Father fights off gang members in Grover Beach

January 9, 2011

Two gang members required medical treatment after a father fought to protect his family during an alleged random assault by three members of a Santa Maria gang at Grover Beach Elementary School on Saturday.

“It is not unusual to see someone who is not associated with a gang assaulted by gang members,” said Grover Beach Police Sgt. Chris Sweeton. “A lot of time gangs don’t discriminate, they pick fights if they see someone in their area.”

At about 5:20 p.m., five members of a Grover Beach family, two adult males and three children ages 3, 9 and 15, were walking through the school grounds when a 14-year-old gang member challenged the 15-year-old to a fight. After the two adult family members attempted to stop the fight, Anthony Mayo, 19, of Grover Beach allegedly attacked them.

During the assault, the three assailants identified themselves as members of a Santa Maria gang.

Anthony Mayo

The father injured Mayo and the Santa Maria teen as he fought to protect his children. The three suspects fled after being told that police were on their way.

Police arrested Mayo and the Santa Maria teen at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital where they were being treated for injuries suffered during the fight. Police are not identifying the teen because he is a juvenile.

One family member was punched and suffered minor injuries.

Police booked Mayo, who was armed with a knife during the assault, into San Luis Obispo County Jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment, participating in a criminal street gang, conspiracy and violating terms of his parole. He is being held without bail because he is a parolee.

The teen was booked into the San Luis Obispo County Juvenile Services on suspicion of battery, child endangerment, participating in a criminal street gang, conspiracy and violating probation.

Police are searching for the unidentified third assailant.

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As a local resident who frequently walks with the dog around the perimeter of the school, this indecent greatly concerns me. I frequently see families and other dog walkers in the area taking their nightly walks. Although the police department is understaffed and underfunded, the police has a very active volunteer patrol. I hope to see increased police and volunteer patrols in the area.

One Point of concern I have is since the five cities police departments consolidated their volunteer patrol activities, I do not see the patrol team as active as I used too in my neighborhood. Makes me think that local volunteers are spending too much time in Pismo or Arroyo Grande. I hope I am wrong about this.

This is not a thread to discuss emigration / immigration theory ; some comments removed please stay on topic .

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I saw those creeps on tenth street shortly before it happened I guess. I watched them for a while to see what they were up to then headed to the store. I will call the cops straight away next time. Profile, you bet your life. If it walks like a duck ect.