Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

November 2, 2010

Democrat Jerry Brown made history Tuesday night, becoming the oldest candidate to be elected governor of California after serving two terms decades ago as the state’s youngest chief executive.

Brown, 72, who spent less than $25 million on his campaign, defeated former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, who poured an estimated $160 million of her personal fortune into a failed bid to reach Sacramento.

Early projections, based on exit polls, showed Brown leading Whitman by 49 percent to 46 percent. Whitman, however, has refused to concede the race and one of her chief advisers, former governor Pete Wilson, told supporters around 10 p.m. Tuesday to “get ready for a long night.”

Brown told voters throughout the campaign that he had the experience needed to lead the state out of its dire fiscal situation. Brown vowed to gather lawmakers later this month to begin tackling the state’s budget deficit, which is already estimated at more than $20 billion for the next fiscal year.

Since last being elected governor in 1978, Brown has run for president twice, in 1980 and 1992, and for U.S. Senate in 1982. Brown also served as chairman of the state Democratic Party, Oakland mayor from 1996 to 2004, and the state’s attorney general since 2006.

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I expect good things from Brown.

Face it, there is no better politician in America suited for governing California than Jerry Brown. The best the Republicans could find was an utterly inexperienced candidate they hoped could buy her way into office with the best Madison Avenue marketing campaign money could buy.

In all of America, Meg Whitman, who had NEVER held a single political seat in her life, but was overflowing with tired cliches copied straight from right wing hate radio, was the best the Republicans could come up with.

The media spotlight will shine bright on Jerry Brown and I expect he will help and inspire President Obama in some significant ways.

Now if everyone who keeps threatening to leave California would hurry up and go, the rest of us patriots would have a more enjoyable time advancing the positive, healthful evolution of California and the people who live and love here.

Boy this was a tough one for Gov. A retread Gov., or an unpopular business woman. Here is to hoping that in four years both parties try harder to give their constituates a better choice.

Just got thinking about the line (used here in title of article) from the song and the title of the song. Let’s hope the title is right……”Won’t get fooled again”. Or another line from the song we made need…..”And I get on my knees and pray”.

LOL, You’re so right on. The lyric’s to that song (which I know so well) were in my head yesterday because as soon as I read the headline I related to those those lyrics and knew them by heart but couldn’t remember who sang that song! Suddenly, Ta-Dah!!! It was “THE WHO”. Such a clever headline, “kudos” to the person (Dave?) that came up with that, he kicks ass on the LA Times and the rest for that one. I have to agree with the poster that said the article must have been about Parkinson except I had already noted that there was a feature photo of moonbeam!

Loved It ;)

The major corporations such as Cisco, Apple, Financial ect. al. have been hording trillions and trillions of available cash for reinvestment or lose it to uncle sam.

Once the dust settle, there will be movement, the stock market will soar resolving most of the pensions funds.

The war cost have been curtailed.

The only two things left is the Obama Health Care which will be repealed and placed on hold for a more better and original plan.

The second is awefully dangerous, restructing the demon i.e. currency and financial basis of the US dollar or getting rid of the Federal reserve.

Finally what I and you like to see it the removal of so much taxes or hidden inflation in almost everything you see or do!

How bad a candidate did the Republicans throw up there with Fiorina and Whitman? The numbers tell no lies, what should have been a cakewalk for the Republicans turned out to be a whipping by the better of the evils vote.

Look at the campaign expenditures and weep Republicans, and maybe learn.

You can’t buy the election, you need to put up candidates that can actually win, not carpetbagger political hacks with no political experience.

Jerry Brown didn’t so much win as Whitman lost, same with Fiorina.

Good call California. Now get your act together and redistrict yourself so that real moderates can lead.