Maria and Paavo: Divorce papers allege long-term affair, drug use

July 11, 2011

Paavo Ogren


The For Sale sign, vacant driveway, and unkempt yard at the Los Osos house of Maria Kelly says a great deal about her current living situation.

The recent divorce filing of Kelly, a Los Osos Community Service District board member who resigned abruptly last month, among other things suggests details of two public officials allegedly failing to comply with residence laws and ethics rules.

Divorce records obtained by CalCoastNews support allegations that an affair between San Luis Obispo County Public Works director Paavo Ogren, a man helping to negotiate a bankruptcy settlement for the county with the Los Osos CSD, and board member Kelly did not start six months ago as the couple insists.

Maria Kelly

Kelly’s husband, Shaun Kelly, said he suspected the affair for two to three years, but was rebuffed until Maria Kelly announced she was leaving him for Ogren in July 2010.

Maria Kelly’s voting record on issues involving the district’s bankruptcy while dating Ogren has members of the district wanting her votes in closed session tallied and reconsidered because of a perceived conflict of interest. For years, Maria Kelly would speak strongly in favor of Ogren’s agenda while bringing home-cooked meals to closed session meetings for her fellow board members’ enjoyment.

The county is providing liquidity for the district’s bankruptcy. It has negotiated the procurement of the solid waste franchise, which amounts to $160,000 a year, from the Los Osos District board. After the district has paid off its debts, the county is slated to continue to receive revenue from the franchise.

While on the board, Maria Kelly advocated for the transfer of fees to the county.

As suspicions grew that she no longer lived in Los Osos, a requirement to serve on the board, Maria Kelly abruptly stepped down from her position as vice president of the CSD on June 17.

State and local laws require elected officials to step down within two weeks of changing their primary residence. Residency is determined by where a person primarily stays.

Maria Kelly’s decision followed a highly-publicized June 14 accident when Ogren’s son drove a car down a 20-foot embankment into the San Luis Creek with three other teens as passengers, including the Kelly’s eldest son.

Shaun Kelly has said he did not want his children in a car driven by Ogren’s son.

Maria Kelly claims she began dating Ogren about six months ago. Her former husband says she filed for divorce in July 2010 because of her relationship with Ogren.

Maria Kelly also contends she never moved out of her Los Osos home—a statement discounted by court documents filed by Shaun Kelly in May 2010.

“Maria moved out of the family residence in January 2010, ” Shaun Kelly says in the documents. “She moved back in March or April 2010. She used the converted garage as her bedroom until August 2010 when I moved out with the children.”

Currently, the custody agreement says that the Kelly children are to spend alternate weeks with each parent.

On Dec. 7, the divorce between Maria and Shaun Kelly was finalized. Shaun Kelly is now asking for full custody of their three boys, ages 16, 15 and 12 because of allegations of drug use by Ogren, Maria Kelly and both of their eldest sons.

Shaun Kelly alleges that Ogren and Maria Kelly are aware of the oldest Ogren sons’s use of methamphetamine, cocaine and ecstasy because of several drug tests, including a school test, of the young teen which resulted in his expulsion from school, according to court records.

Shaun Kelly has alleged that this use is allowed, if not condoned, when the children are staying with their mother and/or at Ogren’s house.

He writes in the documents, “(Maria) and I have different approaches to this serious issue. She has a much more permissive style — telling me that they should not use drugs at school but to confine their use of drugs to the weekends.”

The document goes on to say that one son justified such behavior by saying, “He knows of professional adults who use drugs and are successful.”

Additionally, the documents cite several text messages sent between the eldest Kelly child and a friend that suggest their son has reason to believe both Maria Kelly and Ogren use marijuana [several spelling errors corrected]:

Son: “I am pretty sure Maria smokes weed though.”

Friend: “No fucking way! That’s the greatest thing I have ever heard.”

Son: “That’s why she definitely smokes weed. Why else would she buy king-sized joints for Paavo to smoke by himself? I think not.”

