Military mum on mystery missile

November 10, 2010

Look up in the sky. it’s a bird! it’s a plane! It’s a — what the is that????

People are playing the guessing game across the country as U.S. military officials said Tuesday that they are trying to determine who supposedly launched a missile off the coast of southern California on Monday. [CBS News]

Spokesmen for the Navy, Air Force, Defense Department and North American Aerospace Defense Command said they were looking into a video posted on the CBS News website that appears to show a rocket or some other object shooting up into the sky and leaving a large contrail over the Pacific Ocean.

The video was shot by a KCBS-TV news helicopter in Los Angeles.

“Nobody within the Department of Defense that we’ve reached out to has been able to explain what this contrail is, where it came from,” Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said. “So far, we’ve come up empty with any explanation.”

Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Authority said that they ran radar replays of a large area west of Los Angeles based on media reports of the location of a possible missile launch, but they did not reveal any fast moving unidentified targets in that area. The FAA also did not receive any reports of any unusual sightings from pilots in the area.

Officials had no information to make them suspect that the action was taken by any U.S. adversary.

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Trust no one…

(did I sound like Mulder or Skully when I said that?)

My distrust of the government, does not allow me to believe they can keep a secret.

Sooner or later someone who knows the sister of the dog groomer of the cousin of the Radar operator in Lompoc, will provide “reliable info”.

“M” has provided coordinates of SCHEDULED missile testing P-55. Haven’t plugged them into actual location. “M” is for “Missile” since we can’t say Mod…Ooops.

Z is for Zulu Hour. Thanks “M”

Given the video as an “Only” source I’d say; Highly consistent with Solid fuel exhaust, some-what consistent with hydrogen oxygen exhaust and highly unlikely but not impossible as a contrail. Given the lack(?) of other photos at sea level the event is less likely a sea launch. The position of the Sun could account for the flashes on the under-carriage of a jetliner. The duck that it looks like is a missile-duck not a contrail-aircraft-duck. We will probably not hear another quack.

But anyone looking at the video and stating “definitely” a contrail, must be affected by the warm dog on their lap (John Stewart reference)

I don’t trust much what the government says but this was not a missile or a rocket. Just a contrail.

Page 55 pdf

The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency .

Seriously, TQ. Paperboys has it (so does R.Hodin) . That was not a plane on the video. It had a “Lit” huge burn spot, that and the “Contrail” was consistent with a single engine or engine cluster. And besides the angle was steeply up then over and away, consistent with an inter-continental ballistic shot angle. Finally there is a plane in the air at a middle altitude seen in the fore-ground which shows that a commercial size craft flying horizontally not using afterburners is not leaving a trail. And giving a reference angle. If you are looking at another video perhaps.

?.Crackle ‘ EyeOnQuaids’,,,Detaching spymodule….Now! .Whosh..Crackle..beep

Rockets come in many shapes and sizes. This was Big. most don’t turn much but they can. Ideally they are launched efficiently to a target. That was the trajectory in the video. note the cloud bands. A single streak, as in the photo only, could be anything, Trust your eyes and watch the whole video.

…Crackle… Fire thrusters to enter geosynchronous orbit over Vancouver. Crackle

Given size and location, this thing lit up every radar on the Central Coast to LA. Hush? It should have gone national. Think John Stewart will have it on tonight.

Beep………..beep…….beep …bip ..bip bipbipbipbipbip…. Targets E1 and R1 reacquired…Crackle. relay to Morro rock submarine base… StarWhackTwo is operational.

Unreal- Its already on Wiki- in debunk mode

Given video I see a exhaust plume as consistent with A solid booster chemical cloud thicker and denser at lower elevations with the hot spot flaring as per the shuttle launches which would be consistant with a rocket flying away. A rocket flying towards the viewer could show some flaring, but the flickering is consistent with the plume obscuring the nozzles . Ive seen many aircraft, the contrails are in level flight as the aircraft rises through atmospheric temperature and moisture zones the contrails dissipate and the zones are marked. Frankly I dont care if this is a B-52 with an engine fire appearing through a time warp worm-hole from above Dresden 1942. It looks more like thick rocket exhaust then anything else.

Dagnab it-Would you believe B-17 B-52’s came out in the fifties

B-52’s sang “Walkin on Sunshine”. Great song. I am humming and toe tappin right now.

That would be Katrina and the Waves.

Yup, you are correct. B52’s sang “Love Shack”. Great song. I am humming and toe tappin right now after having eaten crow served up by Zaphod….needs more salt! ; )

I’ll post this just in case you don’t see my last post.

Sure looks like a missile to me. I don’t see how it could be an airplane flying from Arizona to Hawaii, since the contrail looks like it starts at ground level and goes up. the video is after all looking west over the Pacific. I mean you can see the fire from the engine, for cryin’ out loud.

The military did something and doesn’t want to admit it, Top Secret don’t you know.

The picture is was taken from a helicopter so it’s deceiving as far as what direction it might be going.

oops, typos,,,,again.

This harmless ocean trajectory worries me less than the Arizona border problem, NOT the illegals seeking survival (that can be resolved or earned to citizenship), but the drug catel and terrorist.

They are probably college students by passing expensive processes to do it legally with the feds.

Many years ago in a physic class, my professor explained how simple it was to make a suitcase neuclear bomb, you need only three small items and a 4th would make it thermo neuclear.

One person can easily carry these items consealed without notice.

Remember the movie War of the World where it was suggested that aliens planted the invasion long ago, well the terrorist can plant neuclear explosive devices ahead of time in the same way.

I’ve heard a few people on the radio (that appear to be experts) say that it’s definitely contrails from an airplane.

Apparently the object turned, missiles can’t turn. The object is moving to slow to be a missile. It’s traveling the same flight direction as a plane would take if it were traveling to AZ from HI. The contrail would change in density if it were a missile but it doesn’t. All of this info makes sense to me so I believe it’s simply a plane,,,, but it’s much more fun to think it’s a plot of some type, personally I always enjoy a good conspiracy theory.

Missiles can’t turn? Does the term “guided missile” ring a bell?

Okay, I don’t remember who said that missiles can’t turn, I heard it on the radio this morning but you’re right, I suppose that missiles can turn so I’ll admit that sounded a bit dumb. But the rest of it still makes more sense then the missile thing IMO. Check out the following article.

If it had been a “look what we can do” incident by the US Gov’t, it’s also highly likely that no one is going to acknowledge it, if it was an intercontinental ballistic missile launched by a sub. The US never acknowledges the locations of its subs, only surface ships.

The official statements all appear to be partial denials. Including the statement that what was seen and photographed clearly by the eyewitness was not what it was, a missile launch from sea. Of course we know, based on the CBS footage. Do we need the official statements to translate what is plainly in view? Have we completely stopped having faith in our senses?

I didn’t say that it was by the US government, BTW. Just clearing that if you were referring to my post. There are plenty of others out there, off the coast near San Diego, that are watching our navy and we are watching them.

The military not saying anything is not indicative of anything either way. If it had been a “look what we can do incident” by some foreign power, most likely the US Gov’t isn’t going to acknowledge it. Another angle would be that if it was a missile launch by somebody, their sub could very well be laying on the bottom after being sunk by one of our subs as a result of their instigation. there are many possibilities and we’ll probably never know.