Turkeys massacred at Nipomo school

April 27, 2011


Nipomo High School students and faculty returned to school Thursday to find its agricultural program had been targeted and 19 of its turkeys had been slaughtered overnight.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Ag Task Force and school resource deputies are investigating who stabbed the 19 birds, and injured two others, that were caged prior to the attack. One turkey was still missing when the carnage was discovered just before 7:30 a.m.

The Sheriff’s Department says the suspect or culprits, if found, will likely be charged with felony animal cruelty.

Officials are asking anyone with information about this crime to visit www.slotips.org or text SLOTIPS to CRIMES (274637).

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Glad to see that SLO county has its share of Monday morning, speculative, innuendo based experts weighing in on blogs…We have them too in SB co, but not as good as yours: ” Whoever did this is seriosly (sic) disturbed. I really hope they are identified and prosecuted to the fullist (sic) extent of the law for cruelty to animals.”

Well, the dogs must have owners. There must be someone to sue here. I mean, that’s the American way!

I’ll bet Zebras attacked the herd of Turkeys.

In another shining example of why the world is actually not as messed up as people who make money off your fear would have you believe, these birds were killed by DOGS. You would think, that given a surveillance video showing two dogs on the premises, and the presence of so many “professionals,” someone would have figured that out sooner.

Am I the only one who had to take a second glance at “school resource deputies” – what the heck is that? Of course, it’s plural. This is the “education” sacred cow, after all. What? You hate children?

Seriously, how do I get to become a School Resource Deputy? Do I get a shiny star to wear? I got the hat!

Sure a lot of screwy activity in south county as of lately and over the years, cross burnings, hate crimes and vandalism, animal cruelty, prostitution stings,the scumbags from Nipomo who killed the young girl in Santa Margarita, gang bangers, the Elise Pahler case years ago. Perhaps this activity just went uncovered until now and was kept hush hush previously as it seems CCN is still the only source for this type of activity. Good job folks.

Isn’t killing defenseless animals the first sign of a furture serial killer, somebody out there has some real problems.

Indeed it often is. What kind of twisted POS would do this?

It takes one heckofa brave person to use the human’s superior body strength and mind against a barnyard fowl with the IQ of about a peanut.

I’m not sure the IQ was any higher.

Whoever did this is seriosly disturbed. I really hope they are identified and prosecuted to the fullist extent of the law for cruelty to animals. With that said…..Below is one of the more commical comments I spotted in another blog:

“To protect against similar crimes in the future, local law enforcement will have to borrow Atascadero High School again for another emergency preparedness drill. They will have to ask for volunteer turkeys to simluate both muderers and victims, that way they can teach high-school age turkeys how to lock doors, duck for cover, treat minor wounds, and call 911.

I’m assuming that the Sheriff’s Department will announce soon that the one “missing” turkey is the prime suspect. I wonder how soon the two injured turkeys will be available for questioning? Then we will see the missing turkey’s family on t.v.”

Of course I thought the following was also rather funny considering that the students told KSBY that their birds had been stabbed.

“The Sheriff’s Department is not revealing the method used to kill the turkeys because that is something that only perpetrator would know, said Rob Bryn,” !