Maria Kelly responded by blocking Shaun Kelly’s access to their children’s text messages, court documents say.

Asked to comment on the possible ethical failures and conflict of interest between Ogren and Kelly, county administrator Jim Grant responded by email: “Department heads, elected officials, commissioners and others are required to attend ethics and conflict of interest training every two years. Mr. Ogren attended this training on April 13, 2011.

“Additionally, department head contracts include a provision that, ‘as a public officer, the employee promises to maintain exemplary behavior, both during and outside working hours, so that neither he/she nor his/her relationship with the County shall become a source of discredit to the County, the County Administrator or the Board of Supervisors.’ ”

Grant recently launched an internal investigation into the conflict of interest allegations against Ogren.

Meanwhile, Ogren’s son is presently facing a felony drunk driving charge because of injuries incurred in the June 14 accident.

In addition, the parents of a 17-year-old girl who was injured in the accident asked San Luis Obispo attorney Jeff Stulberg to file a lawsuit against Ogren. The girl suffered a broken arm and a large gash to her back which required many stitches.

“Under California law parents are not vicariously liable for their children,” Stulberg said. “However, where a parent has good reason to believe that child should not be driving, they have unlimited liability.”

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What’s up with the creepy stone wolf in Maria Kelly’s picture?

My dear Mr. Ogren: You are clearly in over your head. Why not take the high road out of this mess and just resign your position with the County for “personal reasons”. That’s the ticket. I don’t think you have the support of the BOS . They are facing the angry hoards over budget issues, and will bail from your cause like fleas off a dead cat. You will go down, but they will feign ignorance and indifference.

You have engaged in many episodes of Los Osos “sleight of hand”. If this case/compaint would go to…oh, say the U. S. Attorneys office out of Los Angeles… what do you think they would uncover??? Is this worth gambling over the details of this perverted case or do you want to take this opportunity to walk and enjoy your life. Or do you want to have your children see your name splattered all over the media as you go down in flames? No doubt it will make for interesting reading, but it doesn’t have to be so.

Might be a good time for you to fold and get the frick out of town. Yah???

And Mr. Ogren should take your “advice” bearjennab because…………………………?

Please clarify for us – was what you said a threat? It sure sounds like it.

…and don’t forget to take Maria.

Interesting how Calcoast posted my reply, then poof! it was gone.

OK, I’ll try again.

Mr. Ogren should take your advice, bearjennab because……………………why? BTW, There is no case, just a complaint. So why would this go to the US Attorneys office in LA and why would they care?

Did you mean this as a threat? Sure sounds like one to me.

Me thinks you are too close to both parties to have an impartial view of what is going on. The possibilities of impropriety is too great to just dismiss.

There’s a feature called a “refresh” in most web browsers. When you inact it (usually by clicking on an icon or the word “refresh” in a drop-down menu, the latest version of the web page appears.

That comment was deleted by mistake and restored later, sorry for any confusion this caused.

attack the message not the messenger.


My!My! We’re all still talking about this. Charlie Rich said it best —“people love to talk. Lord, don’t they love to talk.”

ZZZZZ….(snort)…”conflicts”….”ethics”….”cronyism”…..are we at the conflict of interest, yet?….nope…still on the sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll….wake me up when we get to a statute, regulation or WRITTEN COUNTY POLICY which provides guidance as to when sexual relationships between employees becomes a conflict of interest, or contributes to the creation of a “HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT”…..I’m going back to sleeeee….zzzzzz.

Sorry, I couldn’t finish the article.

I just couldn’t care less about these losers and their pathetic lives.

I guess you find what you are looking for.

You saw “losers and their pathetic lives.” Out of all the issues, many of them having to do with government corruption and coverup, that’s all you see: “losers and their pathetic lives.”

I see quite a bit more than that. What I see in this article includes:

1. Huge conflicts of interest by the VP of LOCSD Board of Directors and the SLOCo Director of Public Works secondary to a long-term extramarital affair.

