Senate approves college aid for illegal immigrants

July 15, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown

Illegal immigrants would be allowed to get privately financed student aid administered by state universities and colleges under legislation approved Thursday by the state Senate and sent to Gov. Jerry Brown. [LATimes]

Brown said during last year’s election campaign that he would have signed similar bills that former Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had rejected.

The measure, AB130, is slated to give students in the country illegally the ability to receive scholarships and other private financial aid that is overseen by the systems of the California State University, California Community Colleges and University of California.

A separate bill that would allow illegal immigrants to receive publicly funded financial aid including Calgrants, has stalled in the Senate over its potential cost to taxpayers, the Los Angeles Times said.

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Do you understand what is really going on here, or do you think that Uncle Jerry is just being a ‘good guy’?

California college enrollments have taken a drop and all of the folks who predict future enrollments are pointing out the future of the California brick and mortar schools is questionable. Add to this the question in everyone’s mind: is it worth it?… and you can see the problem.

My guess is that ‘illegals’ would be treated like all foreign students and pay more… which helps the universities by putting butts into the seats, more revenue… and makes them look like a ‘good guy.’

So, is there a downside? Well, there is. One of the unanswered and undiscussable questions has to do with hiring practices of universities and admission policies of our universities graduate and doctoral programs. Check out how few AMERICANS your favorite university is admitting into their… say Ph.D. program… for example. I am all for training the world … but Americans should not be displaced to make room.

It’s all about money

Good theory, except illegal aliens don’t pay the higher nonresident tuition due to AB 540.

….and always has been.

Just another State entity flailing in it’s death throes instead of dying quietly with some honor. Example, the Ca. Dept. of Ins., The State Contractors Board, local planning depts. among others are all conspiring to cooperate by pushing numerous new regulations which serve noone but themselves. Huge new costs passed on to people using contractors coming. I just found out I’m gonna have to pay to have my AC unit tested regularly for freon charge, etc. to save power! At my cost!.This is job creation??

Roger, is that you? Are you finally hitting the lights? Keep it going, NOW, your talking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The issue of illegal aliens is an ongoing joke. Simply being here makes them illegal, so why doesn’t law enforcement or politicians do anything about the “problem”? Because the people in power are making money from the deal. Illegal aliens in schools is a less costly issue than illegal aliens in jail or the lop-sided salaries of university administrators or the current corruption in county and state government or the ongoing recession. The illegal alien issue is something tossed out there in order to create a frenzy so that out attention is kept off bigger issues.

So you got an illegal alien in college. Slam-dunk great idea for this state as these people will most likely graduate and become long-standing tax-payers. The out-of-state students will most likely go back to where they came from when they graduate. This is probably not the case for illegal aliens, who have to show that they’ve been here awhile before they can get into school.

I understand that this is privately funded money to illegals. The logic question is “if we know an individual is illegal and breaking the law then why is that person not prosecuted for the crime ? If we ignore the crime or think its trivial then why have the law. “

Frankly, I think this latest “scheme” by the Senate just “SUCKS”…Is there a comparable “handout” for Natural born citizens?? Of course, the funding comes from “we the taxpayers”,,,

Karen is really stirring up the pot with these articles lately.

I would much rather have a nation of educated people than a nation of uneducated people. What good does it do to have an uneducated population?

The universities are already reducing resident slots in favor of higher-paying non-residents. Either way, the universities will fill the slots. I’d rather it be California kids getting educated.

Typoqueen, you have to be kidding. What if they get deported? Is there going to be special legislation to allow them to appeal their case?

Taxpayer education dollars for felons. Following your logic, maybe we should import millions more illegal aliens and educate them with our tax dollars. More is better, right?

What a screwed up country!

Why stop with Mexicans? Why stop with education? Let them do whatever they want!

Let’s set up a committee right away for the recruitment of illegal aliens all over the world! We can fly them in from Africa, for example! No visa, no passport, nothin’. Just open the gates and your pocketbook.

We have to love the NAU. Once it’s in place, there will be no more illegal aliens. We’ll all be just one big, happy family! Then all our problems will be solved!

I would much rather YOU pay for the education of the illegals rather than me, Typoqueen. Feel free to do so at any time! IF they were here legally, I would be in full support. They are ILLEGAL…even by your definition, illegal IS still illegal, correct???

