Cars burglarized in San Luis Obispo

April 12, 2011

Jeremiah Alvarez


Police say numerous San Luis Obispo residents may have awoken this morning to find their car had been burglarized overnight.

San Luis Obispo Police arrested 20-year-old Jeremiah Alvarez and a 15-year-old boy who they believe are responsible for the string of car burglaries that took place during the early hours of the day.

Following a call from a concerned citizen who reported seeing a man peering into cars with a flashlight on Buchon Street in San Luis Obispo, officers found Alvarez and the boy at the intersection of Madonna Road and Higuera Street.

Police say the suspects were riding stolen bicycles and carrying IPods, a radar detector, a laptop computer, tools, cash, credit cards, wallets, clothing—all that is believed to have been taken during the night.

Alvarez was booked at the county jail on an outstanding warrant and for possession of stolen property. His bail was set at $20,000.

The minor was cited on charges of possessing stolen property, cigarettes and marijuana. He was relinquished to the custody of his parents.

Meanwhile, police say they are working to find the owners of the stolen items, and are asking any victims of a car burglary or bicycle theft last night, particularly near the 2500 block of Broad Street where a car window was destroyed with a rock, to call their department.