2. These conflicts of interest pertain to official actions taken by Kelly and Ogren which influence/benefit their own future/career/financial status, and/ or that of their affair-partner.

3. LOCSD has been involved in a sewer project for many years, and more recently the County has taken over the project and stands to benefit from their involvement in the project.

4. Ogren, as Director of Public Works for SLOCo, stands to benefit by the huge boost in his career secondary to his lead role in the County’s handling of the LOCSD sewer project. This may include a promotion, increased salary or other benefits, or his attaining a more lucrative position with another employer.

5. Kelly stands to benefit by using Ogren to raise her own professional profile, and to–as the woman with whom he is having an affair–share in the benefits Ogren receives from her covert, and illegal, actions on his behalf.

6. Using her position as VP and member of the LOCSD BOD, Kelly has repeatedly pimped Ogren’s “vision” for the sewer project, including, but not limited to, the LOCSD BOD members and the SLOCo Board of Supervisors.

7. Kelly has, on multiple occasions, pimped Ogren’s sewer “vision” before the SLOCo Board of Supervisors, using her position as VP and LOCSD board member.

8. On multiple occasions, right before a vote pertaining to a SLOCSD BOD vote on an issue that had to do with Ogren’s sewer “vision,” in closed session, said pimping by Kelly of Ogren’s sewer “vision” included her plying the LOCSD BOD with “home-cooked meals,” while she was vocally encouraging the other BOD members to vote for Ogren’s sewer “vision.”

9. Kelly did not recuse herself from voting on any of the LOCSD/County sewer project-related votes.

10. Kelly consistently voted, as LOCSD BOD member (and VP), in favor of Ogren’s sewer “vision.”

11. Kelly and Ogren have attempted to coverup the affair, and the many conflicts of interest that resulted secondary to them not making a public disclaimer and excluding themselves from any and all actions having to do with the LOCSD/County sewer project.

12. Kelly did not inform the LOCSD that she had moved in with Ogren, and was, therefore, no longer living within the LOCSD boundaries.

13. Kelly and Ogren attempted to coverup the fact that she lived with him when she was VP and member of the LOCSD Board of Directors. One of the requirements for being a LOCSD BOD member, or VP, is the member has to live within the LOCSD boundaries.

14. By Kelly living with Ogren (outside of the LOCSD boundaries) she violated one of the conditions of her being a member and/or VP of the LOCSD BOD. Therefore, she was not qualified to be a member of the BOD, and certainly not the VP of the BOD.

15. By Kelly living with Ogren, the many conflicts of interest that relationship involved rendered her unqualified to vote for any issues having to do with the LOCSD/County sewer project, and any other project or issue in which Ogren was involved.

16. Therefore, any actions she took during that period of time where she was not qualified to hold the position of VP and/or member of the LOCSD BOD is not legal and binding.

17. The votes taken by the LOCSD regarding the LOCSD/County sewer project, in closed session, when Kelly pimped Ogren’s sewer “vision” by providing home-cooked meals to the LOCSD BOD may also not be legal and binding, because her efforts to sway their votes pro-Ogren with meals may be considered her exchanging something of value for the BOD’s pro-Ogren votes.

18. To straighten this out is going to require even more money and effort to resolve, causing further disruption to the LOCSD community.

19. A SLOCo investigation is already underway, costing taxpayers even MORE money, and adding additional disruption to County administration.

20. All of the votes Kelly made while a LOCSD BOD member/VP will need to be reviewed by qualified law-enforcement officials to determine whether the result of the vote must be overturned, and a new vote taken.

21. Investigations will have to be undertaken for both Kelly and Ogren.


Did I miss anything?

And all you saw in the article was losers with pathetic lives?

A serving of casserole, “may be considered her exchanging something of value for the BOD’s pro-Ogren votes.”


MaryMalone, you saw what you wanted to see in the article, not what was actually there. Where did it say Maria moved in with Paavo? You personally don’t like Maria or Paavo, we get it already!

