Arroyo Grande brothers tied up during home invasion

August 15, 2011

Deputies are searching for two men who forced their way into a rural Arroyo Grande home on Sunday evening and tied up two brothers before robbing them.

Two men wearing bandanas stormed into the house on the 2300 block of Callender Road after one of the brothers answered a knock on the door. One of the suspects struck one of the brothers over the head with a gun before the suspects tied up both victims.

Deputies said the robbers made off with cell phones and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Any persons with information are asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 549-7867. A $1000 reward is being offered for information about the incident.

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You don’t just find yourself up on Calender road, breaking into a house randomly. 99% chance they were looking for something in particular and had reason to be there.

Watch and learn when after the investigation when the rest of the story comes out.

There is a BIG difference with owning a gun put out of reach, to having it on you all the time with a permit to carry concealed.

The most important thing I see is that these two brothers were NOT killed (easily) after being bounded and robbed.

Even in california you can carry loaded, open or concealed on private property.


Good point, but a few steps to chit chat with a neighbor, or to go to my car parked in the street, I would be illegal (being law abiding).

A concealed weapon is only a misdemeanor anyway…better safe than a statistic.

correct, Willie know your boundries and within the law

I would never allow someone to tie me up if there was anyway that I could help it. I’d rather be shot in the back while making a mad dash for my own loaded weapon.

The trick to dealing with someone pointing a gun at you is to move in close, grab the gun and force it back towards his head in and upward motion breaking the index finger and discharging the weapon into the air, then then take the gun rack the slide back and look for his buddy.

I wish I knew who the brothers were, are they minors? I wonder how old they were. How is the bro that was conked on the head, was he hospitalized?

The second amendment covers this very issue.

Be prepared, be armed and be ready to protect your loved ones, the sheriff is at least 45 minutes out…

Indeed! Armed to the teeth!

I gave you a thumbs up. I don’t know why anyone would thumbs down on this comment.

” I don’t know why anyone would thumbs down on this comment.” The saddest part to me is that you “don’t know” why anyone would disagree with the proposal to arm everyone; I don’t want to take your guns away, I don’t want to further restrict anyone’s ability to purchase legal firearms if they are currently eligible to do so, BUT having a firearm is not the answer for EVERYONE. Perhaps these two brothers were minors and cannot legally own a firearm yet; perhaps if they had had a handgun and went to retrieve it they would have gotten shot in the back, perhaps if they had had a handgun that too would have been stolen. I understand completely that some want to be able to “protect themselves in any and all possible means, but not everyone is suited for handling a firearm. Some would even go so far as to suggest that if an intruder was shot and killed, they would have no problem with that, and that is also a very sad statement, IMO. It is about being sensible in owning and handling a firearm, and if one cannot be sensible about it, perhaps owning a firearm is not the best solution for them. Certainly we can all agree that everyone should be very careful about whom they open their front door for and use caution when dealing with someone you don’t know when they are at your front door.

Statistically people simply don’t use guns for self defense. In this country there is almost as many guns as people perhaps even more and yet very few gun deaths are from people defending themselves from perps so a lot people need a reality check on the old ‘we need guns to defend ourselves’ cr@p. We have the most slack gun laws than any industrialized country but that’s still not good enough for the right and still good people (and a lot of kids) are dying from gun deaths..

We need stricter laws. I don’t want to take guns away from safe honest smart people. I want to take guns from stupid, suicidal, careless people and criminals. That can be done, it’s done in other countries so it can be done here. Any jackhole can go to a gun show and buy guns without any background check or cooling off period. Guns should be for sport and most people that buy them for defense are simply fooling themselves.

I don’t really care about the thumbs down thing, I get the whole silly thing. But in a debate like this I would honestly like to see what I’ve said that others can argue against. Basically my post was about statistics, reality, so I suppose it’s too hart to debate reality so it takes no brain power to just hit the ole thumbs down. But geez, you’d think that at least one out of fourteen could counter what I said.


I was almost a stastistic about 30 years ago. when i heard the sound of breaking glass at my back door i grabed a .22 caliber rifle and put 1 round in the upper door frame right where i wanted it to go i heard the guy say SH@t he ran away. A trip to the hardware store for new glass, wood putty and paint, end of story

Stop, I’m glad that you were able to prevent yourself from being a stat, I have no problem with that and I respect that. I have no problem with gun ownership. I simply want to make sure that the people that buy them know how to handle them and have time to cool down when purchasing them. People shouldn’t simply be allowed to walk in and out of a store/gun show to buy a gun because they just got into a fight with their neighbor or they want to kill themselves. Statistically (I know people hate that word) people won’t shoot themselves or their neighbor if they have time to think about it, yes it will still happen but not as much. There are a small amount of people that have been able to protect themselves from intruders but its very small. There are more people killed accidentally, murdered or killed by suicide than those that have protected themselves and the number difference is huge. and that’s what bothers me. I’ve owned guns, I used to teach gun safety, I used to shoot skeet at least 5 days a week. I just think that people need to understand that in reality if they are buying a gun for protection that the gun won’t be used for protection and that they are more likely to accidentally hurt themselves than protect themselves. I’m not making that up, it is a fact, it is true. As I said IMO people should be told/taught that guns should be for the most part for sport not for protection.

You are a little out of touch. You can’t in California go into a store and walk out with a gun. You have to go through a background check that takes from 10 to 30 days. If you purchase a handgun you have to take and pass a safety course, which includes qualifiing at a shooting range. If your caught even privately selling a firearm at a show without a background check you can be fined


My thumbs up was for typoqueen’s first reply. But since i struck a nerve, i do understand that some people have a physical limitations witch prevent them from using a gun and must rely on loved one’s and trusted friends to help them in this area. Then their are people who just don’t want one and I’m fine with that, you can count on your gun owning friends to come to your aid, put that friend on SPEED DIAL. As far shooting someone in self defence to protect my family I would, At least I hope I could.

This is getting out of hand with these brazen invasions!

Keep your doors locked and don’t open them unless you’re absolutely positive who is on the other side.

You’re right, these invasions are brazen but often the doors ARE locked. Many times the perps know the victims and just kick in the front/back door. We had one of these in Paso a while back. The criminals burst through the locked front door, tied the guy up and knew exactly where to look in the house for guns & cash. Definite druggies!

What do drugs have to do with tying someone up and raiding the house for guns and cash?

It’s not rocket science. Druggies do drugs. Drugs cost money. Cash buys drugs. Guns can be sold for cash. Get it?

I hope the brothers are okay. Incidents as brazen as this bother me. I do wonder if there is more to the story.

@Side_Show_Bob – It is pretty sad when we have to be fearful about who might be knocking on our doors. It wasn’t like this when I was a youngster. I like guns, but what’s the solution here, a gunfight in the living room? A secure entryway where visitors are strip searched?

@Typoqueen – There are laws designed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. You notice how well they are working, right? There are also laws that take the guns away from people who appear to be suicidal. How do we keep the guns out of the hands of those who would misuse them and not take them from people who use them properly? There isn’t any magic formula that removes guns from every person who would misuse them, not without taking them away from the other group too. Again I suggest that criminals don’t care about laws against carrying guns.

Did you read my link? There are gun control laws in other countries that work, there is no reason that they couldn’t work here. BTW what laws do we have to keep the guns out of the hands of crazy/suicidal people? I just read about a case in AZ where a nut bought a gun from a gun show and shot his girlfriend. There was a restraining order against him. What are these laws? You’d think that at the flip of a switch or simply phone call that they could have found that this guy had a restraining order against him.