Growing concerns over Nipomo groundwater levels

September 26, 2011

Nipomo’s groundwater basin remains at “potentially severe” water levels which could result in salt water intrusion, according to a recently released report. [SantaMariaTimes]

Following the wet spring of 2010, the Nipomo Mesa Groundwater Basin rebounded slightly following three years of steady decline. And members of the Nipomo Mesa Management Area Technical Group said there has been no seawater intrusion detected.

“We look at this as analogous to a yellow light,” group chairman Robert Miller told attendees on Sept. 15 at a Nipomo High School meeting to discuss the report, the Times said. “We are unable to characterize the condition of our water basin because of a number of uncertainties (regarding) conditions underground.”

Miller noted that despite another wet, rainy season this spring, it appears basin levels have fallen about a foot, while other members of the technical group placed the decline at 4 feet.

That data is slated to be released in next years report.

“It’s too early to call this a trend, but it’s something to be concerned about,” Miller said noting that in 1992 levels dropped during a wet year. “Some areas have seen a significant increase, but some levels have not. But the average has gone down.”

In response to declining water levels, the group recommends implementing the proposed supplemental water project pipeline between Santa Maria and the Mesa, the Santa Maria Times said.

A bone of contention with some Nipomo residents including Bill Petrick who opposes the pipeline contending there is no data in the report to support that recommendation, the Santa Maria Times added.

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Once again, poor planning and oversight by the county…

Unbridled growth and development in a region without adequate water and like all the other areas in the county facing the same poor planning they are now being forced to import water.

That’s right easy and both the con and the lib supes are eager to over develop this county. Very poor planning. Not that this is a partisan thing but usually things like this can be divided by party line, but not with our corrupt local govt., they are all the same.

I heard that Pismo had a citizens’ group that had meetings to discuss and research this proposed development, but I never heard from the woman who claimed to be sending people email updates about when and where they meet. Maybe she was a mole for the developer…Hey, Pismoans! Now is not the time to make like a clam! Your neighboring communities want to help you protect Price Canyon!

If you email this address someone should put you on the mailing list.

Please email and request to be on the mailing list. If you already tried that and it didn’t work then let me know.

Also, please send an email to the address that’s on my post at the bottom of the page if you have concerns about the over developement of the Five Cities area. It would be great for them to get emails stating concerns ie water by this coming Monday. Monday is the last day that LAFCO is taking letters regarding putting the Godfrey property in Pismo’s sphere of influence. But the battle won’t be over with, that’s just a first step. But letters by Monday are important.

Thank-you for the heads up, and link to save Price Canyon, Typoqueen. I should have checked back sooner to pick up these useful resources. This networking between communities is what will keep San Luis Obispo County residents truly informed and educated about the issues. The more we know, the more input we can give to our local government representatives. I’ve got a lot of learning to do before the next Presidential election in November, 2012. Thank-you for the info.!

No water & the residents like to complain about dust in the air. This might be as good a time as any to condem the entire mesa and move all of the population off of it. Think of the giant boost to local home sales and new construction!

Wake up Pismo, we’re next!!

TQ, you’re kidding, right? Y’all look to be already showing signs of saltwater intrusion–going back to 2009!

I’m not kidding. Oct 3rd LAFCO is going to add the last bit of property into the cities sphere of influence. The next step is annexation. If Pismo gets this property annexed then they will be set build approx 1000 new homes (Los Robles Del Mar and Price Cyn), a golf course, a hotel and more. Although the population of Pismo has decreased they are going full speed ahead. Although it is unreliable the city is banking on state water, they barely have enough so in drought years they will be resorting to well and Lopez water. If one does the math then they will be using buffer water and there will be issues regarding well water. The city poo poos the idea of saltwater intrusion.

Even if you don’t live in Pismo, everyone should email LAFCO by Monday and voice their concerns over water, traffic and economic problems that will be caused by this. As a matter of fact I’m going to look up their email and put it here.

Email LAFCO and voice your concerns or else Pismo and the Five Cities could end up like Nipomo:<