Violent weekend in Santa Maria leaves one dead

December 5, 2010

Two shootings and one stabbing have left one dead and three injured in Santa Maria over the weekend.

A man suffered gun shot injuries Friday night in a drive-by shooting near the corner of Stowell Road and Western Avenue just a few houses away from Sanchez Elementary School at about 9:30 p.m.  [KCOY]

The 22-year-old victim was treated at Marian Medical Center for gunshot wounds to his lower back and leg. Santa Maria Police officers are looking for a suspect in the possible gang-related shooting.

One man is dead and another is injured following a vehicle-to-vehicle shooting that started on the 200 block of North Pine Street on Sunday at about 11:30 a.m. [KSBY]

The victim’s car ended up crashing into a curb a few blocks away on North Broadway.

The driver suffered non-life threatening injuries but his passenger, 27-year-old Fernando de Los Santos, was pronounced dead at the scene, KSBY said.

Two and a half hours later, a fight between two woman in a parking lot near the corner of Orchard Street and Broadway left one woman with a stab wound to her upper thigh.

The victim was transported to Marian Medical Center in stable condition.

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Victims of crime are not limited to Hispanics

On any day, at any time, from Santa Maria, they could be in SLO in less than 30 minutes.

They might even be here now casing the SLO for all we know.

Exactly Willie. Ask yourself, why would a low-life restrict himself to a poor neighborhood? All the valuable stuff and rich people are in those “nice” neighborhoods.

As far as them ‘casing’ SLO, I would hazard to guess that there are very few places in California that haven’t been ‘cased’. Don’t even begin to think that those walls, the guard in the shack, or the gate at the front of your exclusive community are going to slow down a dedicated thug. Even if your home has an alarm, how injured or dead can you get in the time it takes for the police to respond?

There’s wolves, there’s sheep, and then there are a few sheep dogs. Which are you?

1. Agreed

2. Fuylly agree

3. I don’t fit the profile of a wolf, nor sheep, nor sheep dog.

I’m Just a helpless and frighened little old man with one foot already in the grave!

willie, I hope you have a gun in your home, I consider it a necessity for every woman or any man that isn’t in the same shape that they were when they were younger. ;)

As for the guy’s that can handle themselves, they should have one too because the criminals often have one and why bother bruising your knuckles anyway.

Thank you Cindy, but I have been combat trained (& Exp) for over 40 years.

Even back then we knew a gun is useless if it is not readily available to your hand.

The sham of political correctness and the threat of civil suits prevents the community leadership from standing up and taking adequate measures of fighting the real problem and consequences of illegal immigration, violent mexican criminal culture and a dependency on welfare services and financial assistance passed from one generation to the next.

Santa Maria’s gang problem is a culture problem. Until the mexican community steps up and admits they have a culture problem that breeds the highest ratio of student drop out rates, social dependency and violent criminal behavior nothing will change for the better. Only the mexican community can solve their problems. They do not want outside help, especially from the gringos!

All you have to do is look north at Salinas, and you can see what Santa Maria is becoming. A nasty violent gang ridden community where the dwindling non mexican population leaves the city to go grocery shopping and barricades themselves in their homes before sunset. A city were the cops don’t even respond to 911 calls unless your life is in immediate danger, any thing else gets you directed to their web site to file a online report with absolutely no follow up, not even a phone call. What would you expect from a police department with the words “POLICIA” on their clothing.

I joke that if I am ever challenged by the “Policia” that I will ignore them and take my case to court, citing I do not understand “Policia” and that the constitution that protects my civil rights is written in english and that my government provided public school education was taught in english. Under these circumstances, the “Policia has no right to reasonably expect me to adhere to the authority of the “Policia”!

There is hope in Santa Maria for law abiding citizens. You absolutely have the right to protect yourself and your loved ones from becoming victims of organized violent crime. Along with that right comes responsibility. Personal responsibility. You HAVE to change your mindset and decide to become personally responsible for your own safety and security. There is no one out there that is responsible but you. The supreme court has already held that the police are in no way responsible for your personal safety and security.

Remember, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

Your city’s chief of police and your county’s sheriff have taken it upon themselves to deny your basic civil right to bear arms for the purpose of self defense. They, until now, have set themselves up as dictators of your rights. While their cronies have been allowed to exercise their civil rights, the ordinary citizen has been denied. This has now changed.

Here is your formula: Immediately start the process whereby you can discretely carry a weapon to defend yourself. Go to rangemaster in Santa Maria or SLO and use their rental guns to find a model that fits you. If you are not comfortable doing this on your own, call one of those stores to arrange a time when they can provide you with an instructor to assist you. Once you have settled on a model that works, initiate the purchase process. Remember, CA separates you from your fundamental right to keep and bear arms for 10 days.

Next, start making arrangements for a long weekend of training here: They routinely take a complete novice that has never handled a firearm in their entire life, and train them to a high level of proficiency in 4 days. At the end of those 4 days, you will be able to draw your weapon from concealment and place 2 shots on a 7 yard target in 1.5 seconds. I guarantee it. They are that good.

