Snoop Dogg in SLO Tuesday night

August 9, 2011


The “Doggfather” of rap Snoop Dogg will perform to a sold-out crowd at SLO Brewing Co. Tuesday night as one of the stops on his “Doggumentary Tour,” and his first stop on the Central Coast in more than a year.

The tour has already taken Snoop Dogg around Europe, and now, he is back in the U.S. to promote his new album “Doggumentary,” which was released in March. Specifically, the rapper will once again drop it like it’s hot to a sold-out crowd on the Central Coast.

Concert-goers can expect to hear songs from the new album, on which he collaborated with anyone from country singer Willie Nelson to singer/pianist John Legend to fellow rapper R. Kelly.

However, concert-goers can hope Snoop Dogg will rap verses from the songs which made famous, such as “Gin & Juice,” “Ain’t No Fun” and, more recently, “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and “Sensual Seduction,”

The Long Beach, Calif.-native Snoop Dogg made it onto the rap scene in the early 90s and soon saw his popularity grow after collaborating with rapper Dr. Dre and forming his own group, The Dogg Pound. He has since become a rap icon with 11 studio albums, more than 10 Grammy nominations and multiple collaboration songs with anyone from Kanye West to Katy Perry.

Snoop Dogg is known for more than just his rapping, though. The rapper/family man also spends much of his time and money supporting charitable organizations, such as the Save a Life Foundation and coaching in his own Snoop Youth Football League.

The Snoop Youth Football League started in Long Beach, Calif., to offer stronger support systems, via teams and coaches, to youths growing up in potential high-crime areas. The league encourages participants focus more on excelling in such aspects of life as sports and education rather than the streets.

Recently, on July 30, Snoop Dogg launched a chapter of the league in Chicago. There are also eight chapters in California, as well as one in Las Vegas.

“I want to give them something to fight for,” Snoop Dogg recently said about the league. “At the end of the day, they’re our future.”

Those who attend tomorrow night’s show might not see the philanthropist side of the rapper, but they will experience his talent live in an intimate setting.

SLO Brewing Co.’s performance area holds only 400 people and allows audience members to stand within feet of the performers on stage, which is only raised 3 feet high.

General admission tickets sold out shortly after going on sale in mid-July. VIP tickets still available for purchase on the venue’s website.

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BFD. The Stones. “lets spend the night together” It wasn’t a slumber party. Elvis calling women dogs.

“you ain’t nuthin but a hound dog”. “American pie”. Talking about death of musicians. Music and

musicians are ALWAYS being targeted. This is SLO. Your supposed to be after the smokers. Let the

Tipper Gores of the south go after Musicians and have the bible thumpers do their duty.

Snoop went from Gangster to icon and a positive role model for people. He promotes smoking weed..

So? I do too. Some of you old crabby bastards should take a puff of the magic dragon. Sinatra sang “fly me to the moon” C’mon. go back to your secret substance abuse and quit pointing out others flaws.

If you were really concerned for your community you would look at the “alleged” corruption of so many of these officials and actively participate in their removal.

pasowino says “Snoop is probably one of the classier acts…” Oh really?! Just google Snoop’s lyrics. If HE personifies “class,” then our culture really IS going down the toilet. And CCN’s Karlee Praznak must be a big Snoop fan to call this guy a “family man.” Seriously?

Here’s a lovely snippet from Snoop’s classic “Sensual Seduction” :

“I was all in da clup sippin some jin,smokin on a benadrome when I

Peeped this little hoe out, I was all in a bum and drifter, shorty then

Came, then she hit da floor know, with a see through dress long hair

Light brown eyes lookin like ms.Bo Peep, and a [n-word] know if I take her

Home with dem wide a** hips and you damn right im gon’ be, so


Goes da chick with da real pretty face, big a** booty and itty-bitty

Waist I whispered in her ear little mama what you drink? I know you a

Freak, but you know I aint gon’ say sh**, see my game is

Outrageous, I got it tippin crippin exchange and fu*k faces, but it

Aint no use to rush da bus

Cause I wouldnt want to have her to rush!

Snoop’s a gun-toting, drug-using, foul-mouthed ex-con who treats women like #$%&.

I got one thing to say…

fo’ shizzle my nizzle

Will he be wearing his rolling 40’s bloods shirt for all to see and ignore?We wonder why things are going the way they are but popularize the very things we shouldn’t.

It’s rolling 20’s and he is a hard-core Crip(cowards run in packs)…

I wonder how he beat the firearms rap in New York. Anyone else would have gone to jail

Anyone else who can afford the bribe lotsa people scraping profit out of this man’s musical career.

I wonder if Fireman Mason will be there?

He’ll probably be the bouncer or the bathroom matron.

Great. More innercity gang banger crap & culture(?) exported to another small town where countless people have fled to get away from it.

Any extra police needed for security and if so does the Downtown Brew pick up their overtime tab?

I guess the side benefit will be the opportunity for the Sierra Vista ER to be able to get some valuable puncture wound experience.

I’m not a big rap fan at all, but of all the rappers out there, Snoop is probably one of the classier acts and I don’t think you’ll see stabbings and thugs at this show. It will probably be mostly Cal Poly kids and Cal Poly grads from the 90’s.

another small town where ‘countless’ people have fled this just makes no sense: countless people –small town huh? you been watching too much television Stoop Dog is getting long in the tooth Geritol oldster school.