Deputy stun guns patient at Templeton emergency room

July 5, 2011

Chad Gross

A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputy used a stun gun on a 19-year-old intoxicated patient at the Twin Cities Community Hospital Emergency Room on Monday. [KCOY]

Chad Gross, 19, of Camarillo was found unconscious at Lake Nacimiento and transported to the hospital. After he awoke, he started a disturbance and tried to leave.

Hospital staff called for law enforcement, but Gross still refused to cooperate. Deputies said they were forced to use a stun gun on him.

After hospital staff cleared Gross, deputies booked him into San Luis Obispo County Jail on a charge of drunk in public.


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Chad Gross, 20, of Camarillo was found unconscious……….


I agree with Mary Malone who is just trying to get the readers to think compassionately. A kid gets drunk, passes out and when coming to is agitated (could be a lot of good reasons for that). The harsh attitudes expressed here are amazing in their severity. And PP has a special case so that has no bearing on this, jeez!

This has become an irrational ‘stoning’ of anyone who calls for understanding and restraint. Though the kid is 19 that is still very young and he might even be immature for that age, who knows? And maybe he was a wild man and the cops had almost no choice, we don’t know about that. So all the stone throwing is not really accurate. But the memory failure of what they were like at that age for all the harsh posters here is alarming, the self righteous breast beating calling for the lynching of this young guy is a bit much.


Thanks, hotdog.

I think some of the incredibly harsh and judgmental opinions expressed here were–in part–due to the Media’s handling of the Casey Anthony trial.

Whether you followed the trial closely or not, it would be hard not to have been exposed to the coverage of it, especially the acquittal yesterday, and perhaps the very angry, biased coverage by the media whores afterwards. These “legal professionals,” humiliated by their 24/7 pimping of the prosecution’s case, and their nearly unanimous opinion based on the jury’s eyes and where they left their legal pads when they went in for deliberation–an opinion that turned out to be WRONG.

The media whores were anything but impartial. Indeed, they acted as sub-rosa agents for the prosecution, as did Judge Perry, who repeatedly ruled in favor of the prosecution on an issue and then, when the same issue came up for the defense, ruled against the defense.

I myself am involved in legal action and so spend way too much time with attorneys and their staff these days. And I have heard many shocked comments about Perry’s rulings.

The defense’s second attorney, Cheney Mason, after the aquittal came in, when he spoke to the press, practically the first word out of his mouth reflect my opinion of the media pimps like Nancy Grace and InSession.

Well, I hope that this is a lesson to those of you having indulged in media assassination for three years, bias, prejudice and incompetent talking heads saying what would be and how to be.

I’m disgusted by some of the lawyers that have done this, and I can tell you that my colleagues from coast to coast and border to border have condemned this whole process of lawyers getting on television and talking about cases that they don’t know a damn thing about.”

Then, as if the pre-acquittal’s efforts on the prosecution’s behalf by the media whores that wasn’t bad enough, after that, the same media whores who were proven WRONG by the jury, angrily and very unprofessionally vented their bile and humiliation by continuing to try to whip up the anger and fury over this trial. Nancy Grace was the worse, actually subtley, but repeatedly, calling for acting out in violence over the outcome of the trial–which had humiliated her and made her look like a fool.

My favorite comment of hers last night was this: In front of a group of people waving at the camera and trying to position themselves to be in the camera’s view, Nancy Grace somberly said:

“The devil is dancing tonight.”

So I think there was, even before the verdict, an air of frustration and anger at a woman based on the prosecution’s version of the story, which is the only version we’ve known for 3 years, until the opening statements by the defense. Some felt that justice was not served because the jurors would not convict a woman for murder, with the possibility of the death penalty, because she’s a liar and a slut.

And here comes a story about Chad Gross, a 19-year-old kid, drunk to the point of passing out, who comes to, may very well be still in a blackout state, and acts aggressively. Well, that is not surprising. As we’ve often seen, “alcohol + testosterone = asshole.” And the deputy who responded to the ER’s call, with all of the training and experience he has had, is unable to handle him with any less lethal way than using a stun gun.

What a perfect target 19-year-old Chad Gross turned out to be. And I don’t believe this will be an isolated case. I believe our country is on the verge of the outbreak of vigilante mobs.

If the public does not voice their anger at the media whores pimping this case into “the trial of the century,” and their willingness to send a woman to execution without sufficient evidence, then I believe the next trial like Casey Anthony’s may prove that Americans are no longer due the right to a fair trial. Now that the media whores know that ANY trial can be made into a casey-anthony trial by the manipulation of people via social media, the media whores will prove that Americans have the right to the kind of trial the media whores, and their gullible pimpable followers, want them to have.


