Sheriff called to ruckus at Los Osos CSD meeting

July 11, 2011

Marshall Ochylski

Board president Marshall Ochylski summoned Sheriff’s deputies to help bring order to a contentious meeting of the Los Osos Community Services District on July 7.

Following a motion and a second to appoint Michael Wright to fill the director seat vacated by Maria Kelly, Ochylski said that he felt Wright should be appointed to the board.

Ochylski said Wright, of all the possible candidates, was the most like Kelly, who was elected by the people.

“I look at who is closest to director Kelly and that is Michael,” Ochylski said.

Kelly stepped down under allegations that she had a conflict of interest because of a previously hidden relationship with a county department head and that she had had been living outside of the district without giving up her seat as required by law.

In response to Ochylski’s comment, several members of the public erupted in anger. They questioned Ochylski’s stated reason for supporting Wright and his close connection to Wright.

Ochylski said he personally asked Wright to run for office. In addition, Wright helped with Ochylski’s campaign in the race against Bruce Gibson for the District 2 San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisor seat in 2010.

“I am going to clear the room,” Ochylski said in response to the public’s outrage. “I am serious, I will clear the room.”

At that point, the taping equipment was turned off and a ten minute recess was called.

Upon return, Los Osos district legal counsel Jon Seitz said he looked up board decorum rules during the break and warned the public to gain control or face being removed from the room.

“Members shall not engage in disorderly or boisterous conduct,” Seitz said. “Any person may be removed from the meeting.

“At my request the sheriff has been summoned to the meeting.”

In the end, the public quieted down, the board reconvened and appointed Wright to fill the vacant seat. About 30 minutes later, two San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies made an appearance.

CORRECTION: Wright helped with Ochylski’s campaign for supervisor, he was not his campaign manager.

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Board president Marshall Ochylski sounds like a real jack-ass. He appoints his campaign manager?? and then clears the room when people object?? just what the district needs, more drama.

Mike Wright will FIT RIGHT IN with the rest of the CORRUPT LOCSD & SLO COUNTY! It’s a well known FACT that he’s all for sole sourcing of contracts. He’s way to lazy to do things the correct way, he’d rather take short cuts & reward HIS CRONY’s with contracts, why bother going out to bid, when you can just hand the job over to your SUB CONTRACTOR CRONY & if you don’t get your way, you’ll hit the trail with your tail between your legs! He’s the biggest DOLT on the face of the earth!

“Ochylski said Wright, of all the possible candidates, was the most like Kelly, who was elected by the people. ‘I look at who is closest to director Kelly and that is Michael,’ Ochylski said.”


OMG. That’s not exactly a good reference, is it?

Well, if we were to be intellectually honest (I know, how boring), we might deem these words to mean Michael is the most similar politically to whom the public elected. But it’s much more fun to be devious and hyperbolic, and insinuating.

I highly doubt the people of LOCSD voted for Maria Kelly knowing she was a corrupt, pot-smoking, floozy who allows her kids to use drugs as long as its only on the weekend but, oops, one gets tossed out of school, anyway, for being high on meth, cocain and extz.

So Mary Malone, you’ve read an article or two about this and now KNOW that all the allegations in the articles MUST be true – so you feel comfortable in slamming Ms. Kelly?

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.

I relocated to Atascadero from Northern California in late 1998 and I have been hearing about Los Osos and the CSD ever since. It’s been interesting and caught my full attention in moments over the years but I haven’t ever been quite as amused with the circus style vitriol, at least not like I have been in the last few weeks, in fact it’s out right comical if not hysterical, at times. The “CSD Los Osos show” has a little of everything and with the added “Sex and the Los Osos Sewer” series in at the news stand along with the alleged pot smoking departed Director, her hand shaking (possibly incompetent) accountant boyfriend playing the Engineer and the Sheriff coming out to restore order at the board meeting’s, it’s just getting too good!

I doubt that I would find anything funny about this, that is if I was about to be saddled with a $2 hundred million sewer commitment, but the fact that this is about a sewer that has been the subject of contention for 20 years actually imparts a great deal of the humor to the existing bizarre atmosphere along with many of the participating talking heads.

Frankly, I can’t believe that any of you actually believe that you have to spend $2 hundred million to satisfy the demand of a sewer system installation. Even your accountant (engineer) has to know better?

I’ll say no more, the LO poop bill really isn’t any of my business and some people think that the “HUGE” poop bill is a good idea and I’m certain that half of LO would like me to shut up and put a lid on it. God Bless, for real.

Cindy, go over to and For some history on Los Osos.

Have to spend 200 million? Yes, And don’t start thinking you are safe from this kind of stuff because you live in A town, It’s a symptom of the problem that there is no consequences for lying to get elected.