1. Sorry, there is no price-of-worth limit on what is used to buy the votes.

2. How do you know those meals were all casseroles?

3. I don’t know either Ogren or Kelly, so “liking” them is not an issue.

4. Nice attempt at a “blaming-the-messenger” attempt.

5. For the record, I’m against any and all corrupt officials.

Well, why don’t you just ask Chuck and Steve what the meals were, they should be able to tell you. Ask them if they sold their votes for a scoop of tuna & noodle.

Keep digging that hole for yourself MaryMalone. Pretty soon you will be in so deep we can’t even hear you shouting your venom.

Only a corrupt person would suggest that, to find out information about allegations of corruption of a CSD’s BOD, to ask two of the members of the BOD about it.

You see, their answers might be impacted by the MASSIVE conflict-of-interest problem they have, seeings how they were two of the BOD members who were fed and proselytized to by Maria Kelly (about Ogren’s sewer vision), right before votes were taken on the issues related to the sewer.

As much as I may disagree with some of the sewer opinions of Chuck and Steve, I would never, never even think that either of them would stoop to be influenced in their voting on sewer issues by a serving of casserole – or even many servings. What you suggest is absurd and in fact rather mean. Have you ever talked to either of them in person? Would you say these things to them if you were face to face with them?

Just what sewer issues did the CSD board vote on BTW, do you even know?

Says the poster who owes her BIG POSITION on the LOCSD subcommittee to Maria Kelly, and who has been one of the most zealous supporters of Kelly.

You really think, with your conflict of interest with Kelly, that your opinion on the reliability and credibility of an elected official carries any weight at all?

First, what has been proven against Maria? Nothing.

Second, it isn’t an LOCSD sub-committee. It is a LOCSD committee.

Third, the entire board agreed to put me on that committee, Maria wasn’t even present as she had already resigned.

Fourth, you are entitled to your opinion, others are entitled to theirs. My opinion carries whatever weight it carries. Check the “Like” and “Dislike” marks by our comments to see where these particular readers place our opinions.

Lynette is wrong again. Before serving on the Emergency Services Committee, she was on the Utilities Committee as an alternate and Maria served as chair.

This is the stuff she won’t tell you, Mary.

TheFacts is trying hard to make a case. We were talking about the present.

Yes, over a year and a half ago ago Maria put me as the alternate on the UAC. I am also presently on that committee and Maria did NOT appoint me, another director did.

For someone who says they don’t know Maria, you sure sound like you do, MM. Have you wondered what this would feel like if you were the subject of this article? I am appalled at the all the hate that seems to spew from Los Ososians posts! From what the ex husband says, he sounds like a nightmare to live with, not to mention potentially scary!. Throwing the Mom of your kids under the bus like that! Please think of the Kelly children before posting mean comments. This is no way to treat other people, its below the belt. Some folks need to “Piper” down and get a friggin hobby or life. Also, the air in LO stinks due to failing septics! Truth!

You might want to ask Maria Kelly about that. She is the one who committed fraud against the LOCSD by living with Ogren, outside of the LOCSD boundaries, thereby making herself unqualified to be on the BOD of the LOCSD, and, therefore, making all of the issues upon which she voted invalid.

I have ethics. I also don’t need to sleep with someone to get something I want.

So, if you have issues about what it feels like to be the subject of an article about what Maria Kelly did, then you should talk to her about it..

Maria does not live with Paavo. Where does this article say that? Why are you making up lies?

Lynnette, try to keep up with current events.

It has been mentioned in previous articles.

Also, before you accuse someone of being a liar, look to your pal Maria Kelly.

I would be careful about being to closely associated with her. You know the old saying, “When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

So “previous articles” are your source of information? Online newspaper articles? That is your source for “current” events? Yeah, that’ll stand up in court all right!

PS – The current sewer project is not going to be stopped, so why don’t you quit with your angry rants before you get yourself into trouble.

Again, having to stoop to “attack the messenger” tactics.

Which of what has been published at CCN do you challenge?

