Letter to Supervisor Hill and the County Board of Supervisors

February 5, 2011


Over several months now, many county residents have contacted the board with their serious concerns regarding the installation of wireless Smart Meters in our county. Concerns range from over-billing class action lawsuits in other areas, cyber security risks identified by the United States Government Accountability Office (the auditing and investigative arm of the U.S. Congress), reports of the meters interfering with arc fault interrupters (designed to protect against electrical fires) and non-thermal health risks from exposure to chronic, long-term electromagnetic radiation from the meters.

In listening to the Dave Congalton radio show last Friday night, I was very pleased to hear Supervisor Hill’s response to Dave’s question, “..pass a resolution just to show your concern?” Supervisor Hill responded, “I think that we will be doing so. We will be expressing our concern in a letter, in a resolution, to PG&E, also to the utilities commission and also to our legislators who have more direct authority over this…”

I want to thank the County Board of Supervisors for taking action in response to our concerns.  Please also show support for Assembly Bill 37, which will provide for wired meter options to meet Smart Grid goals without the risks.

With sincere gratitude,

Judy Vick

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The lunatic fringe conspiracy theorists have finally won a meaningless battle.

Agreed. Perhaps they can pass out tin foil hats at the next CBoS meeting? Meanwhile, PG&E is probably delighted that people are so distracted by the silly smart meter non-issue that they are ignoring the real health harming misdeeds that PG&E commits. such as polluting the environment with toxic waste, operating dangerous natural gas pipelines, etc.

Another way to put this in perspective:

US deaths in 2010 from gas pipeline explosions: 11 (including 8 by PG&E pipeline)

US deaths year to date in 2011 from gas pipeline explosions: 5

Deaths attributed to smart meters worldwide during recorded history: 0