SLO County Sheriff deputies crack down on drugs

September 3, 2011

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies served search warrants on homes in Paso Robles and Oceano on Friday which resulted in eleven arrests for drug and alcohol related offenses.

At 6 p.m., deputies served search warrants on two residences on the 2200 block of Spring Street as part of “Safe Streets.” Deputies found heroin packaged for sale, prescription medications for sale, and methamphetamine.

Deputies arrested Gwendolyn Hawkins, 36, of Paso Robles for possession of heroin and prescription medications for sale, and for being under the influence of a controlled substance; Ryan Phillips, 28, of Paso Robles for possession of methamphetamine; Dana Bailey, 45, from San Luis Obispo for possession of methamphetamine; Tyler Duarte, 23, for possession of a hypodermic syringe, illegal possession of prescription medication, and possession of drug paraphernalia; Christopher Boerner, 30, from Paso Robles for being under the influence of a controlled substance; Leann Ferravanti-Edlin, 51, from Paso Robles for being under the influence of a controlled substance; Jose Luis Acevedo, 24, from Paso Robles for being under the influence of a controlled substance; and Edward Merino, 49, of Paso Robles for public Intoxication.

An hour later, in Oceano, during a search of a home on the 1500 block of 20th Street deputies discovered illegally possessed prescription medications packaged for sales, 25 illegally grown marijuana plants, a 12 gauge shotgun, and a 22 caliber rifle.

Deputies arrested Timothy Robert Woodham, 52, and Robert Kelly Woodham, 27, both of Oceano, for possession of prescription medications for sale, cultivation of marijuana and drug trafficking within 1,000 feet of school grounds.

Deputies served the third search warrant at a residence on the 1300 block of 23rd street in Oceano. During the search detectives arrested William Slane, 59, of Oceano, for possession of drug paraphernalia, giving false information to a peace officer, and a felony warrant for violating the terms of his probation.

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I’m shocked and surprised that all these drugs didn’t come from Hispanics but from Caucasian people . As for the Paso Robles police department they stopped doing there job a long time ago . They have just gotten use to having a easy kickback job . I recommend they take the police dept and transfer them to the Los Angeles Police Dept . They wouldn’t last a month.

Each race has their own territory and product. When you look for Meth in Oceano or Paso, you’re going to hit the white trash…

You are pointing your fingers at PRPD a little too often and too quickly. The real people you should be angry with is the City Council of Paso Robles. They are the ones who ALLOWED the decimation of the police force. They have purposely not filled vacancies for over three years, alowing the force to go from 45 to 27. And of those 27 sworn, take out the Chef, 1 Capt, 2 LT’s who do not patrol. How many people does that leave to patrol 30,000 people?? The City Council is telling PRPD to build a dam to hold back the flood of drugs and violence, but then also say you can only have liited people to build it with. Of course that dam is going to bust eventually as the people that tend to the dam can not keep up. PRPD has not stopped doing their jobs, they are just so under-staffed that they can not hold back the flood. Blame the City Council first. If the Police force at full strength is still not doing well, then start pointing fingers elsewhere…..

I’d rather have SLO County Sheriff deputies crack down on drugs than have SLO County Sheriff deputies drug down on crack!

Obviously a “State of Emergency” has been declared in Paso Robles. The town is under seige from gangs and drugs and the police are either unable or unwilling to address the issue. Very impressive that our new Sheriff was able to go into Paso Robles and make numerous felony arrests of these pukes. No mention of Paso PD or their illustriuos “chief.” She must have been off during that time entertaining.

Paso Robles City Council had better step up to the plate and get a leader for their police department who would rather entertain the criminals than the party people.

Interesting that the new Sheriff would step up after I’ve publically complained about his own Detective Deputy Sheriff/Coroner Stuart Macdonald for drug solicitation, dealing and doing Cocain while on the job on Government Law Enforcement Property. This came from a very riliable source, his wife on the force who also works on the same cases and investigations as he does.

Do a DNA on him… There will be at least some of your proof. That Sheriff’s NEVER want to be seen as wrong .. I’d like to know what kind of technology they used to know that all of this was going on that the PD don’t have access to because of the relationship that the Sheriff’s have with the Military.

Does that mean that we can seize the Sheriff’s/Coroner’s Compound?

The Commanders know of this complaint, The Sergeants, Cal. Atty General, the Board of Supervisors. The only thing they are good for are “Covering-Up!”