Once you have completed the above steps, you will have the means and the skill to carry a weapon discretely and safely. And most importantly, you will NOT be like a lamb that is being led to slaughter.

FANTASTIC post.. Thank you!

Great post but the person still wouldn’t be carrying legally after they take the gun lessons, will they?

That is correct Cindy. I posted the link to the CalGuns Foundation’s initiative website for Santa Barbara county. In essence, the Foundation did a freedom of information act request for all carry permits issued by the sheriff’s department. Under the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection clause, if there has been a permit issued in the past with ‘Self Defense’ et al as a good cause, then the sheriff must issue a carry permit to ANY qualified (read non criminal past that is otherwise eligible to own a firearm) citizen. The sheriff’s office is going to mandate their own training as part of permit process.

The training in NV that I linked is world class stuff that surpasses police and military standards. Certificates for first time attendees can be found on eBay or for $150-200 per person. That is for a 4 day class. This is the class that will provide you with the proficiency at arms that you will need in a gun fight. Remember, the standard mantra is that you are only going to be 50% as good as your worst day of training when thrown in to the high stress environment of a gun fight.

Open Carry?

Does anyone know if open carry is legal in the SLO area? Is it prohibited by local ordinances?

Are there any people or local groups interested in open carry?

As far as I know we can not carry a loaded gun. When I purchased my hand gun I took lessons on shooting it. At that time, it was emphasized that I must not ever carry the gun loaded to or from lessons or loaded anywhere except in my home or on my property. I was told that the bullets must always be kept in a locked area (when traveling away from my home) that were separate from where my hand gun was. So I can have the unloaded gun in the car but the bullets should be in the trunk or locked in the glove box. That is my understanding in SLO County and surrounding cities, probably for all of California.

You seriously need to ask why this is going on? Its the “all American city” lets not forget, and its time to change America if this is what it represents. Eliminate the illegals and you end the problem.

Are you freakin kidding me?! 11 thumbs up and 0 thumbs down on this post?

Eliminate the DRUG WAR and you eliminate the problem, racist jerks. Until then the black market will continue to provide funds for people to live like that. We’re really developing a nice little bastion of Nazis here.

This is Santa Maria. This is not news. This is the normal.

Think there is any connection between the increase in crime and shootings, and the increase in ILLEGALS or gangs in Santa Maria?

Yes, that town is a mess. I heard one older guy saying he just doesn’t go out at night anymore…that’s not a good way to live. Pretty sad……….

Are you people for REAL? I lived in Santa Maria for 4 years and it is not at all like that. I used walk everywhere, after dark, no problems. This is like a bunch of little old ladies sitting around gossiping. Racist little old ladies, I should add.

Glad you brought that up. I know it isn’t the politically correct thing to say but isn’t it interesting that in the years that the illegal population has gone up there, so has crime per capita. Look at Salinas. Same there. 8th most dangerous city in California, 50th in nation.

It is CORRELATIONAL. This is the part that you brain surgeons seem to miss. There is a difference between CAUSAL, and CORRELATIONAL. The problem is the drug war. If you think that making drugs legal will result in all these other problems, consider for a minute that if drugs are legal, and there is no black market, then people can;t SELL drugs to TAKE drugs.

As long as the black market is lucrative, you’re going to have this crowd.

How many times does society have to repeat the same experiment over and over and over and over again until they get it?! And almost every time, the problems get blamed on the immigrants, whether its the Irish, the Italians, the Mexicans or whoever.

There will always be a market for crime. Legalizing foolish behavior will not make violent crime go away. Criminals are always looking for the another niche that their willingness to lie, cheat, steal and extort will allow them to take what does not belong to them.

It’s called ‘evil’, no matter how dorky the word sounds.

Yeah but “criminals” are not just gang banger in Santa Maria. The traits you describe exist across the socioeconomic and geographic spectrum. What I’m talking about is removing a mechanism. People are complaining that there is a gang problem and that it’s some kind of Mexican cultural problem, but it is nothing of the sort.

By making drugs illegal, you create an incentive and a black market. All times, and in all places, someone will move into this vacuum to take advantage of the “opportunity.” Generally speaking, whether it’s alcohol, drugs, or stolen cars, gangs will form just as they do in normal business (they’re just not called gangs) for the purpose of facilitating the activity. Because the law does not give any remedy for conflicts occurring as a result of black market activity, the human trait you speak of translates into violence. One does not have to be evil to commit violence, or you would have to believe that every single U.S. soldier is evil.

This is simple stuff. The brainwashing that has occurred in America to make people oblivious to obvious cause and effect mechanisms, in order to further the interests of a select few, is digusting.

Santa Maria sure seems to have an increase in these kind of cases. The news is usually marked with stabbings, drive bys, and other maliciousness. Gotta stop to wonder why this is…