Good post Mary, I’m tired of watching people strung up based on what the rest of us read in the press. I don’t believe that the Sheriffs needed to use a stun gun on that 19 year old runt who obviously would have been very weak at the time. LEO these day’s are just too fast to use extreme and unreasonable force, they often lose when they are challenged in a court of law.

Recently the Tribune ran a “biased article” about a woman who claimed rape at Cal-Poly. I joined in with the rest of (98% of) the locals accusing her of making things up because she was too drunk to remember. Then a reliable individual read the police and medical report. They told me that this woman had the sort of injuries that clearly indicated that she had been raped. When the injuries were described to me, I had no doubt that it was a rape and will not go into detail here. I am very sorry that I took her assailants side now that I know more of the details.

Yes, I followed a lot of the Casey Anthony case, apart from her behavior, there was no evidence. The jury did what they had to do regardless of whether they thought she was probably guilty of contributing to the demise of Caley. This is still the USA, thank God. In light of the evidence that was presented, I’m actually relieved to see Casey Anthony found not guilty and just wish that there had been more evidence, because we all know that she is guilty of more than just lying to the police. I would still rather see her go free than to see an innocent convicted.


Cindy, I don’t know that she is guilty (regarding Caylee’s death) to more than what the prosecution was able to present. I just don’t see sufficient evidence.

However, one thing that is coming out now is that the police and DA acted far too soon in arresting Casey Anthony. According to what I’m hearing amongst the legal community, it was not wise to lock her up so quickly, and on a charge of lying to police. Apparently, the police will get a Title “something or the other” writ which allows them to place wiretap devices. It may take some time, but eventually the accused on which the Title “something or the other” was given do end up providing enough evidence on wiretap to get a case strong enough to take to court with a more likely conviction.

I do know this: the prosecution, if they wished, could appeal the jury’s decision. However, I don’t know if a court would issue them a Title “something or the other” writ now, with the argument being if prosecution thought it would have benefited their case, they would have applied for it BEFORE they arrested her for lying to the police.

I also have a strong feeling that, eventually, information will come out that will clarify this and perhaps whomever did it will be brought to trial for charges related to the death of Caylee. Casey Anthony cannot be retried for murder, but there must be other charges she can be retried for.

See, I can see as much evidence for George Anthony having done it as I can for Casey Anthony. George Anthony’s connection to the police department cannot be overstated. We’ve seen the special treatment a local firefighter has received after nearly killing someone. The same kind of protection is given to retired police officers.

What I can’t get is why, whomever did it, put the body so close to the Anthony’s home. It looks like they were trying to set up the Anthonys (or, at least, one of them) for the blame.

This case is far from over, and, based on the verdict yesterday and my renewed faith in the jury system which can, and will, produce a verdict which is based on the evidence presented and the rules in the jury instructions, even if that verdict is unpopular to the media whores and their minions.

I also have faith in the LE investigators who quietly go about their business, with the patience to work a case that will not have the quick flash of conviction.

I believe that, if the prosecution and the State of Florida can get their act together, they will eventually be able to get enough information to sort it out.


Mary, It’s very rare that the PD investigators or a DA ever admit that they attempted to prosecute the wrong person. This case will never be solved until Casey talks. Do you believe that Casey Anthony doesn’t know what happened to Caylee? I agree that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Casey , not that she wasn’t guilty of some sort of gross negligence that resulted in the death of her child.

I don’t believe anyone but Casey knows what happened and I don’t believe tapping her telephone would have made any difference. I don’t think she ever would have told anyone about the facts other than to continue on with her fantastic story about Zany the Nanny (who never existed). Do you believe there was ever a nanny? Where do you think Caylee was when Casey used to say that Caylee was with her nanny? Not one single nanny ever came forward (or was identified) to say that they had ever cared for Caylee.

Regardless, it would appear that you and I agree on one thing, there wasn’t enough “hard evidence” to convict her.


I just want everyone to compare what happened to this 19-year-old extremely drunk young man and what was done to Ryan Manson, the SLO FD who nearly beat someone to death.

And then ask yourself why it is okay to tase a KID who is drunk and to do NOTHING to a serial violent-assaulting SLO firefighter.



First, you are comparing apples to oranges. Drunk in public and felony assault don’t make for very good analogies.

