Randy and Eva Quaid fugitives

November 16, 2010

Randy and Evi Quaid failed again to appear at Santa Barbara County court for an arraignment prompting a superior court judge to file arrest warrants for the pair on Tuesday. [Noozhawk]

The Quaids are accused of living in and trashing the guest house of a vacant property they once owned in the 1300 block of East Mountain Drive.

The couple fled to Canada after citing fear of “star-whackers,” prompting a judge to forfeit Evi Quaid’s $500,000 bond after the couple missed their arraignment earlier this month.  They have requested protection from Canadian immigration authorities, claiming they fear for their lives in the United States.

Prosecutor Anthony Davis told Noozhawk it hasn’t been decided yet whether extradition for the pair will be sought.

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Enough of this stupid story, does anybody care about what the Quaids do? I think not, certainly there is something more newsworthy to report.

I never seem to understand your kind of logic. It is like reading the paper or watching t.v. People complaining about what is being presented, have obiviously had to click the link, stayed on the page (newspaper) or on the channel (t.v.) to see what it is all about. I don’t understand these people. Have you lost the ability to not click the link, turn the page or channel the t.v.????

No I haven’t lost that ability. Nor have I lost the ability or right to log on to a page just to express my opinion. Sorry your world is so small.

Bwa-Ha Ha hahahahaha ha.

Such will be the fate of all who dare escape the wrath of the Starwack organization. The implanted chips are sending excellent signals to the spy sattalite launched last week, from the Coast near LA. The cover up story on the sea launch worked a charm. Con trail,,… Heavy on the “Con” Bwa-Ha Ha hahahahaha ha.

Bwa-Ha Ha hahahahaha ha.

Over and out


The Quaid’s have stated that they are in danger and being stalked by people that want them dead? Must be either Randy’s agents, or people who have seen his movies. Both wanting their money back!!!