Paso Robles child attacked by pit bull

November 18, 2010

A pit bull broke through a back yard fence and bit a two-year-old neighbor child Tuesday in Paso Robles. [KSBY]

Because the dog was only able to get its head into Jerry Weeks’ yard, it was unable to get a strong hold on the child. Jay Weeks broke free from the dog and ran back to his house and his father.

The child required stitches and strip bandages to close wounds to his eyes, mouth and other parts of his face. The dog has been quarantined to his owner’s home until animal control officers can investigate the attack.

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Labrador attacks kid!

NOT !!!!

Idiots…. Stop breeding pits!

They have a fight or fight instinct that no “training” can erase. I’d rather have a chihuahua with a reocurring bad attitude than a pit having a bad day.

I’d rather have an incontinent chihuahua with a bad attitude than a pit.

I’m not so certain about the fight or flight response with a pit. I’ve never seen one back down from a challenge or even their perception of a possible challenge except when their human family member is the one challenging them.

I had a half pit bull and half English bull dog living in my home for a year. He was a sweetheart and I wasn’t ever concerned that he would harm a human unless he perceived that someone in the house was in danger but he could never be trusted around other animals except female dogs. The first thing he wanted to know when he saw a dog was if it was a girl dog or a boy dog (sniff sniff the air)! If it was a male, it was on and difficult to hold him back. I had to be very careful when I walked him and was always scared of a neighborhood dog running up to us.

Then he killed my neighbors cat when it jumped up onto my back deck one morning, after that, I decided that the dog had to go. The fact is that they are very aggressive and if they aren’t raised around children I have no doubt that they may perceive them as less valued than an adult human. I don’t trust them no matter how well they are raised or loved. I considered him dangerous outside the house. Even when he was riding inside the cab of a truck he was dangerous. He actually broke through a closed passenger window to chase a skateboarder! Fortunately he caught and grabbed the skate board (and stole the board) rather than attack the skate boarder. This was a dog that was raised with love and affection, was never hit or beaten but he was STILL DANGEROUS in my opinion to other animals and possibly children.

Wrong, but what’s new about that?

What’s new about you and you’re opinions about my posts? Yes sure I could have got Ceasar Millan over here to show me how to redirect the dogs attention. Fact is that I loved the 100 lb dog and he is with his original owner that is a 200lb male and can control him. I don’t recommend pit bulls to families or to those who live in dense neighborhoods. Pit Bulls are volatile and unpredictable as are many pets. The difference is that a bit bull can be deadly. The one that I had in my home was 1/2 English bull dog and had twice the jaw expanse and an added 1/3rd the weight of the average bit bull and did have the ability to lock it’s jaws. He was dangerous and I do not recommend them.

The dog was left with the owner? I don’t care if it was scooby do, Lassie or Rin Tin Tin. If I was the parent of the mauled child that dog would be Scooby Dead, Lassoed or Rin Tin Shot in the Head

you are correct. These people already failed once, they don’t need to have another chance at risking a childs life.

This pit bull needs to be turned over to Michael Vick for the weekend. If it survives that then I’ll take him for a day. That dog needs to be removed from society.

I have talked to innumerable pit bull loving folks that swear this breed has a bad rap, that their reputation is from bad training. Bull!!!!! May pit bulls attack their owners, especially children (making them cowards as well).

Pit bulls, rotts and others like that should be wiped out. They are either bad to the bone or attract crummy humans who are bad to the bone, or dumb as a bag of rocks. Why on earth would any decent person want to have a dog that inspires fear and contempt in all who encounter them?

Years ago a low life white trash neighbor of mine had a pit bull, one day it crashed through their front door to attack my little dog. Fortunately I was on the scene to respond, my only regret is that I didn’t kill that damn dog and it’s owner. The great spirit intervened and killed that jerk of a drug overdose within a year!

You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried.

With all the different types of dogs in this world why would anybody own a pittbull…I just can’t understand the reasoning. Why take the chance?

I have a niece in her twenties that loves pitbulls. I have some people I know that have pitbulls and swear by them. Yet I seem to read WAY to many incidentes of these attacks in the news. Yes they seem to be loving to the family that owns them but they are a nuicance to that owners neighbor’s.