Please provide your source for the information in your challenge, too.

I am challenging what YOU MaryMalone are taking away from these articles and also what was left out by the authors. You are extrapolating events and relationships, claiming them as true from CalCoast’s speculations.

Did CalCoast get an interview with Maria? No. Did they state that Maria refused to talk? No. Did Maria’s testimony in court get quoted? No.

Here are some quotes from YOU MaryMalone,

“12. Kelly did not inform the LOCSD that she had moved in with Ogren, and was, therefore, no longer living within the LOCSD boundaries.14. By Kelly living with Ogren (outside of the LOCSD boundaries) she violated one of the conditions of her being a member and/or VP of the LOCSD BOD. Therefore, she was not qualified to be a member of the BOD, and certainly not the VP of the BOD.

15. By Kelly living with Ogren, the many conflicts of interest that relationship involved rendered her unqualified to vote for any issues having to do with the LOCSD/County sewer project, and any other project or issue in which Ogren was involved.”

Where did CalCoast say that she moved in with Ogren? They didn’t and she didn’t. But here you are saying she did. What is your source?

Why dont YOU ask Maria? It seems like a dose of truth wouldn’t hurt you. You keep repeating ethics, are you hoping to get some soon? Please, enough with the casseroles already!

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Looks what happens to a sleeezy government official who is guilty of conflict-of-interest charges…they get charged with a FELONY….AND, not only are conflict-of-interest statutes “unforgiving,” but cronies on the city council (equivalent to a BOD) say they weren’t aware it was a conflict of interest doesn’t have any impact on whether or not the person being charged of the FELONY count is guilty.



July 16, 2011


The felony charges against Donal O’Callaghan involve the hiring of his wife as a contractor for Vernon.

“…O’Callaghan’s attorney, Mark Werksman, described the conflict-of-interest law as ‘unforgiving’ and ‘hard to get around.’ He said his client was upfront with the Vernon City Council and city attorney about his wife’s work for the Vernon Light & Power Department and that none of them realized her employment was illegal….

[Los Angeles County Deputy Dist. Atty] said that like Malkenhorst, Malburg, the longtime mayor and grandson of one of Vernon’s founders, got in trouble for acting as if he were the “CEO of a company.” Malburg was convicted of lying about living in Vernon when he actually lived in a mansion in Hancock Park….

…’The idea that that he had to live in Vernon seemed like a silly technicality to him, so he created a fake movie set of a residence in the city,’ Huntsman said. ‘That’s what leads to the criminal problems there.’ …..

….’The law is very clear in what it defines as criminal and not criminal, regardless of what is unethical or improper or a horrible practice for a public agency,’ Huntsman said. ‘The law says you commit a conflict of interest when you make a decision … which you have a financial interest in.’…


You spend a LOT of effort defending Maria Kelly and Pavvo Ogren from their multiple conflicts of interest which lead to corruption of the voting process at the LOCSD.

Again, don’t blame the messenger. If you don’t like what has been reported about Kelly-Ogren, then talk to them about it. If they would have kept their hands out of each others “business” and not, instead, used their relationship to profit each other, they would not be attached to the corruption with which they are now accused.

As Frank Zappa wrote/sang, “Do you love it? Do you hate it? There it is, the way you made it.


Lynette Tornatzky, a friend of Kelly’s, defends Kelly so much that she even slanders people who disagree with her positions. At the July 7 LOCSD meeting, when Tornatzky was nominated to the Emergency Services Committee, she said disparaging comments about Bo Cooper, a long-time critic of Kelly and the County project (click here to download the audio of the meeting).

She said this about Mr. Cooper after she took issue with his wife’s statements about the LOWWP Rates & Charges ordinance: “Lacy opined yesterday that if you took the vacant lot owners out of the equation, it was a 25% protest. We know she has accurate data from which to make that assumption – NOT! I think she was just trying to make all those who worked so hard to ruin for the rest of us feel better about falling so short on their goal. Lacy should just stay home and take care of her dying husband, who should be dead anyway.”

