Santa Maria teacher accused of sexting student

November 13, 2010

A Righetti High School teacher is on administrative leave after a parent found sexually explicit text messages on their son’s phone. [KSBY]

The messages allegedly originated from Righetti High School biology teacher Michelle Hill’s phone. The unnamed parent discovered the text messages Sunday night on his son’s phone and contacted KSBY News.

“For the most part, we are little concerned,” said Sergio Flores, the assistant superintendent of human resources with the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District to KSBY.

The following text messages are allegedly between Hill and the unnamed student.

Student: Yea. i want to be able to have my fun still and f*** around whenever i want and not worry about who will get hurt

Hill: me too but i’m kinda stuck. =) u need to do what your heart tells u to do.

Student: my heart says follow your penis. . . :)

Hill: Then that’s what u should do right now =) eventually your heart will tell u something different. but for now f*** yea! Follow your penis!!

“Wow! Oh my gosh,” said Andrea Keblesh to KSBY. “She’s married to her husband who’s a firefighter and she has two great kids.”

In this message the conversation refers to another student.

Hill: I was dreaming about him again last night. Maybe it was wishful thinking but I kept thinking about waking up with him and being able to sleep next to him.

Student: that would be great if it happened. and you know (he) feels the same

Hill: I hope he does but it never seems to come together where he’s able to come over. Except that first night.

These next texts involve smoking and alcohol.

Hill: Let’s go to your moms. . .by way of a store. =) What do you think?

Student: Yup cuz we can smoke there and get free food.

Hill: Ok.

This one allegedly catches her offering the student alcohol.

Hill asks: Got any requests from liquor store?

Student: u already have malibu. . .maybe jager if u wanna get fun tonight.

“Whether or not these messages were sent by this particular teacher, we’re not sure,” Flores said. “We’re talking to students and their parents. We’ll be very careful to make sure we include everybody.”

The district placed Hill on administrative leave Monday. Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies are conducting a criminal investigation.

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I don’t know anyone involved, but with a smart phone you can change the phone number that shows up on receiving phones caller ID. that text could be sent from anyone with a smart phone.

Also if you take the time to watch the video on he says WE ARE A LITTLE CONCERNED . gosh people if your that interested to comment take the time to listen to what they say

first of all i know this teacher. and when this kid si talkin about “fing” around im guessing its about guys considerring the boy is gay. also who knows what is true becasue i took a look at other news websit and they had a completely different text message. people need to get their story straight Mrs hilll is a great teacher. i dont know what to say about some of the texts but she is still a great teacher.

I would have stayed in school a lot longer if i had teachers like her. I might have even stayed back a few years. But seriously, a whole lot of lawyers are going to do to KSBY and probably to the school district (read that to be us taxpayers) what she is alledgedly doing to her students.

I guess I am confused… no comment by Hill?

What does she have to say about the whole thing?

How long has she been a teacher?

I mean…REALLY!

Not worth talking about until the facts are in… some media hungry parent is getting the attention they were looking for.

Interesting that the parents called the media before calling the police immediately upon finding those text messages…

Good Catch Dannika, saw it yesterday, I guess parents don’t have to follow a protocol, perhaps lawyers were called too. OOps I did it again.

Still… that was reasonable speculation.

In this electronic age Phone records are kept. Obviously neither KSBY nor the School have confirmed the evidence.

In this electronic age “We are little concerned” probably lost an “a”. Still in the whole, it is trite at best.

This too could go national,

First They need to fire the Asst supt of HR…..”we are little concerned” who says that? To the press no less!

Watched the initial report Friday evening on KSBY and was aghast at the total lack of journalistic restraint. The teacher in question had not been charged by police and was only being investigated by school officials. Yet the station was nearly giddy in its exposure of the teacher’s name and lurid details of the text messages. There are FAR too many unanswered questions on the table.

A responsible journalist would have exhibited greater restraint in identifying the individual until it could be determined if the sexy messages were the work of the teacher. There was no threat of imminent danger to anyone. Whomever ok’d that story at KSBY needs to spend time reviewing their ethics class notes. Shameful disregard for professional propriety.

What the heck? I don’t have the slightest clue what to think! Maybe it’s one of her kids using her cell phone? This is completely bizarre, geeezz.