27th Central Coast Writers’ Conference, event photos

September 27, 2011

The 27th Annual Central Coast Writers’ Conference at Cuesta College was an exciting adventure into the world of accomplished authors, agents and for the first time a look at eBook publishing.

If you would like to buy a high resolution print of any of these photos, aside from those of the performers, contact photographer Dennis Eamon Young at photodennis44@gmail.com. See more of the photographer’s work at www.DennisEamonYoungPhoto.com.

See the photo gallery here

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Now, I can’t speak for the rest of the camera victims!

Unfortunately, no wine was had prior to this picture. I was just taken by surprise while browsing books. And yes, I fancy myself a writer, just to clear up any confusion ;-)

So these are not the faces of writers…They are the faces of a bunch of happy wine tasters and avocado eaters…got any photos of the writers ?