Home invader found in bed

February 3, 2011

Joseph Daniel Flora

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested a man they found in a bed at a Los Osos residence he had broken into on Wednesday morning.

The occupants of the home told deputies a man they did not recognize was pounding on their door at 1:40 a.m. The homeowners locked themselves in a second floor bedroom and called 911.

Joseph Daniel Flora, 25, then shattered the front door, found a first floor bedroom and went to bed. Deputies were able to subdue Flora, who resisted arrest, without injury.

Deputies arrested Flora on suspicion of burglary, felony vandalism and resisting arrest.

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This doesn’t make sense. A burglar doesn’t decide to sleep it off at the scene of the crime. It sounds like he was confused where he was at and mad that someone locked the door on him. It sounds a lot like he has a problem with drinking and violence.

“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed and he’s still there!” exclaimed Baby bear.

i also have a good source who says he resisted arrest in a big way

Just to clear something up, the head coach at morro bay did not leave for that reason alone, it was for a number of political reasons. Very mature bringing up another person in this individuals personal dilemma’s. You are really something to look up to yourself!

isn’t this the same guy who was a low level wrestling coach at MB High school who was “unfairly” fired for choking out a student prompting the then head coach to step down? I wonder how he feels about giving up his job for this loser now?

Booze. The suspect does have a connection with the home he broke in to, he was just too messed up to realize that he wasn’t where he thought he was. Also, the resisting arrest charge is a crock of shit, the cops were just anxious to use the taser.

Was the suspect was trying to break down some other persons door?

Nice grammar. Was the suspect was….very nice.

I agree, The worthless “retiree friendly” crap local newz jumped all over the tale of some kid drunk doing what drunks do & tried to make it into something they knew it wasn’t. So now the kid has to live down their lies for how long in a small town?. Sue, ’em.

Jesus, when do we evolve outa the Trib’s lameass crapola especially in a Coastal Ca. town where people come to live to get away from the corp. crap news outlets.The Trib. is light yrs. behind the the times. Major media long ago realized their potentcy and has turned into a powerbroker/info filter for we sheeple. Media’s fingerprints are all over what’s wrong with this country.

Candidate for the Darwin award?



If he was on meth, he shouldn’t have needed a bed to go to sleep.