Secondly, who said nothing is happening to the SLO firefighter? You’re making that up to try and draw a comparison. The firefighter has been charged with felony assault. Do you know what that means? It’s means he’s looking at punishment of more than a year in a state prison. It means posting bail. It means dropping $25,000 on a criminal defense attorney. It means, if convicted, he’s lost his job and may very well never get another good job again because he’s a convicted felon. And this is just the criminal part. He’s going to get sued in civil court too. There goes another 50k in attorney’s fees and a possible money judgement of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars against him. So basically, if this firefighter gets convicted, his life is ruined. Happy now?


“First, you are comparing apples to oranges. Drunk in public and felony assault don’t make for very good analogies.”


You are correct. The treatment of Ryan Manson should have been FAR MORE SEVERE than Chad Gross received. However, because Manson is a SLO City firefighter, he was allowed to go home, sober up, destroy whatever evidence he needed to, call in to tell his fire captain the next day what happened, then meet with attorneys and union officials to get his story straight, BEFORE the SLO City PD, 5 days later, wandered over to his house to bring him in.

If anything, this proves more strongly that Chad Gross’s treatment was excessive force.


“You are correct.”

Why do you say I am correct agreeing that the two are not really comparable and then launch right back into a comparison?

I don’t know anything about the firefighter but isn’t his name Mason? Were the police there and just let him go? Was he drunk? How does it help for him to meet with the union? Again, I don’t know anything about it. I hope you do the way you’re talking details.


I am constantly amazed at how often a stun gun is used by law enforcement; does Roger actually have the line here that using a stun gun is just an easy out for LEOs in that there is no additional paperwork, unlike if he was wrestled to the ground and injured during a scuffle, there might be more paperwork? Roger may be right in his theory, but it sure sounds like the deputies were either timid about taking this young man down to be handcuffed or just being lazy. YES, the young man was completely in the wrong, I agree that it was fortunate that he did not get behind the wheel of a vehicle and possibly kill someone, YES, he should not have drunk himself into an unconscious stupor, and YES he was wrong to create a disturbance at the hospital; I completely understand all of that, but a stun gun on a 19 year old drunk who looks from his picture that he weighs maybe 150 to 170 pounds? Come on deputies, a stun gun was an inappropriate use of force.


Gosh, I read through these replies again and am stunned (sic ) at the ignorance here. A stun “gun” is just an electrical shock designed to temporarily disable and subdue a combative detainee. The physical contact alternatives (hands on) have the propensity to cause the detainee to injure himself more in these situations. It seems most of the bloggers here are against any use of force, but hey when the dude is told he is under arrest by a Peace Officer, it is his DUTY under the law to submit to that arrest. I say any injury sustained is the guys own fault if he resists.


Well, the standard procedure seems to be to use a stun gun rather than wrestling the little guy on the ground. Frankly, I can’t blame the officers because even a little lad like that can do injury to others and himself… and if he comes in mussed, well… this involves paperwork and possible hearings… while stunning him… simplifies things.

Amazing the path this kid has chosen for himself…


“Amazing the path this kid has chosen for himself…”


That’s something people say a lot when a question of excessive force comes up.

I don’t have a dog in this race, but I just want to say that, at 19 years of age, this young man hasn’t chosen much of anything for himself yet.

He’s still making decisions based on the decisions he saw his parents and others make. He’s living by his parents’ rules, big and subtle, whether he knows it or not.

IMO, it’s not until we are in our late 20s before we even start to reevaluate what we always assumed was “just how things have to be.”

There has to be a better way than using a stun-gun on a 19-year-old kid. With that much alcohol on board, the kid could have had a cardiac event.

I don’t mean to second-guess the deputy, but, really, that was the best choice he had? I’ll assume it was, but I hope they come up with better choices to teach their deputies in the future.


Hello rogerfreberg

I was told last year by an LAPD officer that the use of a choke hold (escalated from grampling with a susperct) is now considered an escalation to “deadly force” so tasering him might have been the correct that fit the circumstance.


My thumbs down fans are back

I must be doing something right

I wish they would post (in a share and learn sense)


Hey Chad,

hope you’re reading these comments. You’re a moron! An embarrassment to the human race.

Jack L

Chad is a world class dumbass………..wake up boy before it’s too late.


Yes, he’s a world-class dumbass. But that does not mean he needs to be hit with a stun gun because he’s drunk and acting like a dumbass.

How many times have you been drunk and acted like a dumbass?

I cannot believe how many people so eagerly embrace the police-state response to everything: brute force is not the only answer for all of life’s problems.

Everyone who is ragging on Chad…think back to your own 19-year-old-days…how many times were you drunk and a dumbass? How about if you were tasered everytime you were drunk and acting like a dumbass?


