Why has Paso Robles refunded less than 3% of illicit parking charges?

April 24, 2024


After agreeing their downtown paid parking program was not legally set up, the Paso Robles City Council announced plans to refund parking tickets given during a 12 month period. Even so, most people have not been paid back.

If the city pays everyone charged for tickets and parking fees from Feb. 6, 2023 through Feb. 6, 2024, it will cost the city more than $560,000. At this time, the city has refunded only $13,870, or 2.47%, while the time to apply is waning.

Instead of sending each ticketed person their money back, City Manager Ty Lewis said those wronged needed to provide proof they have paid their tickets. An action that has confused and frustrated many residents and visitors.

During a Feb. 20 City Council meeting, Clive Pinder with KVEC talk radio asked why not automatically repay all the fines unlawfully collected.

Ty Lewis responded to why they were not paying back all the fines, saying their vendors do not keep ticketing data and that the city has purged older records. He then noted that depending on the amount of refunds, the city could seek reimbursement from the city’s attorney firm: Best Best & Krieger.

City Attorney Elizabeth Hull, with Best Best & Krieger, said the city is requiring proof of payment because they need documentation.

However, the vehicle code requires the city to keep records of parking tickets and payments.

In response to a question from CalCoastNews, Lewis said the city keeps parking citation documentation for at least two years and that people can get proof of payment from the police department.

“If an individual needs help locating their individual records they are free to reach out to the police department,” Lewis said in an email.

For those who did not pay their tickets, the city automatically voided all unpaid citations and charges for late payments.

To apply for a refund, people need to provide proof of payment to the city and fill out a form.

“Proof of payment of parking sessions and downtown parking citations must be submitted with refund request form,” according to the city’s online form. “Acceptable forms of proof of payment include: parking meter receipt, parking app receipt/screenshot, text to pay screenshot, citation payment receipt, credit card or bank statement, cancelled check.”

Refund request forms must be completed and submitted by 5 p.m. on May 24.


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They have also lied to the public, DMV States they should keep the records back 4 years not two.

I noticed there is a web page that tells how to easily get your parking fee and citation records by email, using just your name and license plate numbers.

So get your FREE Parking Refund money by May 24!


City Counsel knew Ty Lewis was a “YES MAN” when he was picked for his job. He was never qualified to be a City Manager, and is obviously over his head, just like Chris Williams was never qualified to do his job as School Superintendent. Lewis needs to go like Williams needed to go, before some crimes are committed again like Embezzlement?

Ty Lewis is well aware of the definitions of Embezzlement, as well as Battery. So does Michael Rivera!

So is the new SLO County Administrator, Matthew Pontes, some say he is an expert at embezzlement..

Let’s be honest: Ty Lewis is part of the problem and needs to go.


So…they already know who did NOT pay a fine, who was delinquent on payments, and easily voided those fines…

… but cannot check records of those who did pay the illegal fine???

Looks a whole lot like a scam to me.

Easy answer, because they already spent it, on outrageous compensation, and they of course can’t ask for it back now can they. So they the less they return the less they will have to find somewhere else, and as usual they’ll claim the need to cut services to fund returns, they never cut compensation to fund their illegal activities.

Seemed pretty obvious from the start this was the plan.

Lewis, and Hull of Not the Best and Very Bad need to be sent packing.