‘Boomerang’ youth returning home

October 16, 2011

Parents: Don’t see enough of your adult children? Be patient; a national trend suggests they soon may be asking to move back home. [SanFranciscoChronicle]

During a three-year period ending in 2010, the numbers of American adult children living with their parents rose 26 percent, from 4.7 million to nearly 6 million, according to the U.S. census.

This is the “boomerang generation.”

It’s a trend that portends to gain traction as more and more young people find themselves unemployed. More than 18 percent of people under 25 are out of work — twice the national rate of 9.1 percent.

“One of the products of an affluent society has been the increased ability of people to be able to move out of their parents’ homes,” UC Berkeley sociology professor Claude Fischer told the San Francisco Chronicle. “So when that affluence is running the other way, you naturally see people moving the other direction.”

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Let’s not forget, that OUR 99% are also the world’s 1%. I’ve been to poverty-stricken countries in central Africa, and our HOMELESS live in luxury compared to the “working classes” over there, let alone the ones who have no jobs.

And let me tell you, poverty BREEDS. Breeds like there is no tomorrow. It is hellacious and is not something easily overcome. I know that sounds cold, but this is why so many countries and cultures have a vastly different view on the value of human life than we do. It is hard to explain until one has seen it first-hand.

Thinking that there are “careers” for everyone is fallacious at best, and cruel at worst! We likely will have to re-think our standard of living, as much as we don’t want to. I like our standard of living. I don’t want it to change.

Immigration, World Poverty – Updated 2010


And it is not going to get better any time soon.

“OUR 99% are also the world’s 1%.”


Absolutely, roy.

I think the Peace Corps should be required before a driver’s license in the U.S.

We will have the hardest of times adapting to what’s coming.

If the media just would have not hidden the facts……

Guess you haven’t been checking their status lately?

Peace Corps volunteer’s murder haunts Georgia’s Isakson


Guess it is the the Corps it used to be. I would not let one of my kids join for nothing.

Photo caption…. “Goodnight John-Boy”

I wonder if you can get a scrip for medical marijuana to help you mitigate the pain of your adult children moving back home.

Just ask your adult child for some, when they move back in, most likely they are holding.

My good friends figured out a way around that. They sold their family home and built a lovely ONE BEDROOM home. I’m serious. They say it’s their last home and they don’t care if it’s only a one bedroom. They don’t plan on being the one’s who will sell it one day and besides, they say it’s got plenty of room for an addition but that won’t be happening in their time.

They tell me they love their children dearly but they raised them and paid for a college education for each child and so “that’s, that”. and “their responsibility is over”! They say as long as the kids know that moving back home isn’t an option then they won’t get themselves into the position where they don’t have other choices! I agree.

I would caution in that regard, as the kids are the one who will be choosing my Care Center. ;-)

Set up a trust with very specific instructions ;-)

26 year old back home here to finish his degree.

I suspect that we are also going to start seeing more senior citizen parents returning to the working children’s domicile also. Perhaps all of this will serve to strengthen family ties and help facilitate the passing of wisdom from grandparents to grandchildren if they are under the same roof.

Awaiting Moderation I am sure.

I am seeing more and more of this, especially with the economy in the crapper and the job market sour. Many young people have gone away for four years or more to college and even with their degree in hand have found they can not find a job. Of course all the parents I know welcome them home, even though they would be more happy if the kids worked out these issues on their own…

Many of the wall streat protesters have voiced outrage over not being able to get a “good” job and to that I say take your complaints to the whitehouse and the legislature. There are jobs, they just are not easy ones with a starting salary of $75k per year and a private office…

I believe that some of us feel that the country is being run by Wall Street, that is we are going directly to the source. Washington/White House is the middle man so the 99%ers are simply cutting out the middle man. But you are right, both are to blame.

@chop, why are you waiting for the moderator?