My 17 yr old son has a Facebook acct so I just asked him to look up this Chad guy. Sure enough, Chad has a public FB profile and he’s definitely a party kid. There are pics of him on his page passed out and another of him posing next to a pyramid of beer cans. This kid’s not even 21 & here he is, getting plastered at Lake Naci! I’m glad they caught him before he drove off and plowed his car into a family–like ours. We were also at the Lake on July 4 and jerks like Chad ruin a family holiday by drinking to the point of unconsciousness. What a loser. He’d better grow up or he’s gonna spend some time in jail before he’s even of legal drinking age!


I suppose your angelic 17-year-old son has never gotten drunk and acted like a dumbass. Let’s hope the next time he does, he gets hit with a stun-gun.

If you think that is true, then I have this Nigerian check I need to cash but don’t have a bank account in the U.S……


Yes MaryMalone, our boy IS angelic…but I suppose I’m biased.

He has epilepsy and MS and wasn’t supposed to make it to his teen years. He’s a sweetheart and we take care of him at home, though he has frequent stays in the hospital.

No, Mary, he’s never gotten drunk and acted like a dumba$$. Folks like you may see him during one of his seizures and think otherwise, though. He can’t help it. He looks different, talks different and behaves different. But no, he’s never gotten so plastered that he was a threat to other folks in the hospital.

His days consist of using his specially adapted computer, watching videos and going on walks w/the family. (He’s in a wheelchair but we say “let’s go for a stroll!” anyway)

So you can keep your Nigerian check, MaryMalone. Maybe you can cash it yourself.



Mary, I showed your rude post to my son and he called YOU a dumba$$. I told him to respect his elders but also smiled…a BIG smile.


Case closed.

Step back and put some parental distance between yourself and your child. He is not your bestest friend in the whole world. He is your son. Now, probably more than any other time in his life, is the time he needs a PARENT, not a friend on facebook, to help him through the difficult transition into being an adult.

Your encouragement of him to make a decision based on what someone put up on facebook–do you know how many men on facebook will tell you they have 10-inch penises?– about the possible use of excessive force on a 19-year-old kid who was drunk and not able to make clear decisions about his actions, is irresponsible parenting.

Any parent should regularly remind their children that people say about themselves online, especially on facebook!, may not be the truth, but is an image they want to project about themselves, an image they cannot achieve in the real world.

Your smug approval of him making another judgment about a poster online, about whom he knows NOTHING, not even who I am through my many posts here, is also very irresponsible. If this is your idea of good parenting, your kid is going to be unable to make sound character judgments because he has been encouraged to make judgments on insufficient or unreliable evidence.

If anyone is a dumbass here, it is you. Unfortunately, you appear to be raising your son to follow in your dumbass footsteps…and that is a problem for the rest of us.

Because, of course, as far as you are concerned, your child is angelic–even when acting like a dumbass.


Honey, you’re not biased. You are delusional.

I didn’t say that he got drunk and threatened people in a hospital. I said that he got drunk and acted like an asshole.

Unless you are with him 24/7, you don’t have a clue what he does when you are not around. The fact that you believe he is angelic and only does what he chooses to tell you he does, and the version of what he wants you to hear about it, might not be the best thing for your son.


Would you like some whine with that crow you’ve been served by PasoParent5? Do the gracious thing and apologize. Your accusation of PP5’s son acting like a “dumbass” was totally uncalled for. Who is the dumbass now?


Note that danika’s post was made before mine.

WHERE in the post to which you resond did I call PP5’s son a dumbass?

I did not call him a dumbass. I said his parent, who themselves have demonstrated themselves to be a dumbass, appears to be raising their son to follow in their dumbass footsteps.

Now you can apologize to me.


I have plenty of unflattering thoughts for this young man, but I really don’t know enough about the circumstances. I’m puzzled by the use of the stun gun, but again I wasn’t there so I don’t know why it was justified. But if he was agitated enough for a stun gun, I’m wondering what he had in addition to alcohol. So if they find additional substances in his blood, will they add additional charges?


Too bad he didn’t pass out in the lake. Would have saved us some money now and later when he really does some damage to someone. How proud his breeders must be.


Do you have kids? If you do, don’t be so smug to think your kids have not gotten drunk and acted like assholes. And if you don’t yet have kids, try to think of someone you care about who does have kids, and ask yourself–if he (and it is usually a “he,” isn’t it?) got drunk and acted like a dumbass, would you think the answer was to taser him?