Carbon monoxide detectors required by law

June 21, 2011

California residents will be required to install carbon monoxide detectors into their single-family homes beginning July 1 to protect against poisoning and accidental death from the odorless gas. [MercuryNews]

About 30 to 40 Californians die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning; more than 400 die each year throughout the U.S.

The detectors will alert residents to dangerous accumulations of the gas before it can cause serious injury or death.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, confusion, and irritability. Advanced symptoms include vomiting, loss of consciousness, brain damage and death.

The law, written state Sen. Alan Lowenthal, D-Long Beach, aims to protect residents from carbon monoxide gases escaping from appliances that burn gas, wood or coal.

Multifamily dwellings such as apartment buildings or condominiums have until the Jan. 13, 2013, to comply with the new law.


This is an absolute perfect example of why I packed up and moved out of the state last February. Between the insane politics and the suffocating tax burden to pay for the moronic politics – no more. I’m only sorry all of you can’t join me until later. If things don’t change, California will be left with only nutjobs that can’t pay the bills.

Kevin Rice

Lownthal doesn’t care about you and doesn’t want to hear from you–he hides his phone number on his web page. However, his number is (562) 495-4766 and the staff contact for SB 183 is (916) 651-4812 / — also, contact your local state legislators (Blakeslee/Achadjian).


Lowenthal is getting paid off by the insurance co’s. and/or the providers of those 40-50 dollar detectors that need batteries and MUST be replaced every 6 to 7 yrs. 30-40 deaths per yr. equals 1 in a million die. May I take my own chances please Mr. Lowenthal? I need the 50 bucks, I guess you want it too. Jerk.


Whenever I read about yet another new unnecessary law, there’s a D behind the lawmaker’s name.


That’s just like your opinion, man.

Spirit Filled

Before you know it we will get a ticket for talking on our cell phones while driving. Or smoking at the beach. What a world we live in. Soon we will be arrested if we have a few pot plants. (I of course, don’t partake in any of the above just thought I share some thoughts with you). Let’s go back to the 50’S where men didn’t change diapers or clean the house. Just worked outside the home and brought the money home. We lived that way….father knew best in my home. I know men have lost it. I should say they gave it away. Oh well, that’s a whole new subject.

Spirit Filled

Where can I get one for free. Last one I bought it cost me about $40.00. We use that money for water and etc. Even an old one will do. Doesn’t even have to work. Just so it looks like it does. I think we may live through it. Been through a lot more than that in all these years.


Stay tuned, Spirit. I’m sure there will be a government rebate program for you to get a “free” detector. Our state is bankrupt but our wise and all-knowing lawmakers always seems to find some extra taxpayer funds for their stupid rebate programs.

Spirit Filled

I refuse to accept government grants or freebees. I’d rather die in my sleep late at night by the silent killer. Anyway, they know enough about me now. You apply and they kill you with paperwork. Friend of mine went through it along time ago. He said he’d never do it again. Blessings to you.


Well, another enforcement when you go to sell your home, remodel, or need any type of inspection.


Most of these “non-law” regulations are so trivial, if you don’t do it prior to selling, it defaults to the buyer. It’s all bogus. Smoke (or exhaust) and mirrors.


“About 30 to 40 Californians die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning; more than 400 die each year throughout the U.S.”

…so, pass a law that effects 37,253,956 people? 0.00000107% are killed by Carbon Monoxide poisoning, so we’ll make sure the other -99.99999892628853% are protected.

Yeah, I’m POSITIVE that someone’s cousin or brother doesn’t have stock in a CO-detection company. No way there’s some political connection with industry here. Nope. No way.


Just another assignment from the government. How is this law going to be enforced. It’s not.

“So because of 30 to 40 accidental deaths in California annually due to carbon monoxide poisoning, I need to spend about $30 each for detectors “outside each sleeping room, on each story and in the basement.” Let me see… thats $120 in the middle of a recession?? How many manufacturers paid off Sen. Lowenthal?”

The detectors only last about two years and the ones approved by the state have a lot of problems with them.

Why couldn’t Lowenthal have worked on breathalyzers for cars to keep drunk drivers off the road. Many more deaths occur from drunk driving than 30 or 40 a year.



With inflation and higher taxes, its gonna be about $50 per unit times the number of households (12.5 million) in California.

The approximately cost is $625 million dollars because 30 people died due to poor venilation or other faulty factors out of a population of about 37 million people.

And don’t forget the fines or penalities imposed on those who fail to comply with the new law!


One of these saved my life years ago and I’ve never been without one since! But how is this being enforced and implemented?


Fantastic, greenboy. Glad you are safe. And all without a law telling you to have a detector!