Black bear: Shoot to kill

June 29, 2011

Department of Fish and Game officials have decided that a black bear, the subject of repeated sightings around San Luis Drive, needs to be caught and euthanized. [KSBY]

A resident on Andrews Street, who claims the bear has been a threat to his home for three straight days, signed the required permit. Under state law, the bear, if captured, must now be euthanized.

Officials set up a metal trap for the bear, using chicken and fish as bait. As of Tuesday night, the animal had not been captured.

The bear is responsible for the death of several chickens in the upscale neighborhood by San Luis Obispo High School.

Some of the local residents formed a small protest group Tuesday night to urge that the bear not be killed, but they were persuaded by other homeowners that the bear was indeed a threat.

Experts suggest that removing the bear to another location would be futile since the animal would likely return to the original location in a short amount of time.


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They killed the bear :(

If you haven’t had bear steaks… well you missed a treat!

We need to form a group to hunt it down… followed by a BBQ!Who issues a license for such things… somebody will want the TAX.

Make him earn his keep as a mascot for Downtown Brown, don’t rush the euthanasia.

Didn’t we go through this before? Just taint a chicken and leave it accessable to the bear. It will wonder off like it just ate rat poison and got exceptionally thirsty. Or shoot it up and let it die when asleep. Or let one of our local heros shoot it. Best get rid of it quick, soon it will be eating a child. Then what do the tree huggers say? “Well you shouldn’t have left your kid out!” Get a life!

Every night bears raid campsites at Yosemite’s campgrounds, when was the last child eaten? Why don’t they kill those bears, why do they relocate them if they are so worried about the bears eating children.

Maybe if bears ate kittens you’d be more sympathetic.

To make the city folk “feel better” once all the bears are dead, maybe we can place bear statues at both ends of town like Los Osos did. Isin’t it funny how we need to erradicate all the wildlife, to preserve the upban farms in this neighborhood – which make the residents “feel more in touch with nature.”

The bear should not be euthanized. Bottom line. These are amazing creatures, and we have imposed ourselves on their habitat for years. They’re really more scared of us, then we should be of them. The bear should be tranquilized and transported to a place where bears are allowed to live, such as Yosemite or the Mammoth area. I would be happy to transport the bear in my truck myself with help from the Fish & Game to tranquilize it. If this can be done, let me know. I’m all for it.

Heh, it’s funny… someone had just mentioned “wait until the tree huggers come in and tell us we’ve encroached on their habitat” (or something to that effect).

Your comment, though well intentioned, seemed right on queue.

Maybe it would be good fishing bait. Kill it before a child is hurt. Or relocate it to the zoo in Atascadero. That would be worse than killing it but it would be alive for a while.

This is a bunch of bull! They could relocate this bear far enough that it wouldn’t be a danger to anyones chickens. Pathetic.

I disagree on this issue. A bear that has gotten used to targeting homes and outbuildings for food is very likely to get into more trouble. Relocation doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. It shifts the problem to someone else.

I hope someone videos the trapping and the killing of this bear, so we can send a copy to Oprah. She needs to do an update on “happy-town” for her new show anyway. Trapping and killing wildlife so that a bunch of upptiy SoCal refugees in million-dollar hillside homes can continue to have their special little “yard to table” eggs and avocados, that’s how we do business here in happy town. While we are at it, why don’t we use the bear meat and hold a fundraiser bar-b-que to raise money to build a soccer field on the bear’s former habitat.

Apparently you and TQueen are on target. Soon as ‘whitey’ moves into an area and kills or displaces all the former residents (Indians, wildlife and so on) they then declare all ‘returnees’ illegal and must be killed or deported. Nice set up-for the invaders. What a happy town….