“And don’t start thinking you are safe from this kind of stuff because you live in A town”.

Vagabond, 50% of the residential and the majority of the commercial properties in Atascadero have been utilizing our A-Town sewer system for several years. I’m currently on a reliable septic tank and I don’t think I’ll have to hook into the city sewer for sometime unless my tank fails or the gov mandates it for all residents (no doubt they eventually will) . But your right, eventually I’ll be laying pipe across my lot. I do feel for you folks down there, talk about a nightmare followed by a car jacking. I still don’t understand how this could happen to a bedroom community of 12,500. $200,000,000 (!!!!) make that two car jacking’s.

Vagabond, the fact that John Wallace, the County and Jon Seitz are involved in the sewer project would indicate that the project is far more expensive than it needed to be.

Cindy, I think some of LOCSD’s problems, and the cost of the sewer, especially since John Wallace has been involved in so much of it, could have been remedied long ago if the LOCSD had a “different” attorney than Jon Seitz.

We need the McKiernan Law Firm! Now those are EXCELLENT ATTORNEYS!

The PoPo was called in?


Now there’s something we haven’t even seen at OCSD Meeting!

That’s nothing, it’s happend previously. Even had the Chief (Basti) punch a citizen out and then get re-assigned elsewhere.

Au contraire! The Sheriff has been present at many an OCSD meeting, requested in advance. Not uncommon at potentially contentious Supervisor meetings as well.

Did the Sheriff get one of Maria Kelly’s red-hot home-baked meals, as well?

The public has no right to disrupt a meeting. If the move brought order, then it was proper, reasonable and right to do.

I have no doubt that Los Osans’ inability to govern themselves efficiently and conduct their community business instigated this matter. ABSOLUTELY, I’d have a Sheriff on hand at those meetings.

Brown Act (Gov. Code)


54957.9. In the event that any meeting is willfully interrupted by

a group or groups of persons so as to render the orderly conduct of

such meeting unfeasible and order cannot be restored by the removal

of individuals who are willfully interrupting the meeting, the

members of the legislative body conducting the meeting may order the

meeting room cleared and continue in session. Only matters appearing

on the agenda may be considered in such a session. Representatives of

the press or other news media, except those participating in the

disturbance, shall be allowed to attend any session held pursuant to

this section. Nothing in this section shall prohibit the legislative

body from establishing a procedure for readmitting an individual or

individuals not responsible for willfully disturbing the orderly

conduct of the meeting.

The move in itself, though legal and within the obligations of the board, did not restore order.

In fact it became it’s own bone of contention. I’m not disagreeing with you, it’s just that I know Los Osos.

Marshal should know Los Osos just as well. Still, he did not adjust his comments given the individuals present.

As far as for democratic representation; The individuals responsible for determining the replacement of a board member are the remaining board members. (A vote of at least three). As with all decisions of the board (other than closed session) the board considers public comment before voting.

On December 2012, (The end of the world Cycle of time by the Mayan Calander) all residents of Los Osos will be able to participate in choosing.

I largely agree with your assertions. I personally advocated for an election (instead of an appointment) when SLO Mayor Jan Marx stole the public opportunity for an election (by running for mayor from a safe seat). I was largely rebutted because of the costs incurred by an election.

California law requires mid-term vacancies to be filled by appointment until the next election; thus:

(1) District residents might have some legitimate outrage at Maria Kelly if she represented her residence fraudulently at the last election.

(2) District residents might be able to pass an initiative that would require elections instead of appointments (costly, and I’m not clear if California law allows it for special districts).

Since you know Los Osos well, perhaps you can elucidate whether the disruptive parties are representative of the community at large, or are some larger or smaller minority faction.

It is important to know if the Board action is counter to the community, or just counter to a small group of vocal megaphones. If the latter, then I definitely support the Board; but even if the former, the public has no right to disrupt legal public process.

SLORIDER: “(1) District residents might have some legitimate outrage at Maria Kelly if she represented her residence fraudulently at the last election…..Since you know Los Osos well, perhaps you can elucidate whether the disruptive parties are representative of the community at large, or are some larger or smaller minority faction.”


A. Wrong. That’s not how the law reads.

B. Did she challenge her ex-husband’s comments in the divorce proceedings that she’d been living with Ogren for much longer than that?

C. It doesn’t matter whether or not the angry people in the audience (and why you are taking the word of Ochylski and Jon Seitz as to it being “disruption”?) represent a majority of LO peeps. They were angry and they deserved to be heard.

For the record, what a weiner Ochylski is. He has to call the police to handle an angry audience?

A. You took two separate quotes and strung them together, so I can’t even tell what law you’re referring to, much less the one you think I’m referring to. Please explain.