Kelly got Tornatzky appointed to the LOCSD sub-committees despite complaints made about her to the board. It’s not my style to personally attack, but I won’t, so I leave it up to the readers to judge for themselves.

“It’s not my style to personally attack.” Hilarious! How is your barb even related to this discussion?

You have referenced a statement made by Mrs. Cooper quoting a blogger with a moniker. (Why have you provided us with no link to that statement? How do we know that is what was even said?) Then you have made the assumption that it was me. Pretty flimsy “evidence.”

Kelly didn’t “get” me appointed to anything. The Board makes the nominations to the committees. Maria was off the Board for my last committee appointment (ESAC), and she did NOT nominate me to the prior committee either (UAC), she nominated someone else.

The only person to lodge a complaint about me to the board was Aaron Ochs. And we all know his opinions on anyone supports the County and the County’s project. So now we see again how low the opponents to the County will go to try and crash the project. Your tries look pretty foolish.

Aaron wasn’t the only person who filed complaints. Quite a few people did, including myself. By the way, The Tribune was so kind enough to show that this person, Lie_Detector, who made those really deplorable comments, was registered to your personal e-mail address ( Flimsy evidence, indeed. Their comments system shows the moniker and the e-mail address of the commenter. That’s really bad, Lynette. I think it stinks. Lacy called you “vile trash,” and to lie to people on this blog about what “Lie_Detector” clearly said, it is trashy.

My comment and the one after it vanished. Very strange.

TheFacts, why should we believe what you post, you don’t even use your real name.

I take a dim view of badgering a user about their user name, Address the issues of the story please.

“The Facts,” I interpreted our intrepid mod’s comment about dim views on badgering others about their real-life names to be directed at Lynnette (it is a direct reply to Lynette’s post).

Obviously, if someone uses their rea-life name to post, they really don’t have much reason to complain when someone criticizes them about what they have done while using their real-life name.

Just my opinion…your mileage may vary.

Thanks for the 411, “The Facts.”

I’ve run across a few postings by LT on other blogs and boards.

I cannot believe the LOCSD BOD allowed her to have any position with the district.

Unbelievable. Don’t the directors realize she represents LOCSD? Do they know what she says on message boards and blogs to other people?

With every one of LT’s posts, I am getting a clearer picture of what has caused so many of LOCSD’s problems. Absolutely amazing.

You should send the posts you find to LOCSD Director Vogel. He’s looking into it now.

Good advice. LOCSD has enough problems with the Kelly/Ogren scandal. That CSD really doesn’t need to have to overcome Lynette’s poor representation of the OCSD, as well.

What do you think? Should I include her other screen names, as well?

I think you should, yeah. Here is a list of nicknames that Lynette uses.

* Sewertoons (commonly used)

* sewercrazed (used from 2006 to late ’07)

* Mythbuster (current pseudonym)

* Lie_Detector (retired pseudonym,

I had no idea that she had all these nicknames until recently. They all sound a lot like her too. Why go through all the trouble?

According to my dashboard view and Email account at least one item your list is in ERROR…….. the main reason I delete

speculations about user names. if you have questions or comments Email please

THE FACTS, thanks for the screen-names.

I don’t know if it is true with LT or not, but some who use multiple posting names will only use certain ones on certain message boards or blogs.

Why people do it? I think they want to make people (falsely) believe that their opinions are supported by a lot of other posters, and that they has a lot of posting friends. The “thumbs-up” / “thumbs-down” here would, IMO, help promote this type of Multiple-Screen-Name Disorder (MSND). However, if someone has MSND it may be only one person (the MSNDer) who is clicking on the buttons using many different screen names– , the number of people who “like” your posts is easily indicated, and easily seen by other posters.

Also, I if someone wants to say something that would reflect badly on one of their main screen names, they may switch to another screen name just so the “reputation” of their main screen-name identities isn’t tarnished.

