Four children taken after meth discovered in SLO home

September 8, 2011

Joseph Hernandez

San Luis Obispo police arrested three people after a search revealed meth along with evidence of drug sales in a home where four children lived, on Thursday.

Detectives served a search warrant at the Perkins Lane  home of Joseph Hernandez, 25, John Hernandez,  53, and Erica Uc, 23. During the search, detectives found about a half ounce of methamphetamine along with other evidence which indicated the sales of meth.

At home during the search warrant were Joseph Hernandez and Uc’s four children ages 3 to 15 years.  Because of the evidence of sales of methamphetamine, and “due to the extremely poor and unhealthy living conditions in the home,” the children were turned over to the custody of the San Luis Obispo County Child Protective Services, according to police.

Police arrested Joseph Hernandez for possession for sales of methamphetamine, child endangerment, and an outstanding warrant;  John Hernandez for child endangerment, and an outstanding warrant; and Uc for child endangerment.

All three suspects were booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $100,000.


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I’m wondering how the police search of the house came about to begin with. Could it be that Uc called the police for help in getting rid of two shady guys who had taken up residence in her house, and wound up losing her children in process?

I think this bust was possibly the result of the crack down on gang bangers. They have arrested over 50 of them in the last two weeks for all sorts of probation violations or crimes. No doubt, some of them are talking and this guy looks like a gang banger to me who would be part of the croud. He probably got fingered. Not all gang members are as loyal or tuff as they pretend to be.

I’m not too good at math, but a 23 yr old and a 25 yr old have a 15 yr old kid together?

Heheh, nice catch.

I was thinking the same thing….

The 15 year old would have to belong to John Hernandez rather than Joseph and Uc. It probably wasn’t clear in the press release as both men are J Hernandez.

“Uc” ? What an unusual name! ‘Course if the extremely poor and unhealthy living conditions are to be believed, maybe “yUck” would be more appropriate…

Nothing like giving your kids the best!

Ah yes…Perkins Lane, the SLO Town ghetto! And a fine looking Lad, at that!

I wonder what that tattoo on his neck say’s?

“Fresh” (then another word below, under the collar.

Who cares!

Who cares what the tatoo says! He would have done it with or without the tatoo.