He has little to do with it. Be that as it may be, it is not the women who reap the rewards when there are services for battered women, it is the men.

The murder of men has gone down significantly over time because the most seriously abused women have another way out other than killing their abusers.


Governor Schwarzenegger has to be commended for making a very wise, sound decision in restoring funding for battered women shelters. Without a shelter for a battered woman to go to, she could be killed or severely beaten. This is a very important decision that Governor Schwarzenegger recognized. Most men are bigger than women. This is a reverse decision for Governor Schwarzenegger and this decision shows that the Governor has a flexible mind to do what is right. Well done! Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger! You have saved the lives of many battered women. If a husband has plans to kill his wife, beware, the “Terminator will be Back.”