B. Kinda makes my point on misrepresenting her residency, don’t you agree?

C. The people get public comment time to be heard. Beyond that is not their right. Disruptions need to be quelled and calling the authority charged with keeping public peace is exactly the way to handle it. Second, in a democratic republic, minorities do not control.

As you note, Marshal was coming from a perception that those who wanted Maria in ’08 would want someone of a similar appeal, to the same constituency that elected her. That is clear from the videotape. It’s worth watching. Many of the public speakers are very articulate. Listen to the public comment (general comment also, after the appointment). Bo makes a good case for the officers being unnecessary. If you don’t get channel 20, the Audiotape of the meeting (AGP Slo-Span) should give more info, though sometimes disruptions away from the microphones don’t get picked up.

The activists at the meeting represent opinions beyond their own. “How many beyond?” will only be clear in the next election(?) The members of the board are the individuals elected by majorities of the population and in this case are the legal decision makers. Are they in touch with what a majority of Los Ossans want NOW? That too is a matter of opinion.

No one here on the blog represents any subset of Los Osos voters, let alone Maria’s constituency. That is the only certain fact.

As for #1, it is moot because there was no question as to her residence in 2008, anyone could call you on that. There are specified time limits after a formal change of address. The qualification to be a Director would then lapse, irrespective of the voters. Had Maria sold her house earlier she would have had resign then anyway.

Alon, blah,blah,blah…You Love hearing yourself, get over it!

Ochyski, it’s a vote to replace a bad board member with a good one, not another bad one ,”…who is closest to Director Kelly..” Wow.

And then you think the citizens in the room should go to jail if they have an involuntary gut resposne to an insane and immoral recommendation like that?

See folks? and you blame Los Osans for raising hell now and in the past? Don’t hate us, pity us.

Justme, ITA. That one comment by Ochyski showed a HUGE reason why LOCSD peeps are as angry as they are.

I think we should open up a pitch-forks and lighted-torch concession in LO.

A voice of reason and non-violence might be preferred.

An ear of being able to recognize kidding might also be preferred.

For those of you that are outraged by this type of continuing conduct – get off the couch, channel your outrage, and circulate petitions to recall the board members. . . . . or this will continue.

The public can take back their government – but ya gotta work for it

The recall should start with Bruce Gibson. How any government leader OKd an amazingly costly sewer during the current financial crisis and under the corrupt local, county and state governments is beyond wonder. It’s corruption at it’s finest.

I’m outraged–at the disruptors!!

The Board has ABSOLUTE authority to conduct its business. Any person or group trying to censor, disrupt, or threaten has no business being in a public meeting and I’m pleased Los Osos has a Board willing to protect the People’s business from such disruptions.

You write as if the whole community agrees with you… $10 says they don’t. There was another faction of people at that meeting that felt differently. Both sides got a chance for public comment and to lobby their board representatives.

If the Board voted against your wishes, it is NO ONE’S PLACE to disrupt the People’s business. There are civilized mechanisms to deal with this— “ELECTIONS” You’ve heard of that??

Don’t mis-represent that government needs to be “taken back”… by who? Disruptive mobs? The People’s business shall be conducted orderly, and so shall elections and recalls.

QUOTING FROM THE ARTICLE: Ochylski said he personally asked Wright, a friend of his from church, to run for office. In addition, Wright served as Ochylski’s campaign manager in the race against Bruce Gibson for the District 2 San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisor seat in 2010.

“I am going to clear the room,” Ochylski said in response to the public’s outrage. “I am serious, I will clear the room.”


Didn’t you feel differently when the Oceano WWT facility board threatened to clear the room of “disruptors”?

The County and LO cronies have been allowed to pack the LOCSD board with even more cronies, with conflicts of interest GALORE.

What Ochylski and Jon Seitz–brother to the Oceano WWT facility’s attorney, Michael Seitz–describe as “disruption” by angry members of the audience is likely what people like you and I believe is “justified outrage.”

I’ve never been to a Sanitation District meeting, but disruptions cannot be tolerated. Public comment is the time to be heard. Better, you’ve got days before all meetings to lobby and politic.

Huh? It seems you think voters must spend their days, and nights, going to extraordinary lengths to get their elected officials to do the danged job they were elected to do.

Do you have 18 hours a day to police the people you voted into office? Here’s a clue: most people do not.

If anyone wants to understand the Los Osos sewer situation, I would highly recommend reading John Steinbeck’s “Winter of Our Discontent”

I would recommend Jan Potky’s “Manuscript found in Saragossa”

I recommend reading “To kill one bird with two stones”

Details the complete and utter worst in politics, the beginnings of cargo cults and the John Frum army.

Lest history repeat itself again and again.

To fully understand the Los Osos sewer situation, I would recommend Stephen King’s “The Shining”.