When I was a mod for the ACLU boards many years ago, I started an “anonymous” folder (all new posters in that folder were assigned an “anonymous” screen name with a number after it; i.e., “anonymous15”). The topic of the folder was, “Do you have multiple screen names? If so, why?”

Mostly (as I remember), the reasons were as I described above. However, since then society has changed quite a bit and, since it has been many years, those reasons may no longer be valid.

The other reason for using multiple screen names that came up a lot in that folder was “Because I have an online girlfriend and don’t want my wife to know.”

It’s just amazing. The whole thing is amazing. Many people in my community knew Maria and Paavo were an item, but until recently, I didn’t realize how some people like LT have bent over backwards to defend them — almost like shouting them down. I’d love to ask LT at the next LOCSD meeting, “Did you have a fling with Paavo too?” I’d love an answer to that.

Probably more likely it is Maria…she’s the one LT defends the most.

MM why do you have so much interest in this if you dont even live in LO? Now, Frank Zappa quotes? Time to wrap it up! SERIOUSLY!

Again, please discuss my opinions. Your opinion about me as a poster is not the topic of this folder.

You seem to have issues with Frank Zappa. What are the reasons? Why would you question him as a source for a quote?

Hey MM,

Here’s something to consider for your list.

Paavo publicly supported Maria Kelly’s campaign 2008. He helped Kelly erect signs like the one that read “Leadership we can trust” on South Bay Blvd. and LOVR on realtor Leon Van Beurden’s property. He was even at Los Osos Oktoberfest in 2008, wearing an “Elect Maria Kelly” t-shirt.

And to those who scoff at the idea she has a conflict of interest with the sewer, here’s some information worth chewing on. Maria was quite popular after losing her first CSD campaign in ’06. After getting appointed onto TAC, she promoted the County sewer at community events, and helped spread the word about the sewer’s “benefits,” including at ECOSLO’s Coastal Clean Up day, when other community volunteers told her to “shut up” about it. She actively tried to sway the public to vote “Yes” on the 218 assessment, and even admitted at BOS meetings that she won the 2008 CSD election because of her support for the project.

It’s social engineering.

TF, thanks again for the information.

The fact is, there is no telling the extent the LOCSD/County sewer project has been corrupted by Ogren/Kelly (and others, but they are the ones caught with their hands in –whatever–right now) and their conflicts of interest.

I don’t think Maria Kelly is very bright, but one would think someone in Ogren’s position would be a little more cautious.

The reason I posted the link about the politician in Vernon who got popped for conflicts of interests is that he also was convicted secondary to living outside of Vernon.

Ogren, Kelly and their supporters seem to think they are above the law–as did the fool in Vernon–but they are not. They are simply medium-sized fish in a very, very, VERY small pool.

I was there and Paavo DID NOT! You are making stuff up again. Show us a picture of Paavo putting up signs or him in a T-shirt at Oktoberfest why don’t you?

Maria won the election because those of us who support a sewer supported her with our votes. She was 38 votes from winning the election in 2006. She had many more votes the next time she ran in 2008. You can call it what you like, but we voted, and she won.

PISMO 20 SAYETH: “I also wonder if SLO police department is giving the kid a break because his dad is Paavo?”


The likelihood of that is probably as big as the likelihood that the SLO City PD would give a viciously violent SLO City firefighter five days to get drugs and alcohol out of his system and destroy all the evidence of his latest assault, which nearly killed a man.

Or…it’s probably as likely as the County “investigation” of Ogren actually being Ogren sitting on one side of his desk and asking a question, then running around to the other side of his desk and answering the question.

Mary, THAT thought came to my mind when the news of the accident broke! I said it before & I’ll say it again, the episode involving Paavo & Maria’s kids WILL INDEED BE SWEPT UNDER THE RUG by the County of SLO, the cops, the DA & on & on, but rest assured, the kid will NOT face the consequences of his actions & THAT is unfortunate because if it had been YOU KID or MY KID, they would be sitting it out in the SLO COUNTY SLAMMER…