I’m in too much of a hurry to reply to everyone individually right now, I’ll try to tonight though. But I couldn’t resist you danika. I’m still waiting for a list of all those laws that you feel aren’t fair. Funny enough you keep arguing against laws and how we don’t need no stinkin laws, get the govt. off our backs bla bla bla,,,I guess that your strong belief doesn’t pertain to illegals. You do want that ‘law’ enforced. So much for your anti law rant the other day. Guess you won’t see the hypocrisy there.

In case I don’t have time tonight I’ll give a general responce here. I know a boy whose parents are illegal immigrants. This boy graduated last month with honors from AG and is going to a major university in the fall. I know this kid very well. His family is wonderful. His parents were educated professionals in Mexico, they came here to provide their kids with a better education and a better quality of life. This boy will make our country a better place. He will do something great one day and we are lucky to have him here. I’d rather this hard working kid get a good education than some of these spoiled entitled Poly Dollies and Polly Wogs that I see in SLO that are only going to college for the free ride from mom and dad and the parties. If a Hispanic kid works through the adversity that he must go through to get to the point of attending a university then all the power to him. Like African Americans in the 60s that Hispanic kid had to work twice as hard as his white class mates so all the power to him.

As always I must repeat this again. I don’t believe that we should allow people to just cross our borders illegally, we need to stop them at the border but until that happens we must make the best of what we have and do it in a way that will help our country not hurt it.

That’s what you’ve got now, Typo. A nation of people who want a degree and reject manual labor. And that required mass migration of people who’s country THIS ISN’t! The planted seeds of destruction.

God, lady, bust thru into the light anytime now. Go work on your family’s farm and keep an alien outa my hair for the next 20 generations to come.

The fallacy of ‘private” funds:

Accepting any student into a public university costs taxpayers. California offers some of the cheapest tuitions in the country which are handsomely subsidized by taxpayers.

AB 130 rides on the back of AB 540 which exempts illegal aliens from paying nonresident tuition. Nonresident tuitions were designed to reserve limited university space for California’s kids, and to reduce the taxpayer subsidy for those nonresidents who do get accepted. AB 540 subsidized illegal aliens and pushes California kids out of higher education.

AB 130 attempts to portray itself as a ‘no cost’ privately funded option, yet it will still enable more illegal aliens to take advantage of taxpayer subsidized education, stealing opportunity away from California’s kids.

In 2006, the Governor wrote about AB 540, “California has over 100,000 students here legally who apply annually for financial aid to attend college, and our state has limited funds available for this important purpose. While I do not believe that undocumented children should be penalized for the acts of their parents, this bill would penalize students here legally by reducing the financial aid they rely on to allow them to go to college and pursue their dreams.”

Similarly AB 130 penalizes California’s kids by taking from the available financial aid opportunities and reducing the number of open university seats that should be for our kids first.

Author, Gil Cedillo represents a large illegal alien district and has been pushing this activism for years. He finally got a governor to sign this theft from Americans.

So we, the taxpayers, have to pay for these illegals that dont pay taxes? Did I get this right??


There’s still displacing U.S. kids from getting into limited slots. Further, it says “scholarships AND OTHER private financial aid’. That is not the same thing as “private”. I’ll read the bill later and report back.

You read the article, they get instate tuition discounts,

Tell that to the parents whose kids are paying the full price, if my kid was paying the full price I would pull them out and have them return to their home state.

Robert1, and I predict that is exactly what those parents are going to do–return to their home states! There are other places to go to college! What will you do then, California state law makers, fill up those slots with STILL MORE illegal aliens????? You seem to have forgotten about our freedom of choice in our economic decisions! There will be reactions to this policy.


We await your answer.


This is insane.

You think this is insane, but you are in love with Lois Capps…….go figure.

Me?! In love with the loathly Lois?! In the name of all that is merciful and right, tell me you’re just razzing me, Gimlet!

Just great. And we wonder why California is in the hole so bad and all the while we keep cutting funds for our schools but fund all these programs for illegals.

read the article– tuition paying students-private funded scholarships – are you just a mean spirit nativist?

“…a mean spirit nativist….” Is that like a medicine man or something?

Georgie explains it in language you may understand,