New sheriff likes his Lincoln

January 6, 2011

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson was sworn in last Monday and began his new job by quoting Abraham Lincoln. [New Times]

Parkinson, who is still completing his college coursework, shared an obscure Lincoln quote with the assembled audience in the county supervisor chamber.

President Lincoln, Parkinson explained,  sent an order to General Ulysses S. Grant in the closing days of the Civil War.

“Gen. Sheridan says, ‘If the thing is pressed, I think that Lee will surrender. Let the thing be pressed.’”

Apparently the historical point was lost among some of the new sheriff’s deputies. Reportedly, some of them were talking about the reference to President Lincoln afterwards.

“I really don’t know what the hell he meant by the Lincoln thing,” one deputy said. “He probably means serious business, I guess.”

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I didn’t vote for Parkinson but give the guy a chance. He was only in office for mere minutes when he made the Lincoln quote!

And the ‘dry cleaning’ comments, although amusing, are too sophomoric for my taste.

If the blogs here get too far off the point or just plain ridiculous then they seriously dilute what CCN is trying to accomplish.


I am guilty of that at various times, more importantly you are very correct.

I like CCN (A place of vivid transparency) and sometimes I don’t mine reminders that the satires we sporadically post may be attributing to something I really don’t want to see evolve.

The only thing I don’t share in common with you is, “giving him a chance” because in law, anyone that has “breach the public trust” cannot hold office anymore, but the only witness that can prove it is dead and he with his business buddy knew that ahead of time. The overall circumstances (facts, NOT speculation) overwhelming supports that he did do something illegal, immoral, unethical, and using the color of authority to undermine the official duties of the CHP in a large lawsuit held in Monterey, Calif.

I may be ashame of myself for going a little too far at times, but he (Parkinson and his business buddy) has no shame!

I did not vote for him and I have little faith that he has the character and integrity to improve what is probably the most corrupted and least respectable law enforcement agency in the state.

if Parkinson fails to improve the quality and integrity of the Sheriff’s Deputies and fails to dramatically improve the lack of discipline and lack accountability within the sheriff’s department and its employees. Then it will become obviously apparent that Federal Intervention and a Federal Decree will be needed to to hold them accountable to the law they are supposedly sworn to uphold!

If significant changes and improvement are not successfully preformed by Sheriff Parkinson within the next 4 years and he does not hold his employees responsible for any questionable actions & behaviors. Then I believe the County Board of Supervisors should formally contact the US Attorney General’s office and request a audit and review of the sheriff’s department, and if necessary have the Department of Justice force a Federal Consent Decree upon the Sheriff.

Under sheriff Hedges tenure with all the stupidity, unprofessional shenanigans, and criminal activity such as shoplifting by a Chief Deputy, drunk driving by a Under Sheriff, assault at a wedding by a Sergent, Deputies failure to arrest a drunken CHP Captain, the failure to follow through with Deputies accused of domestic violence, the obvious constitutional violations and false statements conspired by deputies during the Hart incident, and the many other incidents that all occurred on Hedges watch. Because of all of this, it has lead me to loose all and any respect of the sheriff’s department, it’s deputies and staff.

I hope Parkinson can make the changes. I want to once again, have respect for our sheriff and deputies.

Wasn’t one of Hedges’ “underlings” arrested on suspect of shoplifting for theft of groceries from Albertsons,claiming he simple forgot to pay for his entire shopping cart full of food???

Wiseguy: Thanks for adding a “wrinkle” to the discussion ; ) – I am “impressed”.

Get a clue folks:

Parkinson was talking about his department’s UNIFORMs. It was his stately way of trying to assure his concerned officers that their monthly dry-cleaning reimbursements will continue under his administration: “Let the thing be pressed!”, he declared as his officers applauded and let out their sighs of relief.

Bottom line: Parkinson wanted to stress his strong belief that wrinkle-free uniforms intimidate criminals and may even impress them enough so that they surrender.

Next he will be issuing motivational bumper stickers for all the department’s vehicles. They will read: “Real Cops Don’t Iron!”

The guy sure as heck knows how to build morale!

I stand corrected… was clearly a reference to the uniform. You have a noble mind wiseguy

More LOL’s, STOP, it hurts.

I didn’t vote for the guy but why the bashing? So he quoted Lincoln…who cares.

I read CalCoast News because of the thorough investigative articles. I’ve read info here that wasn’t reported in any other media source. I don’t log on so I can read a few sentences that are just mocking a guy. What’s the point?

I gotta agree with you Paso Parent! Shame on all those mockers!

So what if Mr. Parkinson has a dry-cleaning fetish? If he wants his uniforms pressed, well, dang it, just like the great emancipator said: “Let the thing be pressed!”

LOL! Oh more LOL!

People have their moments, those that do bash are not always consistent.

In any event I agree with you and I have my moments at too.

It is mainly the investigative reporting.

Thank you, PasoParent. You read my mind. Somebody had to say it…quote, or no quote.

Huh? Not to disparage Lincoln but what a goofy quote.

If Parkinson wanted to show his worldly knowledge he should have chosen on of these Lincoln qoutes

“Upon the subject of education, not presuming to dictate any plan or system respecting it, I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people can be engaged in.”

–March 9, 1832


“In very truth he was, the noblest work of God — an honest man.”

–February 8, 1842 – Lincoln’s eulogy of Benjamin Ferguson

Parkinson is exploiting “Honest Abe”

(Court Jury Trial Supervised by a judge “Not attorney to attorney settlement” deceiving the courts and jury to help relative win over a million dollar law suit)

Obviously the Crown Vic’s are too common for Caesar. He will be ordering a Lincoln for his own personal use. The voters will get what they pay for, an uneducated graft collecting thug. We now have the right guy to lead this gang of murderers and thugs we call sheriffs. What a joke. Commit a crime and join the sheriffs department. Benefits+ retirement + plus we let you carry guns and kill people either in the streets, their homes or in jail.

Abraham Parkinson!

For sure he is NOT considering triming the budget like every other govenment sector is doing (tax payer expense)!

I am sure he will or is prepared to justify it (time is on his side).

I am sorry, he is FOS.

He is where he is simpy by the image of his uniform, looks and power of of psychological magnitism.

We really don’t need him!