Man who tore down American flags arrested

January 18, 2011

Casey Casteel

Paso Robles Police arrested a man who took down flags displayed in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. holiday for battery of a police officer and resisting arrest.

On Monday at about noon, numerous 911 callers told emergency personnel a man was walking down the 1200 block of Spring Street, taking down flags, walking into the roadway and acting bizarre.

Police said Casey Casteel, 25, refused to comply to officers instructions and became combative. It ultimately took seven officers to take Casteel into custody.

Casteel and two officers received minor injuries during the altercation. Personal from the Paso Robles Department of Emergency Services treated the officers at the scene.

Casteel was transported to a local hospital before being booked in San Luis Obispo County Jail for one count of battery of a police officer and one count of resisting arrest.

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According to GetItRight and Paso Resident it’s obvious that the 6-8 local merchants and passersby that called into Fridays KPRL Sound-Off/Open Mic Friday are liars.

Since they were outraged over the severe beating that this young man received while handcuffed they must be “Cop-Haters.”

At least, according these witnesses, the police called-out the fire department and had them wash away the evidence…. oops… I mean the large pool of blood that resulted in the injuries the miscreant inflicted upon hisself!

Once more, YES he deserved to be arrested and brought to trial…. before a judge and jury and not subjected to street justice.

But this current crop of PRPD have a history of beating handcuffed prisoners, especially Hispanic and juveniles. The tapes in the booking room seem to disappear when subpenaed if they show their misdeeds.

I have been a slo county deputy sheriff under both John Henry Pierce and George Whiting and have long supported PRPD officers who perform their jobs ethically and keep in mind that people they arrest, no matter how much they may p*** you off, are a human being and not your personal pinata!

I suggest Cindy contact Jeff Bradley at KPRL and see if he will give her the mpeg copy of that program and contact those merchants and other witnesses to do a follow-up story.