Hidden camera found in Woods Humane Society bathroom

September 8, 2011

Unidentified bathroom

Police suspect a San Luis Obispo man of placing hidden cameras in several bathrooms and child pornography.

After a visitor reported suspicious activity in a bathroom at the Woods Humane Society to the  San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s office, deputies discovered a hidden camera disguised as a key fob.

Jacob Allen Imel, 32, allegedly placed cameras in various public restrooms in July. A search of Imel’s computer revealed child pornography and bathroom photos of a child under 12. Police said Imel was trying to film under her skirt.

None of the photos discovered were taken at Woods Humane Society.

Police are attempting to locate the other bathroom and are asking for the public’s help. Anyone who may have had contact with the suspect is asked to call the SAFE team at 781-4500.

Police have yet to arrest Imel.

Jacob Allen Imel


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You have to mentally challenged to do something like that, still not excusable. Anyone remember the guy out at Montana that sat in the outhouse while people did their biz on him? Maybe this is a cousin and its in the genes… There are some really sick folks around!

People are saying that they know him as a participant in the “special Olympics’.” Putting his camera that looks like a fob key (probably taped it to the bathroom door after seeing a real fob key device somewhere else) is a very childish thing to do. How dangerous is someone who wants to peek at others going to the toilet? Unless they find some real child porn on his computer, I think he is harmless. If an 8 year old did it, we would probably think it was funny and understand that he is 8. Not that he wouldn’t get a very serious punishment for it from his parents but this guy suffers from mental retardation, it’s not a whole lot different.

Forget Montana..

The same thing happened at Montana De Oro around 20 years ago. Dude was inside the port-a-potty when he was arrested while covered in business!

Hey, maybe he and Ed Arnold could get a room together!



Mentally, I am drawing a target across that smug pile o’ crap…

Maybe we can get a camera in his cell once he goes up to the farm… have his “roommates” tell him to smile for the cameras!

I heard that the child pornography on his computer was iffy. They hadn’t actually found any yet but they thought there were indications that there might be some.

I also heard he is developmentally challenged and may not fully understand the serious consequences of taking photo’s of people on the toilet.

Of course his lawyer has to play that card… Bathroom shots are usually not X-rated. Go in, drop trow… do your bizniz, done deal. I suspect he’s mental in that he gets off on pictures of people going to the bathroom. That’ll be easy for some scheister lawyer to sell to a jury. Challenged, indeed.

LOL, you’re making me laugh, since you put it that way but it wasn’t an attorney who put the spin on this. It was a friend of his parents who said it. “Challenged, indeed” LOL again.

What a POS!!.