Citizen grape pickers wanted

September 2, 2011


“A Call to Arms” especially to you who say Americans will do the work instead of undocumented immigrants! You suggest that if farmers paid enough for these ag-labor jobs then the unemployment rate will diminish.

Farmers find this humorous as most of have been paying well over California’s minimum wage of $8 an hour for years. At our operation, we pay a guaranteed $80 a day for 6 to 8 hours a day to pick wine grapes starting around the second week of September.

That’s provided we finally get some sunshine around here and not this way over-extended “June Gloom.” The wages usually average out to around $12 to $13 an hour because we start at 7 a.m. and knock off around 1:30 p.m. in order to get the fruit to the winery relatively cool and before the big rush for the crusher.

We usually work a five-day week with some breaks in between ripening until the end of October and then wait on our cool-weather Syrah picking it around Veterans Day (11th minute, 11th hour, 11th day of the 11th month and you can add the 11th year this time).

Requirements are that you fill out a job application, provide us with documentation for our 2011 I-9 and W-4 forms, participate in a safety briefing, take only the normal breaks, keep up with the crew doing your share, can lift 35 pounds, and follow picking instructions which is basically, “If you wouldn’t eat it, then drop it because we don’t want it in our wine.”

We supply the cotton gloves and shears. On occasion, depending on the need, we may go the full eight hours but it is not the norm. Three quarters of the work is in Avila Valley and one quarter in Paso Robles. We expect the pickers to work in both vineyards and provide their own transportation.

Call Salisbury Vineyards at 805-595-9463 between noon and 5 p.m. Looking forward to a huge  . I truly hope to be pleasantly surprised  how we just hit 12 percent unemployment in California. For those of you who would like to just come out for a couple of hours and experience the harvest, you are more than welcome. Or work for wine?

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Might be a good program for the homeless shelters to look into?

Sometimes it makes one wonder who the leeches on our society, the immigrants everyone complains about or the white people who refuse to work these jobs. I wonder, if we could take the racial bias out of the picture, which group is actually responsible for more crime. Of course statistics will tell us its hispanics, but then, I suspect it’s because they are hispanic that police are suspicious to begin with, leading to more scrutiny.

Oh I can GUARANTEE you they look at hispanics more closely, ISN’T THAT THE POINT of the anti-gang measures in Paso. Anyone catching on yet?

After reading the reading the whole gangs are taking over Paso Robles and Hispanics are out there selling drugs . I read the following article and after reading it this is what i got out of it… Law enforcement did a great job on getting drugs off the streets but the people they arrested with large amounts of drugs where not Latinos or Hispanics they where all Caucasian . People we all need to stop being so stereotypical when it comes to drugs and gangs.

I’ve printed copies of this article and will hand them out to the beggars I run into over the next few weeks. If we had fewer means of getting a free meal, etc. I have no doubt you would be turning away applicants. But as long as the government offers resources for doing nothing many on the government dole will find this work beneath them.

Are you going to advertise that you have jobs available? Otherwise, no one will know.

I would think that this would be a good job for college students, many of them don’t go to school until late afternoon. Betcha don’t get one app that’s not from a Hispanic, I’ll be curious to hear a follow up. Gosh we’ve spoiled our kids.

If I was unemployed I would do it! Of course it would take 99 weeks for my unemployment to run out first.

Really why would you work for 13 an hour if you could get 1900 a month for nothing!

actuallyif I can get some time off it actually sounds like fun. Yes hard work can be fun!

not being one of the immigration whiners, I can say that I have been there done that and have a great respect for the fieldworkers

good luck with the offer, john

The grape harvesters I’ve seen in action keep a brisk pace. I’ve done it too, but not as fast as the experienced workers.

Excellent offer, John! I look forward to a recap of the result.

Sounds like a great idea… only if we get paid in cash.

Sorry, by check with withholdings as required by law.