Randy Quaid claims conspiracy is out to get him

November 6, 2010

A Santa Barbara County judge forfeited Randy Quaid’s $500,000 bail while the actor was telling a national TV audience that a conspiracy was out to get him and other celebrities. [Noozhawk]

Quaid and his wife Evi remain fugitives on the run in Canada, having forfeited their bond after failing to appear in Santa Barbara court for arraignment on felony residential burglary and misdemeanor trespassing charges.

The couple, currently in Vancouver, are wanted in Santa Barbara for allegedly living in and trashing the guest house of a vacant property they once owned in the 1300 block of East Mountain Drive. They were arrested in September in the incident, and Evi Quaid was also charged with resisting arrest.

The Quaids fled to Canada in October. They were stopped and arrested in Vancouver, whereupon Quaid, 60, and his wife, Evi, 47, requested protection from Canadian immigration authorities, claiming they fear for their lives in the United States. After a hearing, the Quaids’ lawyer read a statement saying the couple was seeking asylum from “Hollywood star-whackers.”

Meanwhile, Quaid was interviewed Friday on the CBS Early Show where he told interviewer Maggie Rodriguez that there was a conspiracy to get him and other celebrities.

“I’ve had eight friends of mine who have either died mysteriously or had scandals surrounding them in recent years,” Quaid said in the CBS interview. “This is what I’m talking about when I (say) star-whacking. I mean, it’s not killing somebody necessarily; it’s just creating a scandal or a mystery around a celebrity that … that discredits them.”

According to the Quaids, the victims include actors David Carradine, Heath Ledger and Chris Penn. Carradine was found hanged in a hotel room in Thailand last year, Ledger died of an overdose of a mix of prescription medications in 2008, and Penn died of heart disease in 2006.

Back in Santa Barbara, Superior Court Judge Donna Geck issued another $500,000 arrest warrant for Quaid. She reportedly will hold the warrant to see if Quaid makes his next scheduled courtroom appearance on Nov. 16.

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Interesting, this senario fits his usual character on the stage.

Pot, meet kettle.

Isn’t he Russell Casse, the one that was abducted by aliens?

Yes it is and this method acting tends to get a little extreme at times. Its a wonder the aliens kept him as long as they did. Whack Whack. I see a mini series emerging…..

Hmmm — this may be a case where bad publicity is worse than no publicity.

I wonder if Dog the Bounty Hunter will go get him?

Doubt it, there isn’t a bounty on their heads as the gov already has it’s money and Dog didn’t put up the bail. I think the Quiads posted the entire 500K themselves. That would be a fun show to watch (Dog catching the Quaids) if the whole thing wasn’t so sad. I find it odd that they both have the same mental illness at the same time. Wonder if they are using drugs, they are obviously feeding off each others paranoia. I suppose it could be a publicity stunt?

If this nut and his nut wife ever got whacked by weirdos from Hollywood, it would be a double suicide.

Ok People, they’re on to us. Operation “StarWhack” is temporarily suspended. Maintain minmal servailance as necessary. This location is compromised. This is the last time we communicate here. We will transfer operations to the most obscure, irrelevant Blog on The Central coast. Y’all know which one. Code name “Pozer”.

Nice work BTW on the Keith Ledger Job. Exceeds the elegance of my own Lei Pai Five finger technique I used on David Carradine. Note how there were no liver bruises noted on the autopsy. My best work so far. We will find out at the awards ceremony.

Chris Penn? Report to me if any of you took him out. He was not on the list. Repeat- Not on the list. Not on the “B” list either. As far as I know it was a heart attack. We should be able to resume active operations end of February latest. But don’t forget to submit your expense reports for 2010, by the first Friday in January.


Transmission out………….

You have me chuckling so hard at your post! Good One.

Really though, these people are harmless, $500K bail and forfeiture is ridiculous. Our gov is as nuts as the Quaids are, IMO

Bail is determined by how much a “flight risk” someone is, not whether or not they are “harmless.”

Considering these guys have already fled to Canada, I’d say $500 K might be a bit low, especially considering that you usually only need to post 10 percent of that.

Is my recording going to self-destruct in 5 seconds?

While I had NOTHING to do with Mr. Penn’s heart attack, mind you, I will take credit for my “star washing” him from the memories of those who should know who he is…including myself.

Who was he?

More like “wacked Hollywood stars’, Mr. Quaid. You.