Undocumented students to get public money

September 4, 2011

A controversial state measure to provide publicly-funded financial aid to undocumented immigrant college students has ignited a widespread political firefight, and Gov. Jerry Brown has indicated he is likely to sign the bill into law. [Reuters]

The Assembly passed AB 131 (Manuel Perez, D-Coachella) by a 45-27 vote Friday with amendments requested by the governor. It’s part of the so-called Dream Act, the first section of which was passed in July, to allow undocumented students access to taxpayer money.

Republicans dissented, asserting the law will “encourage entry without authorization,” and claiming the law illogically does not address the issue of undocumented college graduates who still would not be not allowed to legally work in the United States.

“If we are going to invest in those students we should get some return on investment when they leave school for the workforce,” said Assemblyman Curt Hagman, R-Chino Hills.

“The Senate made history today by voting to pass … the final portion of the California Dream Act,” said Assembly member Gil Cedillo, a Democrat from Los Angeles.

Cedillo said that, if the governor okays the bill, it would “increase the earning potential of these students, which helps all of us by contributing to our tax base.”

That’s likely, because the bill is the final page to a plan Brown proposed during his campaign.  It would go into effect in 2013, and its cost has been pegged at about $40 million annually. Some legal residents from other states could also benefit from the bill’s provision.

California is one of about a dozen states that allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition, but only a handful allow financial aid for those individuals.

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Our nation is suffering from an over stimulated victim mentality, fear, pessimism and laziness; all of which stem from spiritual neglect.

The problem is deep and has nothing to do with immigration. It’s a matter of our national SOUL. And right now it is suffering. Mainstream culture wants you obsessing over your mind and your body.

If every illegal immigrant in the U.S. were to be removed from our borders in the course of a year, and no new ones gained entry, the U.S. would be no better off than today, and would likely be staggered.

There is an aspect of the soul that Mexico appreciates in ways in which the U.S. does not but must if it is to evolve in a positive direction. And vice-versa is also true.

The U.S. and Mexico need each other. It’s time that we admit it.

Unfortunately the Mexico that most Americans “know” are the slutty, materialistic, hedonistic tourist trap resorts on the Americans flock to at the very edges of the country. Most Americans have never felt the heart of Mexico. It beats strong to a vibe that Americans are dying for, but don’t have a clue about.

The future’s of our nations are bound together, forever. And if we care about our souls we will appreciate that as a very good thing.


Well wiseguy, if you are so concerned with “stimulating the nations sou”l, why not start at home first. Post up a site where you are prepared to gather and disperse monies to all the ILLEGALs for their educations, then start a foundation to get them housed, then a employment agency to help place them in good jobs, then when you are through maybe find time to go to work like the rest of us.

I mean no disrespect but this type of comment is ill foundid and false.

We Americans are the very most benevolent and giving nation on earth, we also travel to points abroad stimulating those nations economies, we house, feed and employ tens of thousands of illegal immigrants just here in CA alone, we we feed and house the tens of thousands of homeless, we pay our taxes and work hard to support our families and very few if any of are law breakers. Few if any are given a free college education.

The future of our society and our nation is in our own hands, and Americans have always strived to be the best and the most helpful. Look around at all the posts here and you will see many people with good ideas and helpful information…

I get very tired of those who put us down and attack us for not being compassionate. I get tired of all the cop haters who love to point out asingle mistake but glaze over the many benefits they provide everyday. I get tired of all the kumbaya folks who love to complain but do not do anything personally to better our communities or do any volunteer service.

Those who have broken our laws by entering illegally have come her for one reaon and one reason only, to benefit monetarily from this nation. They have no intention of helping anyone but themsleves and they have abandoned their own ways of life, their families and their people to sneak in heer just to make a buck. If they really wanted a better life, they should have stayed at home and changed their country for the better…

“easymoney{” you may not even realize it, but your are stereotyping immigrants, trying to marginalize them with broad brush insults about their character and motivations.

Yes, you have little or not compassion, or little appreciation of the lives and struggles of the men, women and children you so breezily insult and want to deny the most basic of needs.

And your posting is devoid of facts. Its mostly emotion and anger and frustration that you try to justify by scapegoating others. Read my posting below and then tell me if you think you really know what you are talking about.

