Homeless man found dead in San Luis Obispo

November 17, 2010

San Luis Obispo police say that a man found dead at a homeless encampment in San Luis Obispo appears to have died from natural causes.

The 55-year-old homeless man’s name is not being released until his next of kin can be notified of his death.

He had been living at a homeless encampment at the end of industrial way near the railroad tracks not far from the Graduate.

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I find English is such an interesting language…. so prone to redefinition. What does “natural causes” mean? Let’s take the example of the word “safety.” We have government regulations that promote “safety” by determining that a structure is unsuitable to live in because it is not up to the “safety code.” We expend resources enforcing this definition of safety, and expel people from such structures for their safety…. and then when they die in homeless encampment from exposure or an illness that went untreated and was exacerbated by the conditions of being homeless, we call it death by “natural causes.” Always considering the symptoms and never the causes, because our linguistic capabilities have been primed for this sort of paradigm.

R.I.P. M. L. You will be missed, you lived your life the way you wanted, I am not to judge, but here to only say goodbye, and why are all these people down on the camp, there are a lot of sick people in the shelters, I think, if put in your sad shoes I would go it in a camp, with my own path to it. The have and the have nots, someday the have nots might eat us, free up some love, help the poor people if you are in a position too, some of them did not get there by thereselves.

On some occasions, the people do not want to abide by the rules (no drinking, no drugs) maintained with many homeless shelters. Sometimes people are more concerned at being drunk/high than with having a place to stay for the night.

Sometimes people are their own worst enemy, and you can not help them until they give up destroying themselves.

This is the United States of America. Can we not provide better for our citizens… No home, probably no needed medical care, living in the bushes. This is such a sad way to end your life regardless of who you are or what you have done. We worry about the illegal immigrants but who is worrying about the homeless a such a large scale. Peace in your passing…

Perhaps he would have received better care if he had been illegal….just sayin…

well said…just sayin….