Man stabbed to death in Paso Robles laundromat

March 6, 2011

A man was stabbed to death at the Paso Robles Laundromat on Spring Street Sunday at about 7 p.m. [Tribune]

The unnamed victim was transported to a local hospital where he died from his injuries. The assailant ran from the area and might be driving a white pickup truck with a lumber rack.

Police have described the alleged assailant as a black man, in his 20s, 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighing about 200 pounds and wearing a red plaid jacket.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff detectives and County District Attorney investigators are assisting Paso Robles Police with the investigation.

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This is yet another example of why citizens should be allowed to exercise their fundamental individual civil rights and carry a concealed firearm for self defense. The handgun roster removes inexpensive defensive firearms from the market and the good old boys club removes any chance of obtaining a CCW.

Congratulations California, you set this poor man up to die a defenseless death; now forever separated from his civil rights…

Does anyone know if Open Carry is legal in SLO municipalities? I’m having trouble finding this info online.

I’m aware of the criticisms surrounding it, but it could save your life by having a weapon available or even act as a deterrent.

some situations that might make UOC practical:

practiced in groups of more to counter the LE claim that it makes you a target for theft.

Dog attacks.

Threats not specifically directed toward the carrier.

There are some very nice comments at the Tribune, posted about Mr McWilliams by people who knew him. They say he was doing the family laundry when he was attacked for unknown reasons. They also say he was very active in the community and was well liked by those who knew him. They say he was a good and kind family man.

The victim and his wife’s Facebook profile are on public setting. Maybe he had some issues in the past (haven’t we all!) but it seems like he was on a better path. The photos are heart-breaking–him, his wife and young son. One quotation says ” I am a very smart person and like helping people and love my son and wife”.!/profile.php?id=100001383122188

Any guy who’d write that sounds like a gem to me. Also, he was doing his family’s laundry when he was killed. That’s no loser; that’s a hard-working servant. Condolences to all who knew and loved him.

That is heartbreaking.

I vote that liberalgirl should ask the moderator to remove her comment before his family see’s it. She obviously didn’t have any idea what she was talking about.

Oh, I know more about him than you will EVER know. Take your self righteous attitude and don’t speak on things you don’t know about. Truth is truth. Do you think his own facebook page would say anything negative about himself? Ummmmmm, NOOOO!! How many of you complain about how the Tribune cannot get anything right, but they are spot on with these comments?? The neighborhood he lived in is Drug Central Paso Robles so why wouldn’t his compatriates like him????? Just sayin’

this also from KCOY:

PASO ROBLES — The victim of a deadly stabbing at a laundromat in Paso Robles was deeply rooted in his community.

Martin McWilliams is being remembered as a loving father, husband and volunteer.

Detectives believe the 46-year-old Paso Robles man was the victim of a random act of violence.

“It’s hard for us to comprehend,” said Steve von Dohlen, a scout master. “Martin was a great guy, a great dad — he really wanted to help provide the best opportunity for his son.”

Your Central Coast News has learned that McWilliams was very involved in the scouting program in Paso Robles.

He was set to become an assistant scout master for his son’s boy scout troop.

“He had recently gone through adult leader training and was just very excited about all that the scouting opportunities provide for his son and his family and so we’re just devastated at this tragic incident,” said von Dohlen.

von Dolen is Deputy DA for SLO County

What source is more reliable?

Facts are facts. I know the facts. Ask his wife where his/their other three children are and why they were taken away? The Boy Scouts dodged a bullet, that is all the more I am going to say.


When you find youself in a hole, the smart thing to do is quit digging.

According to Channel 12 KCOY Central Coast News, he was Martin Mc Williams, 46, of Paso. He was a local man, born and raised between Atascadero and Paso. I went to school with him but don’t remember him at all so he wasn’t a rebel rouser or anything in school. However, as an adult, he left a lot to be desired. Had menial jobs and mostly lived on welfare. Had a couple of kids, and did have a wife a while back, not sure if he was still married or not though. Martin was a definite loser and I am guessing his mouth and/or his love of crack got him into trouble. Nobody deserves to die though. Kind of pathetic that this was probably his destiny though.

You should be ashamed of your comments. YOU sound like the loser…

How do you know so much about this Guy? Seems you might have somethings in common?

Good Grief libergirl, That is a cruel thing to say about a classmate that you can’t even remember. Then you go on to guess what he might have done to get himself brutally murdered when for all you know, he was just doing his laundry.

My condolences to his children, his family and to all who loved this unfortunate victim, Mr Martin Williams, Rest in Peace.

I don’t know of a single scary neighborhood in SLO. I hope the crap from the north and south don’t take over SLO. I already see some pathetic wannabe bangers at farmer’s market on Thursday nights…

I wouldn’t walk alone near Sinsheimer/RR tracks/South Broad at night.

I would. And do…

Your false sense of security will catch up to you sooner or later. Stop and think about where thieves, thugs, and robbers go. Do you think that they rob and steal from poor people who have little or nothing? Or, do you think they target the ‘haves’?

Oh yeah, those troublemakers to the north and south have cars and know where San Luis Obispo is located. Don’t kid yourself. Stay safe.

Wonder of the “happiest place in America” is getting worried as its boxed in by gangs from Santa Maria and Paso? Ignorance is bliss or?

How did you get out of the article that this was gang related? There is nothing in the article to suggest that it was. Bad part of town? Perhaps, but EVERY town has the not so nice areas. I enjoy reading comments from people that apparently live in SLO like: ” I hope the crap from the north and south don’t take over SLO”. Wasn’t there a stabbing there in SLO a few months ago? Didn’t someone shoot a gun into a restaurant a few months ago in SLO? It happens every where. Stop being elitist. You are already the “Happiest Place on Earth”, what more do you need!

Simply a statement about the growing violence in our area. Elitist?… hold on there don’t get your panties in a wad. BTW, I don’t live in SLO, to elitist for me :) LOL. I like the dark streets of Paso’s unelitist “bad” parts. You cannot deny violent crimes and gang activity are on the rise.

I think Roe v Wade has a lot to do with this.

Yeah, so are gas prices when you figure in how much we all supposedly make these days.

Simply a statement about the growing violence in our area. Elitist?… hold on there don’t get your panties in a wad. BTW, I don’t live in SLO, to elitist for me :) LOL. I like the dark streets of Paso’s unelitist “bad” parts, they have more character. Either way you cannot deny theft, violent crimes and gang activity is on the rise in SLO Co.

I used to use this very laundromat when I lived in Paso. It took me a couple times there to realize it was no safe place to be. This was 8 years ago. I can only imagine how bad it has become over time. Now I know.

so true danika! Not a good neighborhood. I went there to wash an extra large bedspread & it was scary even in broad daylight. I feel sorry for all the kids who grow up in that part of town.

Is this near the fairgrounds? That has always been a very odd neighborhood…

Across from Senor Sanchos (good restaurant, cruddy location)…North Spring Street almost to 101 on-ramp…about 29th street area…