The Paso Robles City Council should have stepped up years ago and not have ALLOWED the decimation of staffing levels at Paso PD. One report has PRPD down to 27 sworn, but that includes the Chief, 2 Lt’s, 1 Capt….none of whom patrol. So how many Officers actually PATROL?? 15? 17? For 30,000 people! Everyone is so quick to point fingers at the Chief, but what has the City Council done?? Stripped PRPD bare that’s what. It is like being told to build a dam with 45 tools…..oh but you only get 27 tools and only 15 can be used for the main part of the dam. Good luck building anything. The City Council is to blame here, people. You can only do so much and the City Council has caused the dam to burst because there are not enough people to tend to it. Cause and effect: less Cops on the street=more crime.

Might be of interest to those of you who videotape on duty LEOs:

75 years is a loooong sentence for someone whose crime was videotaping the police.

I agree. BTW, will somebody please explain why NORAD is not keep out drug smugglers? Also, why are LEO’s going after these punks when the CIA is flooding our country with drugs?

For more:

Drug Trade – Fletcher Prouty

The drug trade – US spends billions of dollars to have an impenetrable Air Defense system, but it doesn’t keep any drugs out (at least none to speak of, anyway). Col. Prouty was one of the founders of Air Defense Command so he knows exactly what its business is and how it works.

According to the TRIB:

“Agencies involved in the operation included the Sheriff’s Department, Morro Bay police, San Luis Obispo County Probation, San Luis Obispo County Code Enforcement and Atascadero State Hospital. State and federal agencies also participated.”

Read more:

An interesting group of OFFICIALS to say the least and I too find it very odd that the Paso Robles Police were not listed.

And by the way I have a friend that was recently ticketed for BACKING his vehicle into a parking spot next to the Paso Robles town square. Evidently it is illegal to park your car in this manner in Paso at this location! I kid you not…and my friend vigorously fought the infraction of which the OFFICIALS would NOT back down from.

“This is a slap in the face to blogger DANIKA who has repeatedly contacted the PRPD about numerous and obvious drug deals going down right in front of him with the PRPD response in his own words “they have to date done nothing, zero, zilch, nada”

But BACK your car into a parking space and the under staffed PRPD will be there to give you a ticket!

And as far as new Sheriff Parkinson goes I will admit I was skeptical but so far so GOOD!

It is not an uncommon sight to see two PRPD squad cars pull over a single vehicle for citation in Paso. They just can’t seem to find their way to my office neighborhood to catch the drug dealers.

I am not a “him”. LOL! No offense taken…

Kudos to all the LE agencies that participated in these raids, but let’s give PRPD a break here, according to the tribune Paso had 60,000 visitors from the car show and with their limited resources had plenty to do. I am overly fond of this agency but I think this was a great time to join agencies together, and make the bust. I’m sure these slugs thought it would take the agencies time to coordinate and act, they would be to busy with the acitivities of the 3 day weekend, and then BANG! Good job everyone!

Should have read “… I am NOT overly fond…”

Um, let’s see; the Sheriff’s department under a new Sheriff, Ian Parkinson, arrests 11 people on assorted drug and weapons charges, parole violations and they DIDN’T use the Narcotics Task Force, they DIDN’T apparently kick in any doors, the DIDN’T hold children at gun-point, the DIDN’T go against the will of California voters by arresting medical marijuana users, and they apparently didn’t even shoot anyone! Good job, Sheriff’s Department. I have, of course, assumed quite a bit, I certainly hope that the Deputies didn’t do any of the things I listed, but the arrests look like they were done quite well.

This just reminds me of the time I congratulated the SLOPD for taking down a guy who was apparently causing trouble, and not using their taser.. and then it came out that they had tazed the living

**** out of him

Wow, that was quick. Nice work by the Sheriff’s Department!

Though, where was the Paso PD when the bust was happening?

Chief Lisa is still explaining how no one will talk to the police.

LOL! Did you see the press conference? She tried to look as tough as possible. She said something brilliant like “I’m losing my patience!” when referring to the non-cooperative witnesses to Paso’s latest shooting. ooooh! Watch out criminals! Lisa’s “losing her patience!”

I didn’t vote for Ian but I’m starting to think that he & his folks may be more successful fighting crime in Paso than Lisa & her underlings.

“Oceana”? Is that near San Looie Obispo?

South of “Darn near Paradise”…

Good Job!!!