Jackson’s family planned to help him flee a conviction

September 11, 2011

Michael Jackson’s family planned to fly the singer out of the United States rather than see him jailed if he was convicted at his 2005 child abuse trial in Santa Maria, his brother Jermaine Jackson told the Times of London newspaper on Saturday.

The Jackson family had planned to help him “start a new life away from the scam of American justice” in Bahrain.

Bahrain has no extradition treaty with the United States.

Jermaine Jackson said his brother had not been told of the plans, but he thought he would have cooperated. The singer was found not guilty of all charges.


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In 1983 I was working as a production coordinator for a network tv series One of our drivers came in on monday morning and was telling me he drove over the weekend for Michael Jackson He stated Michael Jackson asked the driver to call him “Diana” during the entire weekend. How weird is that?

Sounds like Jermaine Jackson just admitted to a felony. If he ever sets foot in California again, perhaps he will be arrested for it.

MJ wasn’t very good at explaining things. What isn’t on this particular clip is that yes kids slept in his bed and no, he shouldn’t have done that. What’s not in this clip is that MJ slept on the floor and there was an attached room with a nanny or nurse right off his room and the door was always open when kids were in there. Not saying that having kids in his room was smart but I do believe that he had good intentions. To him it was like a bunch of friends over for a slumber party.

Whatever happened there, it’s just gross, and it gives me the creeps to hear him.

I agree that Michael was an odd character completely odd right down to his ghoulish unnatural appearance, a direct result of his obsessive pursuit to surgically sculpture the perfect human face. All totaled and combined with his neurotic quirks, his behavior served to unnerve rational minded folks for sure. MJ was a strange if not seeming “very creepy ” “icon” at times.

However, as strange as his behavior was with young children, I’ve always had the impression that he was not a pedophile but was rather acting out the role of a loving parent. Lavishing these kids with all this attention is undoubtedly something he feels that he would have enjoyed as a youngster. Since he participated in these parties as a near youngster himself, I think it’s obvious that he is recapturing, through control of a live fantasy, a remake of his own childhood the way he believes it should have been. It’s not as far out as it sounds.

In fact I believe that Michael suffered from a great deal of trauma and anxiety as a child and suffered countless rejections and corporal style punishments as the result of his (probably annoying) desperate attempts to garner affection. He expresses his belief that his pajama parties are something that the whole world should do with children and he frequently refers to his behavior toward children as pure love. If he were talking about parenting, he would be right. Well nearly right, I draw line at suggesting that parents should sleep in the same bed with their children although I’ve known several single parents who did. Rest in peace Michael.

Something interesting on this topic (if you are still reading this thread) that I’ve noticed is that it seems to be divided by the sexes. I find that men in general feel that MJ was a pedophile and women in general don’t. Most women seem to take into account his background and seem to understand why he was the way he was and just feel he was odd. Of course there are exceptions but in general it seems that way to me. Look at who his best friends (adult friends) were. Liz Taylor, Brook Shields, Lisa Marie, Diana Ross etc.. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any good close male friends that he had, I know he had some,,oh yeah Deepak Chopra but not many and not as close as his women friends. Women understood him more IMO.

Hat tip to RBL. thank you.

I think they realized they couldn’t play the race card. *wink*

If I believed with all my heart that someone I loved was innocent of such a crime then I might do the same thing.

Even if they were guilty?

I said that if I believed that they were innocent. MJ was found innocent and I believe that he was innocent. If a loved one was guilty then no, I wouldn’t hide them from the law.

Whetehr he was ever actually found guilty in court, is actually offset by the pre payments he bought off his accusors with…

One accusation could be excused but the multitude of little children he molested is inexcusible…

Many many times people will settle out of court as it’s cheaper than continuing litigation or else there is that chance that you might get a bad jury.

But you bring up one of the many reasons that I feel MJ was innocent. If my child had been molested by MJ then I couldn’t be bought off as these parents were. I would want him in prison. Then after he was convicted I would sue him and get money. These parents demonstrated that they weren’t out to help any children, they were out to make a buck. Instead of prosecuting someone that molested your child would just take money instead? Not me.

“One accusation could be excused but the multitude of little children he molested is inexcusible…”

Remember our discussions in this forum on the McMartin case? There have been several cases where many people accused an innocent person of molestation.

Many of the kids that spent nights at his home were friends with MJ until his death. I don’t know of any cases where an adult stays friends with someone that molested them as a child.

Just because he was weird doesn’t mean that he molested children.

Your second paragraph is spot on, typo! Well said!

No, he was found “not guilty”. That is a big difference from being found innocent. Although, I do believe the charges against him were false.

“No, he was found “not guilty”.

As opposed to what?

MJ used to hire an old friend of mine to drive disabled children out to his ranch. My friend took limo full after limo full of children out there. He said that those kids had the time of their lives. They were treated like royalty. He said the MJ was like a kid himself and that he truly wanted to just make sure that these kids had a good time and could act like kids as MJ himself was never allowed to act like a child when he was a kid. What I liked about hearing these stories from my friend is that MJ didn’t do it for publicity, most people didn’t even know that he did that and that he did it quite frequently.

I enjoyed MJ’s music and choreography. He was an amazingly talented guy.

But his personal choices were troubling to me. I never understood his motivations for wanting to bleach his skin and other things he did.

Looking at his ranch, it was obvious that it was designed to make kids happy. That made me think about his childhood.

I would think that any normal parent would refuse to leave their kid alone with MJ, so the allegations that came up say a lot about the kids’ parents too.

MJ’s doc said that MJ had vitiligo and that was the reason for his skin transformation. That being said I’m not defending his wierd actions. All of his plastic surgeries etc. seemed way over the top. He had a lot of hangups. He wanted his nose small because he didn’t want to look like his dad and as a child his family made fun of his nose. He wanted to look young so he could always be a child and I believe that he became addicted to plastic surgery. MJ was a true insomniac and so am I so I can relate to the agony of going night after night with little to no sleep. I can’t tell you how hard it is to go week after week month after month and even year after year in haze because of lack of sleep. It would be easy to become addicted to pills while being an insomniac. The plastic surgery addiction happens to a lot of wealthy people, I don’t understand it but it deffintly happens to a segment of the population and they’re not all child molesters. I’ve heard explainations for much of his wierd behavior and some of it does make sense.

Hundreds and probably even thousands of parents sent their kids to his ranch. If he had invited my kids I would have let them go there as well. I honestly believe that he never harmed kids. I honestly believe that he loved kids and had only good intentions and that he never molested any children. I don’t believe the gossip about him and I don’t believe that he was devil that he was made out to be.

In the U.S. ‘not guilty’ is equivalent to innocent. Indeed, one is innocent until proven guilty. That is the standard for criminal trials.

Civil trials are a different matter, and the standard is much lower: a preponderance of evidence. However, civil liability still does not negate criminal innocence.

Surprise, surprise…