San Luis Obispo gas prices second highest in nation

March 5, 2011

San Luis Obispo County has the second highest gas prices in the nation with the average cost for a gallon of regular at $3.88, according to an AAA report.

San Francisco has the highest gas prices in the country at $3.89 a gallon and Santa Barbara County is third at $3.87.

The sharp increases in gas prices are due to surging crude oil prices primarily because of unrest in oil producing areas in the Middle East.

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I wonder what price will induce drivers to drive less. Commuting from Paso to SLO in your duallie pickup never made any sense to me; same with bombing up from AG in your Mercedes.

We denizens of the happiest place on earth can’t do jack about the price of fuel, and we are beating our heads against the wall to pretend otherwise. What we can have a meaningful effect on is the amount of fuel we consume, and I say our efforts would be better spent in that regard.

Well, I do commute from Paso to SLO 5-days a week. I carpool and we get about 30 miles per gallon, but I’m already on the waiting list for a Nissan Leaf electric car. I really think that the oil industry is currently in the process of digging their own grave. At some point (probably many years from now) there will be more electric cars than gasoline cars on the road. Why? Because oil speculators drove the price up so much that people went elsewhere for their transportation energy needs. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all if gas went to $10 per gallon. It will just make the switch happen faster.

such a warm and fuzzy crowd today… I am surprised you didn’t point out the Katcho owns gas stations? ;)

Why yes, the Shell @ 101 and Grand and the Mobil on Grand across from the BBQjoint, former Dolly’s donuts shop. Neither of these being exactly low priced, must be overhead costs.

It’s high because of greed. Nothing more.

Lucky us.

Price gouging, the cost of living in paradise or just the good old ” spirit of the central coast” like KSBY says, or is there a legitimate reason? cant wait till summer prices hit..

You know when you factor in al the tens of thousands of people we’ve killed, gas is pretty freaking cheap

While what you say is true, it is pretty weird…..I take back a negative check upon further review….

And to think if we’d just tap our own resources here in the USA ,we could stop killing everyone to steal theirs. Glad to see hope and change working.

undertow youve ben lied to. You can drill all the oil you want in the USA but there isnt enough to make a dent in oi prices. See the thing the oil akeys never mention when they get everyone to chant drill here drill now, is that there is no American oil market. It will be drilled by multinational corporations and put onto the only oil market there is the international oil market. The amount of oil we have under our feets isnt enough to make a drop in the bucket on a world wide scale

Exactilactly!!! Even if you let the international oil pimps drill all over our land it’s going to go to China!

Drill baby drill is what a fat cat yells when we are grabbing our ankles.

You want to utilize Our resources? Then you got to make it a law that it gets sold HERE AND NOWHERE ELSE!

Venezuela and Mexico are kickin our asses on this.

Im not sure any of us will ever know the truth on this but a recent article released said there’s more oil under the Rockie mountain range than in all the middle eastern countries combined. Your all probably correct in that even if we drilled and recovered it would go the the highest bidder which is an energy hungry China or Pakistan or somewhere of that nature.

Yesterday I saw that gas was actually $3.99 out here in Osos

Vagabond is right. According to Matt Taibbi’s research in his article titled “The Great American Bubble Machine”, The last time gas prices were this high the average barrell of oil was traded 27 times before it hit the market. That means that for every barrel of oil speculaters exchange it between themselves nearly 30 times between the pumps and the refinery

That was a good article. At one point there was nearly three times the amount of futures sold than ALL THE WORLDS SUPPLY COMBINED.

That’s right folks, we were screwed then and we are getting screwed now.

Add into the mix the political pressure to finally make the horribly inefficient corn ethanol juggernaught and you’ve got a perfect storm of corrupt politics sucking the members of wall street speculators.

And what is the nations drang and strum now? Teachers are overpaid. WTF???!!!!

HA HA HA no wonder the fat cats on wall street keep doing us like two bit crack whores. WE ARE STUPID.

Until we as a nation wake up and realize that there doesn’t need to be privately owned international oil companies and put them under some kind of realistic control, and the futures market is regulated, then you might as well just enjoy it.

No, it’s because of a speculative bubble. There is just as much oil now as there was three months ago.

Bend over baby here comes the futures man!

Seen any gas stations running out of gas?