Cal Poly boss pay lawsuit bounced

October 26, 2011

Jeffrey Armstrong

A Los Angeles judge tossed a lawsuit Tuesday contending new Cal Poly president Jeffery Armstrong was higher than allowed by law.

The lawsuit, filed by Lillian Taiz, president of the California Faculty Association, alleged that Armstrong’s $380,000 annual compensation was above the published amount for that position. Superior Court Judge James Chalfant disagreed.

Cal Poly trustees approved a package worth $350,000, with an additional amount of $30,000 to be paid by the university’s foundation.

The previous high level for the job was $328,212.

Taiz said in her lawsuit that the university was altering its salary policies in secret.

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“California’s Bagley-Keene Act requires state boards and commissions to conduct meetings in public and to provide public notice of those sessions unless the action is authorized for a closed session.”

“We’re saying you have to give the public a chance to comment on the fact that you’re raising it above the maximum,” said Taiz. “We all have an obligation to be open — particularly with salaries of this maximum.” SLO Tribune

Again the good ole boy/gurl club aka CalPoly proves it is above the law, and the self-proclaimed ‘crown-jewel’ of the california state university system shows its cred…. when will they learn?


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Maybe that judge, like our own in SLO County, pads his income with a slice from a nice cash pie… such fine individuals we have serving the public good.


BECAUSE you disagree with the Judge, automatically he pads his income PAL?

Gawd you anti government idiots!