Woman murdered in SLO was middle school teacher

September 19, 2011

Karen Shumey

The woman murdered by her son in San Luis Obispo on Saturday was an eighth grade history teacher from Vandenberg Middle School.

Karen Shumey, 65, was a teacher with the Lompoc Unified School District for over 20 years.

Christopher Shumey, 34, allegedly shot and killed his mother on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. at his apartment on the corner of Beach and Buchon streets following a heated argument.

Police arrived and Christopher Shumey started shooting at officers with a shotgun from his upstairs apartment. After a short altercation, he surrendered to officers

Officers booked Christopher Shumey into San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of murder and assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer.

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The many wonderful comments by students and former students on the KSBY web site show that Karen Shumey was a great teacher, popular and fun, yet respected by all.

So sad, I’m very sorry for her students and all that knew her. What a waste.

I agree with ya cindy, what could could any of us say about such a tragedy?

RIP and God’s speed…

I can’t believe somebody is actually doing thumbs down on this thread. What is the matter with people?

A mother is deceased. A father and husband is left to grieve under the worst of circumstances. A mentally ill son has manifested the worst that bi-polar disease has to offer and people are doing thumbs down on a memorial thread! Chris is sick with a diagnosable illness, I wonder what these other peoples excuse is? WOW

Cindy I think we’ve just gotten to the point where there are trolls who don’t like one poster or another, see the name and click thumbs down.

I get so many thumbs down on issues that aren’t political or controversial. But who cares let them have their fun….but it’s kinda weird. People don’t like us and no matter what we say they will show their hate, but again who cares let it go.

Its NOT me doing it

I like your pros and cons, they are conscious and alive posts.

Person who is doing it regardless of weather the post is pro, neutral or con is just a sitting dead.

Probably a foreigner or someone off their meds or on too much of the other stuff.

I think it’s either someone with OCD driving around in their car hitting a thumb down every time they notice another IP address to draft off of or people don’t like the shooter being included in the sympathies. There are too many red thumbs on this uncontroversial thread to be (a bunch of) trolls who suddenly arrived.


I believe that people give you the thumbs down just to get a rise from you. That and you seem to reside on the board and are an easy target.


Cindy, Mkaney, Typo

I got a thumbs down, its NOT gona stop me from moving the lawn and changing the oil on my car, which I gotta do in a minute!

Don’t let it stop you (unless you simply don’t feel like posting) because of a capricious or disagreeing thumbs down.

For the capricious doers, just simply keep posting more to piss them off more!

Let me know how moving your lawn works! Just kidding. I know it was a typo. I just thought it was funny.


Thank you for your friendly humor.

I see you got zap for absolutely nothing too.

or should I say the zapper is burning in hell.

Can’t wait till s/he materialize, I’m sure s/he eventually will.

S/he has too strong an attachment on these sites!

I think this site would be a whole lot better without the low class distraction of anonymouse voting, but then again, it’s the internet and if it gets attention, that’s where the money is. Sad commentary on our times.

I like that, like Facebook and I believe the Trib., we should be able to see who gives who a ‘like or ‘thumbs up’. Oh well, it’s not going to keep me up at night.

Looking at these two tandem headlines is heartbreaking. I don’t know what to say, what can anyone say? My thoughts and best wishes are with them. My prayers in my own way have been dispatched with a request for God’s speed.