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Police capture wanted suspect in San Luis Obispo

By JOSH FRIEDMAN The man whom police officers hunted down on Wednesday, prompting a lockdown of San Luis Obispo High School, had been wanted for several months for allegedly committing a string of crimes in SLO. He also had evaded... (Continue reading)

Driver knocks down light pole in SLO

By JOSH FRIEDMAN A driver crashed into a light pole, knocking it down, on Sunday afternoon in San Luis Obispo. It is suspected the driver swerved to avoid another car that unexpectedly entered the person’s lane, police said. The driver... (Continue reading)

SLO officers searching for suspects who attacked cacti outside restaurant

By JOSH FRIEDMAN San Luis Obispo police officers are searching for a pair of suspects who attacked cacti and planters outside a downtown SLO restaurant this week, causing more than $1,000 worth of damage.  “Late Wednesday night, two people went... (Continue reading)

Alleged SLO child molester arrested while crossing Mexican border

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Authorities arrested a man entering the United States earlier this month who allegedly sexually abused four or more girls at an unlicensed daycare center that was being run out of his San Luis Obispo home.  In May... (Continue reading)

SLO transient arrested for burglarizing homes

By JOSH FRIEDMAN San Luis Obispo police officers arrested a transient last week who allegedly burglarized at least two homes. Shortly after noon, on May 10, a burglar broke into a home on Encanto Lane. A resident, who was not... (Continue reading)

Suspects allegedly tried to lure young girls into cars in SLO

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Twice over the past two weeks, unknown male suspects allegedly attempted to lure elementary school children into vehicles in San Luis Obispo. On April 27, a girl reported that a white male inside a white van asked... (Continue reading)

Car slams into semi-truck in San Luis Obispo

By JoSH FRIEDMAN A driver slammed into the back of a semi-truck in San Luis Obispo Monday afternoon, causing major damage to the person’s car.  The driver of a sedan drovw into the back of the truck on south Higuera... (Continue reading)

Bicyclist in critical condition after being hit by car in SLO

By JOSH FRIEDMAN A driver in a truck and a 20-year-old male bicyclist crashed in San Luis Obispo on Friday, leaving the man in  critical condition. Shortly before 4 p.m., caller reported the crash at the intersection of Grand Avenue... (Continue reading)

Crash causes truck to roll over in SLO intersection

By JOSH FRIEDMAN A truck and an SUV collided at a San Luis Obispo intersection on Thursday, causing the truck to roll over and the driver to get stuck inside the vehicle.  A caller reported the crash at the intersection... (Continue reading)

Teen arrested for assault, robbery and shooting in SLO

By JOSH FRIEDMAN San Luis Obispo police officers arrested a teen who allegedly embarked upon a crime spree on Friday that included pistol-whipping and robbing a boy and firing gunshots in or around a parking lot. Early Friday morning, police... (Continue reading)