Maldonado appears unAbel to win

November 3, 2010

Former Central Coast state Senator and current California lieutenant governor Abel Maldonado appears headed for defeat in his bid to keep the second most powerful political position in the state. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Maldonado’s opponent, San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom declared victory early Wednesday morning.

“I want to thank Californians from every corner of the state and every walk of life for believing in this campaign and the important work ahead,” Newsom told his supporters. “If we want the great state of California to get back to business, we must change the way Sacramento does theirs.”

With 61 percent of the vote counted, Newsom was leading Maldonado 48 to 41 percent.

Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown proclaimed victory earlier in the evening, giving the Democrats the top two seats in state government.

Maldonado is expected to concede sometime on Wednesday. The moderate Republican was appointed lieutenant governor by Arnold Schwarzenegger and confirmed just last spring.


This race was to me like the Gov. race. Not much to choose from either way. Felt the same with both races and candidates. Damned if you do, damned if you do.


A couple of years ago I met Mr. Maldonado. I did not know who he was at the time. I was working retail, and he was a customer. At the time the man seem arrogant and well aware of his wealth. He spoke of his new jet airplane. When I later learned who he was and that he was involved in state government I was concerned. I’m pleased he is not Lt. Governor.


Dear Abel

Now that you have grown up and obtained some experience, go back to school and finish your education if you want to continue in politics. You were just a disgusting flirt supported by your rich and astute family. Did you really think the people were that naive!


Maybe Able should have had a few hand-holding photo-ops with Jerry instead of with the robo-repubs. It worked with Arnold.


Goodbye kalifornication, remember folks, smile as you go under.


Our County Clerk Recorders office has no updates since 12;30 AM! And our wonderful local TV news is no help either! CalCoastNews, got any answers? Who is our Governor? Did Katcho win or lose? Where do you go to get in the know?

whatdouno, has an election results link in upper right hand corner.


Jerry’s the gov and Katcho won. But I’m having a hard time finding out some of the races as well. The Trib as usual is worthless and so is the local TV news.

Who won in that heated Alaska race?

Who won our local LMUSD school board seats?

I’m sure Shelly won the mayoral race in Pismo but there was someone running against her. I’m curious as to the tally on that race.


And now we have Newsom the wingnut as moonbeams lieutenant… Get ready for more insanity.


The freeloaders are running the state. Time to bail if we can sell our homes, or is too late ?


It was to late as soon as Obama was elected.


Brown created more jobs than any governor including saint Reagan. Gavin has done a wonderful job in SF. What specifically makes him a wingnut in your mind? Seriously, without any silly ad-hominem attacks, just curious.


Brown created jobs? When and where? Last time I checked he left us with 9.5% unemployment and a deficit, despite having had a surplus when we elected him.

You think Newsom did a great job turning SF into a sanctuary city? Crime is sky high, schools are the worse in the entire state and the city is a sewer with people sleeping all over the streets and defecating in the parks. No doubt these two will raise taxes to prop up the freeloaders and break the middle class, hard working citizens that support themselves and their families. The families that don’t have more children than they can afford, the families that raise their families to be productive citizens, those families will be the big losers. I used to vote 95% Democrat, yesterday I only voted for one Dem.


These are easy things to fact check. Brown created 1.9 million jobs while he was Gov.. (more than any other Gov) and over 10,000 jobs while he was Mayor. That 9.5% deficit was one of Megs talking points so I checked that prior to voting,, she was wrong, He didn’t leave the state with any deficit, I can’t remember the percentage but he left a surplus,,I’ll look it up later when I have more time. It’s easy to check. I wouldn’t vote for a Dem simply because I’m liberal. When I see these claims I check to see if they are true. BTW according to police reports crime also went down approx. 13% while Jerry was the Mayor of Oakland. 20 years ago there is no way that I would even visit Oakland. Now when I go to the Bay area I stay at the Marriott in downtown Oakland, it’s beautiful, safe and convenient.

Gavin has very good record when it comes to education. SF is recognized as as amoung one the highest achieving school systems in the country. While the rest of us were laying off teachers Gavin not only didn’t lay off teachers he gave them raises. According to the SF Police Chief, crime in SF has dropped to record lows in the last two year. Crime dropped 9 to 13% while he was the Mayor. These are facts.


Gavin is a courageous big city mayor, Brown has held many high level positions and just beat an opponent who spent more than anyone in history in her attempt to buy the position. The bloggers here who throw around childish names to denigrate these public servants just reduce their own credibility.

Brown was green before it was popular, he was a frugal and good governor many years ago and I’m confident he will be again. The naysayers tossed out Davis for Arnold, and look where we are! You’ve had your day, give these guys a chance to work things out.


Actually, Abel was one of the very few thoughtful folks in Sacramento… now the inmates really do run the assylum!

Kevin Rice

Bye-bye, Mal! Couldn’t vote for you, thanks to your selling out taxpayers in ’09! Later!


Actually, his budget compromise earned him my vote. Have you seen his opponent?

Kevin Rice

I hear ya, slow, but Arnold was my very last wasted vote. From now on I vote my beliefs 100%.

Mal’s “compromise” was an engineered back room deal. A few frosh and termed-out Reps were chosen to take the fall to get the Feb 09 taxes passed and make Mal look like the Rep savior that “negotiated” this great (pre-engineered) compromise. His payback was appointment to Lt. Gov and Arnold even left the country twice so Mal could look important and sign a bill. What theater!

Don’t care that Newsance won. Well, I do, but the Reps need to stop stabbing us in the back before they’ll ever see a vote from me again. Until then, the Tea Party crazies are a better choice–though, I didn’t vote for them either.