Are you in such personal need that you wish to deny food, healthcare and education to those in dire need who crave these things? And whether you are or not, it has nothing to do with immigrants. Take some responsibility for your lot in life and don’t be so quick to blame your personal problems on others and take away any of their meager blessings.

By the way, you don’t seem to realize that, according to many economists and others, illegal immigrants have and continue to HELP our economy. This is not idle talk or speculation. Do the research before spouting off about your personal frustrations and anger.

By the way, if you’ve ever driven over the speed limit YOU are also a law breaker. What should we deny you because of this? Food? Healthcare?

Another thing “easymoney”, you talk about how generous the U.S. is. But how about YOU? Where is your generosity and benevolence? All I ever see you post are things about wanting to deny things from people, always acting like a victim, always scapegoating. It’s easy to hide behind a flag and pretending people from other nations are not as human or as deserving as you, pretending that you work so much harder than people from other nations and of other races.

I normally do respond to personal attacks, but since you made threeagainst me in just a few minutes I can not let it just go by.

First, the topic is ILLEGALS getting public money.

Second, just because of the very fact they ILLEGALLY entered our country, they are criminals.

Third, You know nothing about me and make slanderous attacks and assumptions based on your ignorance.

I am a volunteer first responder on call 24/7.

I am a member of several civic groups that benefit my community and the county.

I make many donations to charitable organizations in both time and money every year.

I have not broken the law, been arrested nor been in jail ever.

I have never taken public aid including welfare, food stamps, financial aid nor unemployment.

I am very proud of my public service record and unlike some who just hide behind an anonymous name posting personal attacks, I actually do something worthwhile.

I find there are two types of people in the world, those who actually do something and those who whine about the ones doing something..

So before you go spouting off any more about which you do not know, you should stick to the topic and maybe do a little research…












More “I’m a victim” whining. You’re a “First Responder”? So what? What does that mean? Tow truck driver? Ambulance chaser? What does that have to do with anything? You want a medal, or will you satisfied being declared a “Hero” for having a job?

I checked out some of the “info” in your links. What a bunch of B.S.! Absolutely falsehood in so much of it. Don’t you know that Newsmax.com is a notorious rightwing propaganda agency? Seriously.

Oh, and the Snopes link you have there, it makes MY argument for me! It debunks so many of the noxious extreme rightwing talking points that are often repeated but absolutely untrue. Did you even read any of this after you cut and pasted it?

And what of these supposed “personal insults” you were assaulted with? What are you talking about? Care to show any examples?

I don’t know if you are purposely pushing misleading propaganda (the “facts” about illegal alien crime is outrageously incorrect for instance), or you simply are a sucker for falling for it.

Have ANY of you naysayers actually done the MATH to see if this measure will ultimately be of financial benefit to California?

So many of you claim to object to this measure based on financial reasons. Fine. But do ANY of you actually know what you are talking about in regards to the projected economic outcome of this measure? Where are your FACTS? Or is your response simply a knee-jerk emotional reaction?

These issues that get so many of you so riled up are usually quite complicated and are rarely the “black or white” situations you pretend they are. This Dream act is a great example. But you will argue against it anyway, despite having no clue as to the nitty-gritty, dollars and cents details to which you claim to be speaking about.

But maybe some of you don’t care so much about the economics of the issue. For you it may be more of an insecurity/fear/racial thing. That’s another aspect that is worth discussing at some other time….

This aspect of the Dream Act will HELP our economy. It will also help illegal immigrants to become LEGAL immigrants and contribute to our economy and community in a more forthright manner.

Lots of people, including citizens, in America break laws. That does not necessarily mean they will forever be denied rights or government services.

Education can equal salvation. Education is an antidote to crime and many social problems.

Finally, it is NOT fair to act as if illegal immigrants don’t pay U.S. taxes. In most cases they certainly do, and this new law will make that more likely than ever.

Face it, the fortunes and futures of the U.S. and Mexico are forever linked. Mexicans are our brothers and sisters and are just as human and deserving of education and healthcare as anyone else. When we help our brothers and sisters, we help ourselves.

We should embrace Mexico

And there is a thing about karma and balance. The U.S. absolutely did steal California from Mexicans, right when great deposits of gold were discovered here. Mexicans were driven from their land, and their gold, and a token fee was paid by the U.S. to Mexican officials to make it “legit” in some people’s eyes.

