Suspected drunk driver kills bicyclist in Arroyo Grande

June 26, 2011

A man from England was killed Saturday night after a suspected drunk driver traveling at a high rate of speed lost control and crashed into the bicylist in Arroyo Grande. [KSBY]

The driver, identified as 20-year-old Aaron Ceja of Nipomo , was driving east on Halcyon Road just east of Mountain View when he struck the cyclist.

Ceja was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury, and vehicular manslaughter. Officers are not releasing the name of the victim pending family notification.

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Why is it that the drunk guy always seems to come out alive? (except the Jacka$$ TV star–he sure didn’t make it) The poor guy was out for a bike ride at 8pm and gets plowed over by a stupid, selfish, irresponsible JERK.

Typically it is the velocity that kills or the trama from the velocity that kills.

Most foolish unsafe passer into the opposing lane survive and the passengers dies or the opposing vehicle driver and passenger usually dies.

With DUI, the alcohol or drugs usually spares them from the trama.

It is the trama that kills.

Just to clarify, all articles clearly state “SUSPECTED drunk driver”. This very well could have been accidental.

You kinda sound like a lawyer.

I noticed that, too. I think when they know it’s alcohol, the perp is identified as “alleged” – maybe in this case they didn’t have any hard evidence (blood, breath, etc) to confirm or deny.

Still, we all hate drunk drivers, so it’s not a hard leap for us to get angry at someone hitting a guy on a bike.

Thats very true

The person from England could have been on the worng side of the road in the dark, maybe.

But Ceja has two strikes not in his favor at this time

There was some contributory evidence, alcohol and speed

In a traffic collision, it only takes one prudent or skilled driver/ rider to prevent it.

Even with very little official facts to inference on, it don’t look too good for Ceja

I agree with you. More and more agricultural land is converted from food crop production to wine (grape) crop production within San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. This is bound to result in increased numbers of vehicle accidents where DUI/DWI is the proximate cause of the accident or injury.

Increased local production of alcohol means that our county markets are stocked with cheaper alcohol products at the same time more beneficial and nutritious crops decline and the price for them at the store increases.

We need a county board of supervisors that takes the lead to limit the amount of water being delivered to agricultural corporations whose sole end product is the production of alcohol. Furthermore, there is no public interest in allowing agricultural corporations to use water without having to measure the amount of water being used for this purpose. If we want to increase revenues for the county, then we should require agricultural corporations whose primary end product is alcohol, to measure and pay for the water they use according to the profit made on alcohol. There is no public benefit in the increased production of alcohol, or in enhancing wine’s addictive ingredients with other chemicals that exacerbate alcohol’s addictive qualities.

Thanks for pointing out the down side of wine production, and emphasis on wine festivals and wine drinking.

Side show Bob

I feel as you do.

I believe that no driver should be on the road without some driver education or training

A vehicle is heavy machinery and more deadly than a .44 magnum

I was at the San Francisco State Building as an advisor in a discussion whether every licensed motorist should be re-tested to renew their driver license. At a later time, it was concluded that it was not the cost or logistic problem in implementing the new requirement. The conclusion was, it would have a devastating affect on the economy because half the population would fail their drive test!

What a lame excuse-not you Willie, but the others. Fail the bad drivers, they’ll get it together for a license!

This is terrible!

Welcome to California, now we’re gonna run your ass over.

Until these drunks that survive are left swinging from a tree limb, this will never go away.

I hope the punk rots in hell.

As long as it’s legal to drink and drive, there will be tragedies like this and worse.