I realize it is hard for some people to believe, but helping illegal immigrants become educated will be of benefit to most everyone who reads these comments. Its a “win-win” situation.

Jerry Brown does not need to “buy” votes. He’s supporting this because it is a good thing for California and he’s got more facts about it than you or I put together. This will ultimately pay for itself many times over.

Of course, if you fear having more neighbors of Latin American heritage, or if you are white and can’t stand the idea of being a “minority” in this great state, then you will find this hard to swallow.

Just how does taking tax $$$ from American families to educate Mexican’s while we leave our own children behind help us? Explain that one, please?

Cindy, if I were you, I would quit playing the victim and not give young people so many excuses for not pursuing higher education. In this community especially, most anyone who wants to pursue a college education will be able to if they are willing to do the work necessary. Not always easy, but the opportunity is there for those who hunger for it. Community collages are a big reason for that, and fortunately, we have an abundance of them in California. And if they are not funded well enough, believe me, it has little or nothing to do with immigrants, legal or otherwise.

Our nation is suffering from an over stimulated victim mentality, fear, pessimism and laziness; all of which stem from spiritual neglect.

If every illegal immigrant in the U.S. were to be removed from our borders in the course of a year, and no new ones gained entry, the U.S. would be no better off than today, and would likely be staggered.

STOP avoiding the question. Why should my tax dollars pay to send someone who came here from another country illegally to college rather than send my own child to college?

Answer the question, I’m not interested in your propoganda, just answer the question, how does it help the American’s to educate the Mexican’s before we educate our own?

$100.00 says “Wiseguy” replys to your question with another question.

Why do you say that “NorCoMod”?

Now, are you going to pay up or what? Are you a person of your word or just anot her self-satisfied, reactionary, prejudiced bee esser?

If by this time in your life you can’t understand or appreciate how helping others helps yourself, then I probably can’t explain it to you. One thing is for sure, there are more important things in life than money and materialism.

Mexicans and Americas are all human. AND we can ALL be educated and all have our basic needs covered without having to deny that to others. You’re operating from a scarcity mentality driven be fear.

If your child is not going to college, it has nothing to do with illegal immigrants. Start looking closer to home for solutions to your problem. Blaming others isn’t going to help and its not a good way to demonstrate to your children how to cope with life.

Folks, it’s called buying votes. The reason the democrat is doing this is because they ran out of graveyards.

Can we sue our government in the Supreme Court of the U.S.? This does not seem remotely legal.

That was as pointless as it was silly. The old one-world crowd will never get it… unless they are living in just a cot, I mean, why have a house (walls) or a bedroom (more walls) – going to let your neighbors use your house whenever they think it’s “nicer” over there?

The main problem with all of this pseudo-science crap is that theory vs. reality – reality always ends up taking a giant s**t on theory.

Here’s what we have to look forward to, with audio links, even:


Wow. Thanks for the link. My blood pressure spiked so bad after reading this, I thought my head was going to explode!

Your link says it all, they are laughing at us as we hand them everything we have worked so hard and so long to establish. There is a right way to do things and a wrong way. Rewarding criminals is the wrong way. This is America, the tax dollars should be used to help Americans. Anyone who wants to participate needs to become a legal citizen first. Anyone who feels certain people have a right to free this or that should work to help them become citizens, not help them to get benefits while remaining illegal.

Maybe us white folk should band together and start an organization called The Race, under sb 48 we will qualify for special recognition / victim status

Great idea, you could call it,, hmmm let me think here, yeah you could call your little ‘white folk’ group the KKK.


Just trying to show the double standard here, I’m not a racist.

And i think it worked.

No not at all. This measure isn’t just for Hispanics, it’s not just for African Americans, it not just for a single race. You on the other hand want something just for the ‘white folk’.

No typo,

the article is about ILLEGALs (undocumented trespassers) and they seem to have come from many nations.

And it’s about them being given our tax dollars to pay for their education. Bascially rewarded for breaking the law.

I was addressing stopagenda’s post. His/her post said that white folk should start their own group. I agree, this measure is about people from different nations, I wasn’t arguing that.